5 Difference Between A Business Phone and A Regular Phone

What Is A Business Phone?

A business phone is one which is used in big corporate firms or in public offices. Multiple telephones are connected to one another using a PBX system that has a VoIP number of its own. Business phones have a lot of facilities like accessing voice messages, call metering, transferring calls, conference calling and accounting. Most of the companies make use of this system as it saves them a fortune on communication.

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What Is A Regular Phone?

A regular phone is one that is used for one’s personal needs. It allows one to one calls, texting, video calling, call recording and it also supports internet and other online websites and social media.

How Is A Business Phone Different from A Regular Phone?

Mode of communication:

Sound waves travel in different ways in a VoIP (or business phone) and in a regular (or analog) phone. In a business phone the data travels via digital form which can be transmitted through wireless or wired media. In a regular phone the data travels through analog signals via twisted cable pairs in which frequency and altitude keeps on changing that is later decoded at the receiving end.

Personal and professional wants:

If the phone is used for single user purpose then a regular phone can suffice the needs of the user, the regular phone must have a proper network connection and internet as per the user’s needs. If used in a large-scale business firm or in any public office that requires contact with customers all over the world then a business phone (VoIP) is more convenient as its pocket friendly and international calls can be made at a very cheap rate as compared to regular phone network. The business provides for a hassle free work environment.

Structural Difference:

A regular phone has a dial pad (digital/real), a front camera and a rarer camera accompanied by a flash, a USB port, a transmitter and a hybrid coil circuitry. A business phone has a handset with a dial pad, converters are installed to voice data to digital data and vice versa, it has a wireless connection for receiving and sending data through internet, a USB port that connects the phone to the computer and provisions are also made for a power source which might be a DC source or battery.

Quality of connectivity:

Generally, a regular phone network fetches better connectivity as compared to VoIP phone system or business phone system that requires strong internet connection for long distance calls. Since network congestion in local area more frequent the voice quality in regular phones are comparatively better than that of business phones. Usually the quality of connectivity is good but since it is short range and does connect to a network it is of a comparatively less quality than a regular cellular device.

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Difference in circuitry system:

Unlike regular phones the circuitry system in a business phone is much user friendly and better. The communicators of a business phones are encrypted digitally but in regular phone the circuitry system is complex and difficult to access for the user.

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Can One Use A Business Phone as A Regular Phone?

Yes, a business phone can be used as a regular phone. A VoIP can make calls like a regular phone. Any function that a regular phone performs can be performed by a business phone too. The main difference between the two lies in how the information travels.

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