Best Buying Guide for Smart Television

Each passing year is giving something new to us in terms of technology. All of us want to stay updated about current market trends and technological advancements. Since the last decade, television has also seen some massive changes in terms of its looks, design, picture quality, sound quality, and functions it can perform. There are numerous models available for HD and Ultra HD smart televisions to choose from. This article will talk about some key points that you should consider while purchasing a smart television. Before we move forward, let’s see in brief what is a smart television?

Smart Television

As the name suggests, this television is smart which means it can do something extraordinary that a normal TV set cannot. A smart television is designed having integrated internet and web features. It allows a user to surf the internet just like you do on your computer system. Smart TV has many more functions as you can connect it with your smartphone, watch movies either by screen mirroring or by using USB, play games, and many more. This is a basic introduction to a smart television.

If you are in the market for buying a television set for your home, focus these points to get a perfect one.

The size

The first and foremost thing you must consider is the size of the room where you wish to keep television. It is most important, the right size of television should be chosen according to the room’s dimensions. Even bigger and smaller, both will not look good with the interior of your house. So opting for the correct size is the key.

The Budget

It is necessary to define how much you are willing to pay for buying smart television. Keeping the budget in mind will specify the options and it will be easy for you to choose.

The screen resolution

The higher the resolution better will be the picture quality. From HD to 8K Ultra HD (UHD), you will see all models in the market. This is what you will experience in the television set when you’ll get one. The theory is simple, higher you go for resolutions the prices will also increase. So here comes the budget factor, choose resolution according to your budget. If we talk about keeping the budget aside, it is advisable to buy high-resolution TV especially for a large hall or family area. The reason is that the picture quality will remain excellent, doesn’t matter how far or near you are sitting in front of the TV.

The design

Though most television sets look similar, their built is also important. There are slimmer television sets available that you can choose. Another thing to notice is the speakers. Most televisions have special sections attached to them for speakers while others don’t. So it is your choice which one to buy as per the aesthetics.

The refresh rate

Most of us don’t ask about these details about television sets and the reason is most of us don’t know. The refresh rate is also a key factor that decides how smooth the picture/video will move. It is defined as the number of times a picture gets refreshed per second on the TV screen. The higher it is the smoother the video will be. The normal value for this feature is 60Hz but versions with higher than this are also there.

The options

Smart TV will give you a lot of options that will leave you in a dilemma that which one is the best. There are Android TV, Fire TV, Tizen, WebOS, and Roku TV. These are the platforms over which television is built and you will see them all in the market. They all have some common features plus some exclusive ones and different user interfaces. You can surf the internet, watch online movies, and play games. So don’t be confused just buy the one you like.

The screen

There are two forms of televisions under this category LED and OLED. These are the technologies that emit light on the TV screen. LED TV is the most common and popular among many buyers. There are many models in LED TVs concerning the placement of LED lights inside them.

Whereas OLED is the newer technology as compared to LED. These televisions feature a thin film that emits light to the entire TV screen. This gives better color accuracy, contrast, and wide viewing angles. As we discussed above, more features higher will be the price. So buy smartly as per your preferences.

You can also see processor, picture quality, and brightness level for better understanding.

So just keep these points in mind while buying a perfect smart television for you. We hope that this post has given you a basic knowledge that what you should look for on the television before buying. Be smart, be choosy, and bring home the best smart television that fit perfectly with the décor.

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