Top 10 Best Headphones in India

Whether on the go or at home, most individuals spend a lot of time on their headphones listening to music. In case you are aiming at looking beyond iPod earbuds and investing in a nice pair of headphones, you need to read through the sections below before going shopping for your headphones. The best headphones in India come in different styles and will fit in your ears and sound differently when putting them on. You need to settle on the form factor of your desire. The decision in this section is based on the location that you want to be using them and the music type you will be listening to. You can click on the ‘but this item’ tab to get an exclusive opportunity to place your order instantly through

Top 10 Best Headphones in India:

1. Boat Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones :

Boat Rockerz

The worry of wires hanging from the ears ends here. You can pair these headphones with any device and it will play. Having dead batteries in your device will kill the vibe. The design of batteries in Boat Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones can last for eight hours. The best wireless headphones in India should not just be loud but be clear and loud. The thing you need to be sure with is that you have never heard a bass like the one in these headphones. They also have extreme vocal clarity due to the extra ear cups for enhancing comfort.

These earphones will make sure that your listening experience is both real and personal. You need to plug it into the nirvana. The technology and design in these headphones are on top because it comes with marvelous sound. The design of these earphones is for giving you an experience that is unimaginable. The design will help you move with ease. They have undergone manufacture for entertainment.


  • It has a rechargeable battery that can last up to eight hours of nonstop music
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity for connecting to any compatible device
  • They have the best bass quality in the market
  • They have very clear vocals
  • They have ear cups for maximum comfort
  • You just to plug them in and you will be listening to music
  • They are extremely clear and loud


  • They have a precise and careful design that makes them sturdy and stylish
  • The soft faux leather on the ear pads makes wearing pleasurable
  • They have a custom driver that enhances performance
  • They have balanced treble and super bass for providing the best listening experience
  • The foam in the ears gives the ears the required pressure to ensure comfort and deliver authentic sound


  • This product does not have known cons

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2. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II Wireless Headphone :

Bose Quiet

The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II Wireless Headphone is among the best wireless headphones with quiet comfort. They have undergone engineering with international noise-cancellation technology than ever before. It is possible to control music, get answers by use of your voice, send and receive messages, and control music. All you need to do is to press and hold the action button when you start talking. When you have these headphones, it is a ticket of being free from wires as you connect them with Bluetooth to the device with ease.

Voice prompts and NFC pairing can be achieved through this linking. The multi-function button offers access to the default assistant on the phone, just like Siri. The equalizer with volume controls offers you audio performance that is balanced at all volumes. The noise-rejecting double microphone system provides calls that are clear. The Bose connection application helps in setting the preferred noise cancellation levels, access future updates, and unlocks more features. Are caught up with a battery that is low? The cable it comes with allows you to plug in and the music will keep playing. The best wireless headphones in India come in silver or black.


  • It has the best noise cancellation technology
  • When with these headphones, it is possible to control music, answer calls, and send and receive messages
  • They are wireless so that you are free from carrying cables all day
  • They are Bluetooth enabled to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device
  • You can set preferred levels of noise cancellation, unlock additional features, and access updates.
  • It has a battery that can last you for almost eight hours of continuous music
  • It comes with a cable for plugging in when the battery gets drained so that you continue listening to music


  • These headphones have extreme comfort
  • They come with music control buttons, buttons for answering calls, and for sending and receiving messages.
  • Its battery will last you for long, close to eight hours
  • It is wireless, making portability easy
  • It comes with a cable to ensure continued music even when the battery gets drained


  • This device does not have cons that are known

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3. JBL C100SI in-Ear Headphones with Mic :


The JBL C100SI in-Ear Headphones with Mic is ultra-lightweight, dynamic in-ear headphone. It is among the best headphones in India with powerful nine-millimeter drivers to deliver a bass response you can feel in the bones and legendary sound quality expected from JBL. They are lightweight to ensure comfort for the rest of the day. It has an in-line remote control that allows you to manage and take calls on iOS and Android devices. It is among the best headphones under RS 1000.


  • These headphones come with a whole year warranty
  • They are lightweight and in-ear for comfort
  • They have a remote control for taking calls on all Android devices
  • They have a powerful driver for delivering the best bass response


  • It provides sound on the go for everybody using it
  • They come with a warranty for one year
  • It is comfortable and lightweight
  • It is possible to manage and answer calls without effort with a touch from just one button.
  • They are extremely lightweight to become comfortable for the ears.
  • You can manage your calls on both iOS and Android devices thanks to the in-line microphone
  • They provide the best bass sound experience, making them the best wireless headphones in India


  • This product does not have known cons

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4. Soundmagic E10s1 :

Soundmagic E10s1

The Soundmagic E10s1 is a successor of the populous E105 line. It retains the sound signature of the previous generations. It has a powerful bass with the best detail of the music. The construction is done with two-tone metallic earpieces and metal hardware of low profile. It has a modern design and finishes for its premium appearance. The wire clip and tangle-free cable ensure that these headphones are easy to wear and utilize. They also provide a remote control and an in-line microphone that has universal smartphone support.

There is also volume control in the best headphones under 5000 for additional convenience.

These headphones look more expensive than they are, and they sound that way too. The power and dynamics in these headphones have impressed reviewers. It is a perfect match for the current populous music. It has enhanced the output of bass that extends deep with enhanced impact and punch. These earphones do not disappoint when it comes to sound and clarity stage, offering music in a manner that is realistic.


  • It has a robust construction for metallic earpieces and metal hardware of low profile
  • It has modest design and finishes in its appearance
  • It has a wire clip and tangle-free cable for easy wearing and utility
  • They have remote controls and in-line microphones for smartphone support
  • They have volume control buttons for convenience purposes
  • They have power and dynamics that impress reviewers and users
  • They have enhanced bass due to added impact and punch


  • It has a premium appearance to look great while you are wearing them
  • They have volume controls so that you control your desired volume levels
  • They have enhanced bass output for the user
  • They are easy to wear and use due to being cable-free


  • There are no recorded cons of the best in-ear headphones

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5. Brainwavz Delta :

Brainwavz Delta

The brainwavz delta produces instruments and vocals with deep clarity, allowing the music the way the artist intended. These headphones, encased in the metallic casing, have the right tuning for all music types. Alongside the remote and a three button microphone to deliver perfect audio clarity and sound whether it is just used for audio calls and listening to music. These headphones are high-end in the market for producing high-quality sound and are tailored to give the users an accessible solution for a range of styles and genres.

The best Bluetooth headphones in India believe that sound is a personal experience. It provides the users with earphones to match your inclinations and inspire with intensity. The manufacturer of these headphones is committed to offering products with the best value. The manufacturer has a mission of producing high quality, innovative audio products with a focus on high-end sound.


  • They have clear vocals and instruments for all music genres
  • The metallic housing is sturdy and lightweight
  • It has a remote and microphone that work on both iPhone and Android devices
  • They have phone control buttons
  • They have volume control and support the TRRS connector


  • It works on both iPhone and Android devices
  • It has the best phone and volume control buttons
  • Its manufacture material makes it lightweight and sturdy
  • They provide you with the best vocals and instruments for music


  • These headphones do not have cons

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6. Skullcandy Method in-Ear Headphones :

Skullcandy Method

The sticky gels technology promises more security while sweating, boosting in-ear stability. The welded construction will protect sensitive components against moisture that may destroy the earbud. The fix tech and off-axis work to comfortably prevent the falling out of the earbuds. A one-button remote with an in-line microphone can play and pause music, take and make calls, and cycle in the tracks. The method of supreme sound features technology that will produce powerful, attacking bass.

The earbuds of these headphones are resistant to sweat to provide a comfortable and secure fit while in the training session. They have been made with wonderful noise cancellation technology. The manufacturer vocals are perfect, the bass is awesome, and fits perfectly on the ears. You will get satisfied with the performance of these headphones as you will not get irritated even after four hours of continuous use.


  • The sticky gel technology provides a lot of security when sweating
  • Its construction protects sensitive components against moisture
  • Fix tech and off-axis prevents the falling out of earbuds
  • It is possible to make calls, cycle through tracks, and play music with the one-button remote
  • The earbuds are sweat resistant so that they remain comfortable and secure when in use
  • They have perfect vocals, awesome bass, and fits on the ears perfectly


  • It fits well on the ears
  • It has bass that is awesome
  • The vocals in these headphones are perfect
  • They do not irritate even after four hours of continuous use
  • It fully cancels noise from the environment


  • There are no known cons for this product

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7. Sennheiser CX 275 S In-Ear :

Sennheiser CX 275 S

When you have the Sennheiser CX 275 S In-Ear headphones, you will realize that they are among the best Bluetooth headphones in India that provide a refines quality of sound. It becomes the right time to experience ultimate sound on the go when you have these headphones. Sennheiser CX are the best in-ear headphones as they feature a 3.55mm jack that bears the design of providing a musical experience that is enhanced. These headphones are tried and tested when it comes to performance in different environs and results are outstanding. When you purchase them, you will experience a sound quality that is true to life.

Whether you are a recorder or just a lover of music, these earplugs have the design of thrilling you with smashing frequency responses and speaker system. They come with an in-built remote and microphone for switching FM channels and managing calls with ease. It comes with three distinct adapters customized as per the size of the ears. Regardless of the model and brand of the device you are using, these earphones do not give you trouble with compatibility.

These earphones are manufactured for delivering clear audio due to high frequency. The noise canceling design of these headphones provides enhanced bass and sound with clarity that is exceptional. It becomes easy to avoid the discomfort that comes from tingling wires while using earphones. The best wireless headphones in India come with a warranty of two years since the purchase date.


  • They come with a jack that provides the desired musical experience
  • They are tried and tested on the front of the performance
  • They have the best speaker systems and smashing frequencies
  • All models of these headphones do not have a compatibility issue
  • It is easy to avoid discomfort as they are wireless
  • They are built for high frequency
  • They come with a warranty of two years


  • They provide the best musical experience in the market
  • They are the best when it comes to performance
  • They are wireless so as to avoid discomfort
  • They are built for providing a high frequency
  • They have a warranty of two years


  • These headphones do not have known cons

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8. Sony MDR-XB55AP Premium in-Ear :


These are the best Bluetooth headphones in India as they come with a remote and microphone. It has a 12mm drive for giving detail to music and giving you the allowance to switch between music. It has a powerful bass duct to deliver additional bass. In case you are traveling in crowded communities, then these headphones are for you. With a lot of colors to select from they are perfect for your device. They are lightweight for providing ultimate music mobility. You can enjoy music for many hours minus interruption.

These earbuds are comfortable for providing long hours of comfort. When you purchase them, you get three pairs of silicone buds. The in-line microphone enables hands-free calling from your devices. The remote and microphone gives you the option of playing, pausing, volume control. The base booster enhances frequencies through a designed duct.


  • These headphones come with a drive for helping you switch between music
  • It has a power duct for delivering additional bass
  • They have noise canceling, making them perfect for being in a noisy community
  • They are lightweight to give you music mobility
  • They have comfortable earbuds for providing long hours of use
  • The microphone enables hands-free calling
  • It has a bass booster for enhancing frequency in the duct


  • They have a mic for enabling hands-free calling
  • They have a bass booster to enhance its frequency
  • The power duct is crucial for providing additional bass
  • It is perfect for canceling noise due to noise canceling technology
  • You can use them for many hours minus getting tired


  • This device does not have cons

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9. JVC HA-FX101B Inner-Ear Headphones :


JVC HA-FX101B is among the best in-ear headphones on the market. It has a twelve-meter length of cord for continued music when the battery is over. These headphones are wireless and have deep bass. They have perfect volume controls and microphones for easy communication. These headphones have a perfect finish to give it a sturdy nature. They are lightweight for easy transport.


  • They have a cord for enhancing continued music play
  • They are very lightweight in nature
  • They have a deep bass and wireless connection
  • They have the right volume controls and microphones for communication


  • They have a cord that enhances the music
  • They are light in nature for easy fit
  • They have a deep bass for providing a perfect sound experience


  • These cons do not have cons

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10. Mi Earphones with Mic :

Mi Earphones with Mic

Mi earphones with Mic have undergone customization just for the Indian market. They give the best in-ear headphones for what you are looking for; tangle-free wires and ultra-deep bass. These earphones have microphones and volume control buttons. Additionally, it has a ninety degrees L connector. The customer service department of these headphones provides necessary support for your device. It has a metal sound chamber for giving it a sturdy, comfortable finish. It has a metallic diaphragm to resonate the bass of your headphones.

The best Bluetooth headphones in India have a 3.5mm jack and a speaker impedance of thirty-two ohms. These headphones are available in black and silver colors. Available hotlines are between nine in the morning and nine at night. They are very light for comfort. It is made with passive noise technology for reducing noise. With the microphone and remote, changing music is easy as it is one button away.


  • They have highly customized headphones on the market
  • They are wireless and tangle-free to make it easy for carrying and using
  • They have volume and microphone control buttons
  • They possess an L connector
  • They have a sturdy, comfortable finish
  • It is Bluetooth enabled for wireless connectivity
  • It has a jack and speaker of thirty-two ohms


  • There is a stable customer service of twelve hours
  • They are sturdy and comfortable in its finish
  • They have a wireless connection through Bluetooth
  • They do not have cables for easy transportation


  • These devices do not have cons

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1. What forms and styles should I go for?

The distinction between home and portable headphones has melted away but the types below will help you while purchasing them. The place you intend to use them and how you would like to use them will narrow your search range to the best headphones for your function.

The earbud headphones, also known as the in-ear headphones range from the disposable models found on planes to the ones found in smartphones to the high-performance buds that offer Sonics that rival the full-size models. They have tiny earpieces that need to be inserted in the ear canal or rest on the outer ear. They have a secure fit. You can get these headphones online from retail shops in India. They are lightweight and ultra-compact with most models having track navigation and microphone controls built in the wire.

The on-head earphones rest on the outer ears and run the scope from affordable portables to high-end home models. While they could have closed designs that engulf the ears, others prefer the fully sealed models for increased noise isolation and the fact of not leaking sound to neighbors. These headphones are the best in the office when you really need to benefit from the noise that comes from outside. They are less prone to overheating, relatively compact than full-size models, and some are foldable for easy transportation.

The full-size headphones have the best technology which includes headphones wireless with ear cups that enclose the ears. As a result of their acoustic isolation and size, they are considered to suit best to the home than when on the go. Since they are large, they offer maximum loudness and bass levels, the ear cups create a large soundstage, seals the music in, and the surround sound blocks noise from outside in an effective manner.

2. How will I tell the best wireless headphones in India?

Top Bluetooth headphones in India lie in this category because it is the most popular mode of transmitting wireless signals. However, you need to remember that you have to sacrifice some quality of sound in the process of compilation. To counter this audio degradation, several models support the Bluetooth codec that has improved fidelity. The market is now starting to experience the entry of the best wireless earphones in India being supported by Wi-Fi.

The number of totally wireless earphones on the market arriving on the market is on the increase. When purchasing these earphones in India, it is advisable to keep things simple because they have limited features. However, there are expensive models that have a host of smart features. They come with a charging case, on-ear touch navigation, and advanced noise filtering features.

3. Is there need to go for noise-canceling headphones?

The best headphones in India that have noise cancellation features have a hush ambiance that obviates the noise that gets into your ears. They do not eliminate the noise that comes from the outside world but they eliminate the whoosh that originates from the conditioning systems of the airplane. These earphones come in all forms and styles. The best wireless headphones in India need to have these features to cancel background noise and help you listen to low levels, thus reducing fatigue caused to the ears. You will hear a lot of low-level details in your music. This technology helps in eliminating ambient noise that is ideal for morning commutes and plane rides.

4. Is bass consideration an important factor?

Even at its best, the bass of headphones is never the sock-it-to-your-gut or pants-flapping experience you usually feel from subwoofers or massive speakers. However, many manufacturers make their headphones to have a custom for lower frequencies at the cost of natural delivery and instrument separation. Earbuds are both portable and tiny but cannot compete with the full-size as they have visceral dynamic sound or deep bass response.

5. Should I consider the brand of the headphone?

The brand is an important factor while buying any electronic product on the market. For example, you could go for V-MODA Crossfade Wireless over-ear headphone when looking for the best Bluetooth headphones in India. Other reputable headphones on the market include Sennheiser, Sound magic, Fidue, Audeza, Brainwavz, V-Moda, Black Croc, and Meze just to name a few. Review some of these brands to find the one that will meet your needs with the required level of satisfaction. You could narrow down to the specific brand if you wish to find the best headphone in India.

6. Which headphones are most durable?

There is no reason for treating headphones as disposable technology. Unlike other electronics, the best headphones in India can last up to ten years. You need to access the quality that lies in your headphones because there are some that are fragile. In case your headphones fold up for ease of storage, then you have the best and durable ones in the market. You need to determine the rate of wear and tear of the choice of headphones you are buying.

7. Will I need headphones amplifier?

The device you plug your amplifier into will affect the sound and the amplifier quality found in most devices is always awful. Most players and devices need to power their amplifiers with the few volts of power they have. You can invest in an AV receiver with jacks to offer you the variable quality of sound.


Conclusion :

A high price tag does not necessarily mean that you will have better sound especially when sampling among the top 10 headphones in India. When you invest in an expensive smartphone, it is important to purchase a quality headphone that you will use with it. Not all inexpensive headphones are cheap. When looking for spare parts, you need to get to the manufacturer and you will get a replacement for damaged parts.

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