Best Tablets under Rs 15,000 in India

There are a lot of tablets on the market when you have an interest in purchasing them. Purchasing a tablet is a good move when you have an interest in replacing your PC with simple and portable tablets under 15000. Tablets have hit the market of computers with a bang. The things that make tablets a success is the compact size and the ability to work with the touchscreen interface. Additionally, the ability of owners of the tablets accessing the internet continues to give it an edge in the market.

Many people have the desire of purchasing the best tablets under 15000 because they cannot afford tablets that are more expensive. All you need to do is to click the “buy this item” button on and you will have the best tablet under 15000. However, before making the purchase, it is crucial to understand what you are looking for including essential options that you cannot live without. Below are some of the questions you can ask yourself while making a decision on the tablet you would like to purchase.

Best Tablets under Rs 15,000 in India

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  • What should be the operating system?

The operating system is probably the most crucial consideration when purchasing a tablet. There are four basic operating systems that run on tablets.

  • iOS

You will find iOS exclusively on Apple products. The version of the software used here is similar to the one found in the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iTouch. The iPad version is just modified to fit a large screen. The iOS for tablets is in the lead for both the user and application interface, giving more than two million apps via the app store.

  • Microsoft Windows

Even though they have a small market share, [easyazon_link keywords=”tablets under 15000″ locale=”IN” tag=”technetdeals0-21″]tablets under 15000[/easyazon_link] from windows offer the advantage of being compatible with Windows operating system found in laptop and desktop computers. Having the ability to access windows 8 on the best tablet in India under 1500 while on the go can give you a lot of advantages compared to getting tied to a desktop or laptop. This gives out the ease of transferring files for individuals using tablet computers.

  • Blackberry tablet OS

The manufacturer of blackberry smartphone tablets under 15000 has developed their own tablets. This tablet is compatible with cell phones from blackberry, making it an ideal complement for blackberry phone users.

  • Google Android

The Android OS is the most populous software found in the Best tablets under Rs. 15,000 in India. It is a similar operating system found on a lot of smartphones. While it possesses a similar feeling to apple operating system, it is not the same. This operating system offers more customizability than iOS. It has more than two million apps in the store for download. With the [easyazon_link keywords=”Android tablets under 15,000″ locale=”IN” tag=”technetdeals0-21″]best Android tablets under 15,000[/easyazon_link], you are not limited to one app store like iPad.

  • What should be the screen size and resolution?

The best budget tablet in India come in sizes that range from twelve to fifteen inches. Smaller tablets are simply big smartphones. Large tablets provide more screen space at the expense of being too big for the purse or pocket. The intention of mid-sized tablets is to provide the compromise between portability while having a large screen to showcase the whole page of a book.

Possessing a high resolution means that images will be sharper. When you are using the best tablet in India under 15000 to watch high definition movies, you will have access to a minimum resolution of 720 pixels across short dimensions.

  • What should be the memory size (RAM)?

As a result of the smaller form factor, the RAM options for the best tablets under 15000 are limited to the tablet and there is no option for upgrading later. You need to consider the purpose of the tablet and settle on a tablet that has enough RAM. For example, in case you want to edit videos or photos on your tablet, you might opt for one with four or eight gigabytes at the minimum. For functions like watching movies, video playback, and web or email browsing through Wi-Fi, the range between one to four gigabytes is advised.

  • Should it have wireless connectivity?

The best tablets under Rs. 15000 in India possess some wireless capability, meaning they are wireless capable. However, there exist two Wi-Fi versions. Some will support the 802.11b/g specification. This option is not good for those that admire downloading large items and streaming a lot of videos. It is right to purchase the best budget tablet in India that supports the 802.11n specification. You can also choose a tablet which supports 5.0GHZ and 2.4GHZ radio bands as it provides complete connectivity to Wi-Fi.

  • What should be the battery life?

Since the best budget tablet in India is a portable unit, the life of the tablet battery is crucial. There are three aspects that affect the life of the battery. They are the amount of time that it is on, the brightness of the backlight screen, and the size of the battery. Many users leave the tablets on while not in use and rarely put them in the sleep mode. For this reason, the two battery metrics to consider are the amount of time the battery will power your tablet while in sleep mode and the time it powers the tablet while in use.

  • What about the camera?

Most tablets under 15000 come with two cameras. One camera faces the rear for use as a normal camera and a front-facing one for taking selfies or acting as a webcam. When choosing a tablet, it crucial to know the positioning of the camera. The device needs to have a camera with a minimum resolution of 4MP so that it takes a good photo without distortion or cropping.


The best budget tablet in India needs to be the one that fits your budget and fulfills your needs. For you to figure this out in the right manner, it is crucial to ask yourself about the application of your tablet. You need to know if it is just replacing your PC, if you want to use it to watch movies while traveling, or if you will be using it to access the internet exclusively. Your specific needs for the best tablet under 15000 will guide you in choosing the best option for your application.


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Mashum Mollah is a passionate blogger. He loves to share his thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world through blogging. Mashum Mollah is associated with TechNetDeals & TechTrendsPro.

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      Mashum Mollah

      Mashum Mollah

      Mashum Mollah is a passionate blogger. He loves to share his thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world through blogging. Mashum Mollah is associated with TechNetDeals & TechTrendsPro.