What Are The Examples Of Artificial Intelligence? Must Read!

Does AI only exist in Hollywood movies? You see many science fiction movies about Super AI. These movies are more like a dream, but we are also using many innovative AI technologies in our day-to-day lives. I hope you do not pick space cars as real-life examples of artificial intelligence.

Yes, maybe we do not live in a world where you can not ride in a flying car or travel in a space car. But we also use AI tools in real life. And from the past two years, this tool has increased in number. AI-related scientific innovations news is becoming popular. Hence in a simple world, you can say AI technology is improving and inventing many more tools. So why wait? Let’s have a look at the real-life examples of artificial intelligence.

7 Everyday Life Examples Of Artificial Intelligence

7 Everyday Life Examples Of Artificial Intelligence

When you see the examples of artificial intelligence, you will know that AI models function in a profound way.

Here are the top eight real-life examples of AI models:

1. Face And Eye Scanning Technology

Face And Eye Scanning Technology

The virtual filters of the applications are working for face detection. For example, now your iPhones and Android phones are logged in through face scanning. The camera of the device creates a depth map of the user’s face.

And in the back end, the Apple device’s in-depth camera captures the infrared image of the users. This is a clear example of the face and eye-catching mechanism. And how the apple device is capturing the face map? The simple answer is this is a real-life example of AI.

2. Social Media

Social media have been strengthening their AI platforms for the past few years. The social media platforms are now using different tools like auto-response. And for performing the various tasks, the social media platforms are building up the tools.

Different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are developing a system from which the users can give spontaneous responses. For building the engagements, these AI bases tools are competitive. These are some of the best examples of artificial intelligence, which you are using on a daily basis but unknowingly.

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3. Chatbots And Auto Response System

Chatbots And Auto Response System

Chatbots and auto-response systems are other great examples of artificial intelligence. You know your customer care services quality is the gateway to building solid company reputations. How to give the best customer service? Do you have any idea how many of the customers are giving bad feedback when they have to wait for the response? This is a harsh reality.

And Chatbots are here to help you out. Chatbots are examples of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence analyses customer requirements. Therefore your customers are giving you spontaneous answers to the queries.

4. Search Algorithm

The search algorithm scans all the results and then finds the suitable one. Search engines are the smartest examples of artificial intelligence. Search companies are incorporating the search engine result search algorithm. The quality control algorithm recognizes high-quality content.

This is the best example of AI. The entire search engine is created with codes. A list of search results is analyzed through AI programming.

5. Digital Assistant

Apple is always the first path shower. And like face recognition, the digital assistant incorporates logic. So the digital assistants understand the human requirements and give the reply.

Digital assistants understand consumer requirements. Then run the complex logic in the back end and then five the exact solutions. The first time a digital assistant was introduced by Apple. Many more Apple devices applications are examples of artificial intelligence.

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6. Home Appliances

The home appliances department is going through a revolutionary process with AI. Smart home devices are an example of AI. Not only home appliances but many more technical innovations are also emerging with AI. And these combinations are helping in energy conservation.

For example, you can take the automatic revolving solar panel. These solar panels are automatically rotating when the sun is changing directions. Like this, for many home appliances, AI is used for energy consumption and spontaneous actions.

7. Text Editor Tool

Text Editor Tool

When creating the content, what types of tools are you using? You do not have to go through the dictionary or ask for help. Everything is now becoming much more efficient. For example, you are using the automatic text editor. You already know from the artificial intelligence definition you only have to give some data and information to the text editor.

The text editor tools are automatically run and then execute the operations. And find all the errors. For grammatical error findings, your text editor tools are all designed to incorporate AI concepts as science improves. So your text editor tools are going to be more innovative. In the future, we all can use a tool that is far more robust and which can find plagiarism in the content. So your device will become a single one. You do not have to use any separate tools for finding the copy and plagiarism.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q1. What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence means this is a simple ability by which the machine can analyze all the factors. Artificial intelligence is a digitally controlled system. Through the AI system, you have to convert the logic into machine-level languages. Then it performs the tasks.

Q2. What Are Types Of AI?

There are three types of AI systems present in the system.

Here is the list of AI systems:

  • Narrow Artificial Intelligence
  • General Artificial Intelligence
  • Super Artificial Intelligence

Q3. Is Artificial Intelligence Important?

AI technology is essential for increasing the number of tasks. Because; AI is improving the tasks numbers. And for doing repetitive work, AI technology is unbeatable. But still, now the AI technology can not think like a human brain. This research has a long way to go. AI software is increasing the work efficiency of the machines. Therefore it is still unclear how many miles AI can go.


All of these seven tools are examples of artificial intelligence in everyday life. Artificial intelligence is a vast area. The future of AI developments is so innovative; hence there is a chance that one day you can ride a flying car. Now scientists are starting to invent more creative versions of all the AI applications and tools. So we can expect every day we are going to experience growth and inventions. If you are interested in AI and other latest innovative blogs, visit this blog. And do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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      Rashmi Chaudhuri a passionate traveler and the natural beauty trends concerning the professional content writer. She loves writing about beauty, travel, animals, sports, and health. She is a freelance writer who loves to write SEO-friendly contents about these topics with expert writing skills.