What is TechNetDeals.com?

TechNetDeals.com is a website designed to feature the best deals, discount prices, promo codes and coupons for a wide range of products on Amazon.in. We also publish trading products review, tech news and buying guides.

How do I stand to gain from the offers featured on TechNetDeals.com?

You will be saving a lot of money by taking advantage of discount offers and coupons as well as the deals we feature on TechNetDeals.com. We provide you with the link to the merchant’s webpages to purchase the featured products at reduced prices.

How can I save money while making purchases from Amazon.in?

Our offers display the lowest possible prices for products sold on Amazon.in. These prices are lower than what you will see on the other affiliate sites.

What is Amazon Deal of the Day?

Answer-This is the best deal for every day on Amazon.in. It is highlighted to enable more consumers to take advantage of the low prices before the deal expires.

What is Amazon Black Friday?

Amazon in line with the black Friday tradition features special discounted prices as part of the Black Friday sales. The merchants on the website also offer amazing black Friday price reductions.

What is Amazon cyber week and Cyber Monday?

Amazon offers online specials, discounted offers and coupons on the Monday after the Black Friday sales. It is an opportunity for consumers to purchase goods at lower prices if they missed out on the black Friday giveaway prices.

What is the Amazon bestseller all about?

Amazon highlights its most patronized items as the best seller for different product categories. This acts as a guide to buyers who need these products. Amazon best seller product listings are regularly updated to guide the buyers.

How often do you refresh your webpage displaying the available deals on Amazon.in?

We have a competent team that works all day, from Monday to Sunday to ensure that you never miss a new deal. New content on Amazon.in is flagged within a few seconds of becoming available. You will be able to see the new deals flagged when visit for the first time during the day.

I can’t seem to reach some links displayed on your website, what can I do about this?

This happens very rarely because our team verify all links before they are published but in the event of this, contact our customer support team and we will guide you how to resolve this issue.

Can I depend on the editor’s choice for a deal?

The deals that are flagged under the editor’s choice have been evaluated to be fantastic deals by our team, and we want you to take advantage of the offer while it lasts. You can trust the editors’ choices as outstanding deals on TechNetDeals.com.


Is TechNetDeals.com and Amazon.in merchant?

Now we at TechNetDeals.com are not merchants on Amazon.in, what we do is to show you the best deals offered by merchants on Amazon.in to help you save money on purchases.

How can I make purchases through TechNetDeals.com?

Our listings include the merchants’ details, by clicking the link you will be redirected to the merchants’ sales page. There are directions on how payment and shipping will be processed. You will also be able to make inquiries directly from the merchants before making a purchase.

How much will it cost to ship once I have made payment for the product?

The merchants determine shipping costs, many merchants include shipping costs with the price tag offer, but this will be clearly indicated in the offer. You should seek further clarifications from the merchant if you are not sure about any aspect of the deal.

Do merchants ship to other countries?

Some merchants’ ship to other countries, but you must verify this before making a purchase.

What are the payment options?

Answer- The common payment options are used by merchants to make purchases more comfortable for you. Each merchant specifies their acceptable payment options so you can confirm from the merchant’s sales page.

Is there a return policy after purchase?

Different merchants have varying policies that guide their transactions. Please contact the merchant to find out if they have a return policy and its scope.

I suddenly cannot find a link I previously saw, what could have happened?

You probably don’t see the link anymore because it has expired. You can contact the merchant directly if you have the details.

The package I received contained defected goods, what can I do?

Please contact the merchant you purchased from, and this issue will be resolved.

Can I cancel an order after payment has been made?

It is possible to cancel orders if they have not been processed, you will need to contact the merchant to effect an order cancellation quickly.

Price Queries/Expired Deals/Coupons

I noticed the price on TechNetDeals.com is different from the amount indicated on the merchants’ website, what is the reason for the difference?

This might have happened due to a lapse in communication with the merchant. Changes will be made once we are aware of it.

My coupon code is not working on the merchants’ website, what can I do?

This might be happening because the deal is expired. Contact our customer team for support to resolve this issue.

I noticed some deals expire before the expiry date indicated on the coupon, why does this happen?
The expiry of some coupons depends on the specific number of uses indicated on it, once this limit is reached it will become invalid.

I found a cheaper deal on another website, why is the price on TechNetDeals.com more expensive?

We work tirelessly to ensure our prices are the best, if this has happened, it is an oversight, and we will make quick changes because we are serious about keeping our promise to you.

I noticed a product I want to purchase had been classified as expired, does this mean I cannot buy it?

You might still be able to buy the product directly from the merchants’ website if it still available, however, the previous discounted rate will not apply.

Should I expect a refund or rebate from TechNetDeals.com?

No, TechNetDeals.com does not process rebates in any form. We, however, ensure that you know when merchants have offered refunds on any of their products. We will attach a link to direct you to the merchants’ website to take advantage of the rebate.

TechNet Deals Newsletter

I am interested in subscribing to the Newsletter, but I need to set up an account, how can I go about this?

TechNetDeals.com newsletter contains vital information about new deals and updates on your previously viewed deals. By creating an account, you will have access to manage the features of your content conveniently. You can save your favorite deals to be viewed again. To sign up for our newsletter simply fill out the registration form and sign up. You will receive a confirmation via the email address you have provided once your account has been created.

Will I be permitted to change the email I used in registering at a later date?

Yes, you can change your email address from your account page after login.

I forgot my password, how can I perform a reset?

We can assist you with this, contact our support team and we will help you reset your password.

I have stopped receiving TechNetDeals newsletters, what can I do about this?

We advise that you check to ensure that your inbox is not full. If the problem persists, contact our customer support team for further assistance.

What are the different categories of Newsletters on TechNetDeals.com

We cover the thousands of deals with our various newsletters to ensure that you never miss a good one. You can choose to receive all the newsletters or selected categories to suit your needs. Our newsletters include the morning posts which cover the best deals from the previous day and in the morning, we also send a daily newsletter which covers the hottest deals for that day, our exclusive newsletter covers fantastic deals that are too good to miss, and we send out newsletters containing information about site upgrades, special giveaways, and offers from selected merchants. We also inform you of Black Friday sales offers on our exclusive Black Friday newsletter.

What is a deal alert?

It is an email we send out to our subscribers to notify them of fantastic deals. You will receive these alerts based on the categories you have indicated interest in while registering for our newsletter. For example, keywords for specific merchants and product categories will be used to generate the special alerts sent to your email.

Can I stop my newsletter subscription?

Answer- Yes you can, at the end of each email we send to you, there is a link with an option to “stop receiving this email.” Should you use this function, our system will cease to send you notifications.

Is it compulsory that I get an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is an XML formatted content which shows you the latest news on our website without visiting our site. It is a quick way to get the most recent information on deals and coupon offers on Amazon.in through TechNetDeals.com.


What is the scope of your privacy policy?

You can review the entire content of our privacy policy by following this link –https://www.technetdeals.com/privacy-policy

Will my confidential information be shared with a third party?

Your privacy is important to us, we do not share the information of our users with third parties. However, should you choose to receive information from a third party, you will be required to give your consent by clicking the box by this offer on our webpage. Some users do this to receive exclusive deals from third party agents before other users see them, but we only permit this when you have ticked the consent box. Our communication with you is basically the newsletters we will send via email, we will also inform you about system upgrades or downtimes when they occur.

What are cookies?

Cookies can be described as virtual memory chips that store record your most visited pages. This means, next time you visit, these pages will be readily accessible as well as any new information posted on the pages since your last visit.

Will I be required to turn on cookies before accessing TechNetDeals.com?

No, you will be able to access our website without permitting cookies, but you will be required to turn on your cookies while creating your account because of your email subscriptions.

How can I contact TechNetDeals customer support team?

We will be delighted to hear from you. Our contact information is displayed on our contact page. Feel free to contact our team anytime.