How Much Is Samsung Note 9 Refurbished? Is It Worth It?

How much is the Samsung Note 9 refurbished? If this is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place.

This article will try to answer this contentious question and discuss some of the most critical factors that influence the answer to this question. Let’s go! 

Samsung Note 9 Overview 

Samsung is an industry giant when it comes to premium Android phones. This is the only brand that has a global presence like Samsung.

Apple might be the most sought-after phone brand in the world, but Samsung is the most accessible phone brand in the world.  

Samsung has released countless phones and tablets in the market. The products that the brand released were some of the best and most iconic products in the market. One such product was the iconic hybrid of phone plus tablet called Note 9.  

Note 9 was a phenomenon back when it was released in October 2018. Since then, the phablet has sold over a million copies worldwide.  


In order to honestly answer the question, “how much is Samsung Note 9 refurbished?” you need to understand the technicalities of the phablet.

Therefore, it is crucial to learn all there is to know about the phablet in order to assess the price point. 

In this section, we will be discussing all the technical aspects of the phablet. We have included points like the screen, the chipset, the storage, the battery, etc. This should provide you with a clear idea about the things that you should expect from Note 9.  

Therefore, let us dive right in and assess the technical aspect of the phone extensively.  


The very first aspect that we would like to discuss is the screen. This is specifically a cross between a phone and a tablet. As a result, it features a humungous display that can rival any phone according to current standards.  

Samsung Note 9 comes with a 6.4 inch or 1600 mm Super AMOLED display. The display ratio of the screen is around 1440. The brand has used a specific display design called the Infinity Display.  

As a result, the display seems much more significant than it actually is. This is an important feature that sets Note 9 apart from its peers and competitors.  


Samsung has always been the maker of some of the most impressive phones with some fantastic properties.

This is solely possible due to the tremendous chipsets that the brand was using. Therefore, it is essential to know more about this aspect of the phone.  

Samsung used the latest and peppy Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 System On a Chip or SoC. However, the brand has only released this variant in North America, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Latin America.  

Meanwhile, the rest of the world gets access to Samsung’s Exynos 9810 processor. Both of these processors are amazing and produce some fantastic results. As a result, expect your Note 9 to be at par with most modern devices. 


Samsung has always been one of the most progressive brands when it comes to adding huge amounts of storage. Therefore, you can expect the same from your refurbished Samsung Note 9.  

The base variant of the Samsung Note 9 comes with 128 GB or 512 GB storage options. Such an abundant storage space allows users to store almost everything that they want.

However, you will only be getting part of the storage as some of it will be used to install program files.  

Apart from the ROM, the 512 GB variant comes with 8 GB RAM. This allows users to maximize usage without any hassle. Subsequently, the device provides memory expansion as it comes with a Micro SD slot.  

All in all, the phone has got you covered when it comes to overall storage and memory.  


The discussion of battery for a refurbished phone is dicey. This is primarily because batteries lose around 50% of their vitality in the very first year of usage.

As a result, it is essential for people to understand that the figures we will be discussing might only partially be accurate. 

Still, it could provide you with some understanding of the performance figure that you can expect from a phone of this stature.

Samsung has fitted the Note 9 with a 40000 mAh battery. This was a considerable step up from its previous phones.  

For example, the Note 8 featured a 3300 mAh battery, which is considerably smaller and weaker than the 9000 mAh battery in the Note 9.  


The camera is one of the biggest USPs on Samsung’s flagship phones. Similarly, you can expect impeccable camera quality from Note 9.

Samsung did not experiment too much with the camera setup. As a result, you will notice that the overall camera setup is similar to Note 8 and S9+.  

The camera setup contains a primary wide-angle lens. Subsequently, the lens comes with the feature of a dual-aperture system that allows the camera to change its aperture from ƒ/1.5 to ƒ/2.4. The camera setup also comes with a 1/2.55-inch sensor. 

Samsung made sure that they overdo it from their competitor, Apple. As a result, Samsung allows 4K video recording at 60 FPS. This ensures smooth and clear videos.

Subsequently, the camera also features AI that can be used to correct color edit pictures to remove blinking or red eyes.  

All in all, you are getting some sweet features in the name of innovation.  


Samsung Note 9 is a beautiful phablet, to say the least. Everything about the phablet screams uniqueness and aesthetic. At the time of its release, the phone was released in six different colors.  

These colors include Alpine White, Cloud Silver, Metallic Copper, Lavender Purple, Midnight Black, and Ocean Blue. However, if you are getting a refurbished Note 9, you might get access to only some of the colors.  

Honestly, the Samsung Note 9 is a well-designed phone that looks and feels unique. This is why it was one of the most sought-after phones when it comes to overall design language.

This is one of the most important factors that could influence the answer to your question, “How much is Samsung Note 9 refurbished?” 


The most significant departure from Note 9 is the S-Pen. This S-pen is one of the best features Samsung has provided in Note 9. This was the first time the brand added something like an S-Pen. 

This S-Pen comes with Bluetooth capabilities as well. As a result, you can now push buttons to interact with the pen. Hold the side buttons to do tasks like moving slides, closing applications, etc.  

S-Pen comes with its own battery pack. Hence, you do not have to worry about depleted charges. The company claimed that the pen automatically charges when housed in the silo at the side of the Note 9.

As per the advertisement, 40 seconds of charging allows users to use the pen for an hour.  

Hence, S-Pen is something that you will be using a lot.  


Samsung works on the Android architecture. This means the phone’s software is accessible and well-made. At the time of shipping, the phone comes with an Android 8.1 Oreo along with Samsung Experience 9.5. As software overlays. 

However, the phone later received an Android 10 update along with Samsung’s One UI. This latest update allowed the phone to unlock its most actual potential.

Therefore, whenever you are buying a refurbished Samsung Note 9, make sure that it is updated with the latest software.  

Apart from the preloaded software, phones have the ability to access the Play Store. This is a haven for people who want to customize their phones for free.

Playstore is a versatile application that allows users to access any software with ease and comfort.  

Common Problems Of Samsung Note 9 

Samsung Note is a well-made phone. However, it is not exempted from problems. The phone mostly received positive comments from all the reviewers and critics. However, many users noted some issues.  

On top of that, you need to remember that you are buying a refurbished phone. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for some additional problems that you might encounter due to old age.  

Also, it is impossible to list all the major problems that you might encounter while using a refurbished phone. Hence, the issues you are facing are not being discussed here. 

With that disclaimer, let us dive right in.  


Batteries are volatile and lose around 50% of their vitality in the very first year of their usage. As a result, it is widespread for users to experience battery problems.

One of the most prominent problems that users have reported is that the fast charging is not working. This could be due to faulty cable, port, etc.

Therefore, test your charger to determine the actual cause behind this problem. If the problem persists, you should take your phone to a mechanic.  


Screen problems are rare. However, more and more users are reporting the problem in recent years. After the latest update, many users claimed that there was a blue filter on the screen. The worst part is that nothing can be done to fix it.

As a result, people are distressed. However, some users claim they found a way to remove the filter by clearing the cache and then manually restarting the phone.

However, the most plausible solution is to take the phone to a professional for a checkup.  


Samsung users would affirm that Samsung phones tend to heat up. This is a common problem that most users have noticed over an extended usage period.

Many people have reported that their phone heats up to abnormal levels. If you do experience this issue, you must save a single minute.

Contact the Samsung service center immediately and leave the phone in a safe space. Otherwise, this can quickly turn into a complete fire hazard.  

Navigation Bar 

Samsung was pushing for gesture control with this phablet. As a result, the Android 9.0 Pie added some unique features to this phone.

However, some users claimed they could not switch to the newer feature as the navigation bar did not go away. This is not a phone-breaking problem.

However, it can become problematic as it might break the overall immersion. The only way to deal with this problem is to factory reset your phone and reinstall all the essential updates. This should help you deal with this issue.  


Samsung is known for its well-built cameras. However, since you will buy a refurbished phone, you might encounter camera problems.

One of the most common camera problems is a weird buzzing. Many users claim the phone starts buzzing when the camera is switched on.

Unfortunately, this is a hardware problem; the only solution is to take the phone to a professional.  


Samsung and most other brands have tried taking the healthier high road. As a result, these brands are actively trying to monitor phone usage.

However, with time, this AI has suffered depreciation. As a result, many refurbished Samsung Note 9 users have claimed that the AI forces the users to lower the volume so that it cannot be heard.

This is a widespread and accessible problem to work around. Head to Settings > Sounds and Vibration> Advanced Sound Settings > Sound Quality And Effects, and turn on Dolby Atmos.  

The Final Thought 

In the end, there is no one true answer to the question: How much is Samsung Note 9 refurbished? It is a highly subjective topic that changes with time and the phone’s status.

If you are getting the phone for an affordable price point, you could go for it. But make sure that your phone is in good condition. Otherwise, there is no use.  

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