Laptop Buying Guide: 8 Tips to Buy New Laptop in India

A laptop is compact enough for carrying on a daily basis, versatile enough for running the applications you desire, and the best tool for carrying out any serious job or playing on the road or at home. While standalone smartphones and tablets are the most popular among people, many individuals realize that all things from gaming to typing a research paper work best when you are using the laptop. Therefore, what is the best laptop you need to buy in India? In this laptop buying guide, I am going to share everything you need to check.

There exist a broad variety of prices, sizes, and features that make settling on the right laptop a challenging task. For this reason, it is important to start by figuring out your requirements and needs. If you desire to make the right call, you can follow the steps below and you will have the best laptop in India.

1. Settle On A Platform; Chrome OS, Mac, or Windows OS

This question is not quite easy to answer especially when you do not have familiarity with both PCs and Macs. However, this review on individual platforms will help you understand the weaknesses and strengths of each of them before buying.

The majority of laptops come installed with one of the operating systems; Chrome OS, Mac OS X, or Windows. Settling on one is an individual preference, but you can find a summary of them all in this write-up and what it has to offer you.

1.1. Windows 10:

It among the most flexible operating systems because it is installed on a lot of models and makes than Mac OS X or Chrome OS. The notebooks that have this operating system range between the price of 20 thousand rupees to 1 lakh rupees and offer a wide range of features from fingerprint readers to touch screens, to dual graphics chips.

Windows 10, which is the latest Microsoft’s flagship operating system version, comes with many improvements over Windows 8 and 7, including the ability to switch between desktop and tablet modes and a start menu that is revamped with the powerful Cortana digital assistant and tiles.

Since its launch in July 2015, this operating system has added a lot of improvements that include using follow up questions with Cortana, using your stylus to scribble everywhere, and searching your mail by use of the natural language.

1.2. Apple Mac OS Sierra:

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Each and every MacBook comes with the latest Apple desktop operating system, Mac OS Sierra. Generally, this operating system offers similarity in functionality with Windows 10 but has a different take when it comes to the interface which substitutes the app dock at the bottom of the screen for the start menu of Microsoft and the taskbar.

In the place of Cortana digital assistant, the users of Mac have Siri. They can also do their transactions via Apple pay, text, or take calls from phones and unlock the laptop with the apple watch. However, this operating system is not made for touch as no MacBook comes with a touchscreen.

1.3. Chrome OS:

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Found on Chromebooks that are not expensive like the Lenovo 100s series, the operating system from Google is secure and simple, but with many limitations. Its user interface is similar to windows with the application menu, the ability to drag windows around, and a desktop, but the major application you use is the chrome browser.

The con of this is that majority of the web apps underuse do not work particularly well offline.

But, the operation of this OS is perfect when you want a device to check the mail and surf the web, and chat online navigate social networks. Chromebooks are highly portable and inexpensive and offer a battery life that is amazing. Google is also making addition of Android apps support plus a handful of Chromebooks with the ability to run google play today.

2. Settle On A 2-In-1

Nowadays, when you want to buy a laptop in India, it is crucial to decide if you will go for the 2-in1 category. These devices have the ability to switch between tablet mode, clamshell mode, and many other positions like stand and tent modes. These devices generally come in two distinct categories; detachable that have screens that come off the keyboard completely and flexible laptops that have hinges that bend backward 360 degrees to change the mode.

The majority of these systems are a lot better at serving different purposes than the others. For instance, when you want to learn how to choose a laptop for business, you need to know that bend backs are laptops first but detachable will offer you a superior tablet experience.

However, in case you do not see the need of using the notebook as a slate, you will get additional performance for your investment and experience better productivity from a traditional clamshell laptop.

If you make the decision of purchasing the 2-in-1, you need to realize that bendable have an improved battery life than the detachable brothers.

3. Choose The Right Size

Laptop Buying Guide3

Before looking at pricing and specs, it is crucial to figure out how portable you would like the laptop to be. There exist diverse categories for laptops in terms of their sizes.

  • 11 to 12 inches are the lightest and thinnest systems with screens measuring eleven to twelve inches. Their weight is approximately 3.5 pounds.
  • 13 to 14 inches provides the right balance of usability and portability, in particular, if you purchase a laptop weighing under four pounds.
  • 15 inches is the most popular size in the market and weighs a maximum of 6.5 pounds. If you would like to have a larger screen size, it is vital to consider this size. Remember that you do not have to be carrying it around because it is quite large.
  • The 17 to 18 inches’ laptop will have to stay on your desk for the whole day. This system can provide you with the desired processing power for playing games and perform work-level productivity.

4. Check The Touchpad And Keyboard

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The most impressive specs in the laptop buying guide do not mean diddly if the machine you are purchasing does not possess good ergonomics. In case you have a plan of doing a lot of work on your computer, ensure that the keyboard offers plenty of vertical travel, solid tactile feedback, and enough space between the keys.

You need to look for a touchpad that is accurate and the one that does not give you a cursor that is jumpy and responds with consistency to multi-touch gestures like pinch-to-zoom. If you want to learn how to choose the best laptop for business, it is crucial to consider purchasing one that has a pointing stick between the H and G keys for you to navigate around the desktop without lifting the fingers across the home row of the keyboard.

5. Pick The Specs You Desire

Notebook elements like the hard drive, processor, graphics, and RAM chips can confuse even the aficionados of notebooks. Therefore. when you are looking at the things to consider before buying a laptop, there is no need of feeling bad if the sheets of the spec are looking like alphabet soup to your eyes.

Below are the main components you can find on a laptop specification list.

The CPU (Central Processing Unit):

This is the brain of your computer. The processor possesses a massive influence on the performance, but depending on the things you would like to do, even the models that are least expensive might be good enough.

  • The Intel Core i5: if you want a mainstream laptop that has the best combination of performance and price, it is vital to choose the Intel Core i5 CPU. The models that have a U, in the end, are the most common. The ones that have a Y in the name are less powerful and their performance is worse while those models with an HQ have four cores. The latest generation of Intel, the Kaby Lake, has CPUs with model numbers that start with 7. You need to look for them when you desire to get the best laptop performance.
  • The Intel Core i7 provides high-end performance for workstations and gaming rigs. The model numbers ending in K or HQ use higher wattage plus they have four cores. They allow for productivity and faster gaming. There also exist core i7 Y series chips with lower performance and power. You need to keep an eye on the CPUs with 7 in the model number because they are part and parcel of the latest generation of Intel’s core series, and offer exemplary performance.
  • Intel Core i3 has performance that is slightly lower than core i5 and so is its pricing. It is therefore recommended to step up to the Core i5.
  • E, AMD, or FX series is found on low-cost laptops with AMD processors. The manufacturer refers to them as APUs and not CPUs as they produce a decent performance for the money that is good enough for productivity, media viewing, and web surfing.
  • Intel Atom is found on laptops that are very cheap. They offer basic performance but have extended battery life as compared to Pentium or Celeron.
  • Celeron/Pentium is common in laptops that are sub four hundred dollars. These chips are quite fast as compared to Atom but their battery life is worse. If you are asking yourself the question “which laptop should I buy?” you better buy a core i5 or core i7.
  • Intel core m/ core i7/i5 “Y Series” consume low power thus producing low heat to allow the processors to go without fans. Its performance is better than Celeron but is a notch below the regular core i5 U series.
  • The Intel Xeon is extremely expensive and powerful and works best in large mobile workstations. In case you are doing professional grade engineering, video editing, or 3D modeling, getting a Xeon is preferred. However, you will not get a laptop that is light or the one with good battery life.

RAM (Random Access Memory):

Memory is similarly important on the laptop just as it is on the desktop. Since the hard drives of the laptop are slower than those of the desktop, they are more important. When you look at the list of property specification and prices, the more RAM the laptop has, the less often it will be required to load info from the hard drive. It is, therefore, crucial to purchase a laptop that has at least 4GB of RAM. Beyond that, the benefits are minimal and the price is extremely high.

The laptop specification list shows the memories of two types, namely DDR3 and DDR2. DDR3 is always faster and speeds up operations that are memory intensive. You will also realize increased speed on memory specs of the laptop. The higher the number, the higher that memory. However, it is advisable to spend your money on 4GB before getting worried about the speed.


Hard drive space on your laptop is as crucial as it is on the desktop. Ultra-portables and notebooks do not offer a lot of storage space while laptops offer space that is above 500GB. However, not all laptops have the ability to accommodate a high capacity that exceeds 1TB. The rpm labels on the drives show how fast the splatter spins per minute. The speedier the driver spins, the faster the data transmission and seek speed.

This will translate to better application launching, file copying, and boot up speed. If you have a plan of storing a lot of photos, videos, music, or software on your laptop, you need to look for a large disk in the market that can hold your data.

According to the laptop specification list, you will find particular laptop models that have the option of using the SSD in the place of the standard drive. The SSD costs more and offers less space because they are faster and more durable than regular drives. Some of these SSDs are more power efficient than regular drives. They are the best for those individuals that are concerned with durability or performance but you will end up paying a lot more money for less storage


The display size is determined partly by the laptop you are purchasing. By definition, notebooks possess a smaller display when compared to their desktop replacements. From this point, you have many additional factors to pit into consideration like LED backlight, screen resolution, and the antiglare or glossy surface.

The resolution of the screen is the measure of the number of pixels found on the screen vertically and horizontally. A notebook that has ten inches can offer a resolution of either 1280 by 768 or 1024 by 600, for instance, in such a case, the size of the screen is similar but the other option will give you more pixels.

You will get more desktop space and be able to see more web pages and spreadsheets. Conversely, the higher resolution will make all texts and icons to appear small, making the view of things hard. Many users prefer high resolutions on the displays but it is vital to look at different laptops with diverse resolutions. You will then have the liberty of choosing more desktop space or large icons and texts.

Many laptops have displays lit by LEDs. In the place of fluorescent tubes, the light emitting diodes sit behind the LCD panel. These displays are more energy-efficient for the battery to last long and they provide better contrast. These displays are becoming more common and you can find them amongst all laptop segments, most likely the notebook models.

You will also realize that several laptops have a glossy display that is also shiny while others possess a soft matter to finish on the screen. It is all a matter of coating on the topmost part of the display. A glossy coat creates more glare that allows light through to give them better brightness and contrast.

The laptop specification list states that the matte finish on some displays results in an appearance that has less contrast and produces less glare. In case you are planning to use your laptop outside or in areas that are brightly lit, you might consider avoiding glossy displays.


Touchscreen displays are appearing on notebooks, from all-purpose machines to convertible laptops and some notebooks. Coming across a portable that has a touchscreen is still quite rare, but is increasing in commonness. Laptop specification and price state that you will have to pay more for this property on your portable.

6. Do Not Skimp On Battery Life

Laptop Buying Guide5

If you’re buying a large, bulky notebook that you’ll use only on a desk near an outlet, you don’t have to worry about battery life. However, if you plan to use the laptop on your lap, even if it’s at home and or work, you’ll want at least 6 hours of endurance, with 8+ hours being ideal. To determine a notebook’s expected battery life, don’t take the manufacturer’s word for it. Instead, read third-party results from objective sources, such as our reviews.

If you are a college student, you would be doing a lot of travelling between home and your college. Long flights, trains and bus service means that you need to keep yourself entertained. A good way to do this would be to watch movies and tv shows on your laptop. This is another major reason why battery life is recommended. After all you need to watch movies that you have downloaded from

7. Plan Based On Your Budget

Nowadays, you can purchase a used laptop that is under two hundred dollars. However, if you can improve on your budget, you will get a machine that has a good build quality, better display, and stronger performance. The budget you are investing in your laptop will determine the properties you are getting.

8. Mind The Brand

Your laptop is as good as the company that is standing behind it. Timely and accurate technical support is paramount, which is why there is an annual analysis of laptops over the internet. In many of the analyses, Apple has taken the first spot, then HP and Samsung.

Microsoft is also a big player in the world of laptops. Support is the aspect that makes the brand of your laptop worth the budget. You need to consider how the manufacturer is sticking to the competitors in terms of value, design, selection, performance review, and other criteria. The world’s top brands are Apple, Dell, and HP.

Final Thoughts on Laptop Buying Guide:

When you want to buy a new laptop in India, it is crucial to look at the laptop buying guide to be sure that you are getting the information and best deal like us. You can also check the following best laptop deals to buy a laptop in India.

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      Jesus Jacson has always been passionate about knowing everything about what is going around the world. This passion has been the driving force that has led him to be one of the most creative authors for Top Preference & Big Jar News.