Smartphone Buying Guide: Know How to Buy a Smartphone

When purchasing a smartphone, you start by choosing the operating system and prioritizing your price and feature considerations to find the desired model. You need to learn how to make informed decisions when purchasing a smartphone and be sure to consider the current software you are using. In this step by step smartphone buying guide, I have shared everything that should be known to buy a smartphone in India.

Why should you buy a Smartphone?

Smart Phone

The iOS is quite easy to use, and Android gives you many choices. In case you are torn between Android and iOS, it is important to opt for an iPhone if you need something that is quite easy to use and gives you the hottest applications first and continuous software updates. Android is good when you want more affordable options and hardware choices.

You need to get the right screen size. Therefore, you need to buy a screen that has a screen of 5.5 inches when using one hand to operate it is quite important or when you have small hands. You only need to purchase a smartphone with a bigger screen if you have intentions of watching videos when you want to take advantage of multi-window mode in Android nougat, and play games. Still, manufacturers of phones are focusing on ways of making big-screen phones that fit in the hand with comfort.

For the display of the phone, brightness, and color quality matters more than the resolution. A 4K screen on the phone is nice to have, but it’s an overkill. You need to pay more attention to the brightness of the display for it to be able to be seen in the outdoors with ease and how colorful its panel is. When learning how to buy a smartphone, you will realize that the latest phones offer a range of display colors.

You need to ignore the camera megapixels. Alongside the life of the battery, the camera is among the most important features of the smartphone. You need to pay attention to specs like aperture and other special features like dual lenses. Ignore its megapixels

Features To Consider

When you want to choose a smartphone by features, you will realize that its processor matters less than it used to in the past years. However, if you desire to have the most power for virtual reality and play games, you need to buy a smartphone that has a Snapdragon 821 chip or one with the latest Snapdragon mobile platform. The Snapdragon 600 chip series is okay for mid-tier smartphones. The A10 processors found in the iPhone 7 are also speedy.

Do not settle on a smartphone that has a battery capacity of less than three thousand mAh. You can read the smartphone buying guide regarding the battery test to find out the devices that can serve you through the day with a single charge.

You need to get at least 32GB of storage space, smartphones that have a storage space of sixteen GB are a rip-off. The only good thing is that they are now rare among the first smartphones that are starting at 32GB. The microSD card slot is also crucial when you have to expand the storage, but not all android phones have this lot.

Verizon is among the best wireless carriers for speed and coverage, but T-Mobile provides the best service in India. When it comes to discounted carriers, it is crucial to shop around in the market.

Picking an Operating System :

Learn some basic differences between operating systems.

iOS, also known as the iPhone, is known for its security, ease of use, and clean integration with other products from Apple.

Android has an association with integrating with Google services, the ability to undergo customization, and lower costs.

Phones from Windows are less common but have an emphasis on integrating with Microsoft products. They also offer high-end software for cameras on particular models.

If possible, you need to demo the product at the store. This will give you a sense of feel and interface with every operating system.

Determine the price range :

iPhones are generally more expensive than smartphones with Android. Among other manufacturers, Samsung and Apple are among the most expensive, while HTC, Motorola, and LG tend to be low on cost when comparing the options.

Phones get a subsidy when purchased alongside a free upon signing or sometimes a phone carrier. This will commit you to a billing plan of two years and includes penalties for the carrier for two years for early cancellation.

Some carriers have a monthly fee for the devices to make up for no or little upfront cost of the smartphones.

Consider the software and device you are owning.

If you own a computer or tablet, you might experience the best integration level with its software and services by getting a smartphone with developer support. However, note that any smartphone can function with and connect to almost any computer operating system.

If your Google user or MS Office is heavy, you will experience the best support and integration when you use an Android phone. It is crucial to note that Google and Microsoft produce their populous apps to compete for smartphone operating systems.

Determine which features suit your needs.

Every operating system possesses a number of proprietary features, while basic features like maps, web browsing, and mail will be available on each system.

iPhone or iOS has exclusive features like fingerprint scanning, Siri, iCloud support, and FaceTime chat.

Android possesses google now, a home screen widget for customizations for allowing third-party installation of apps. Meaning that you can download internet programs and install them out of the play store ecosystem.  A lot of Android smartphones of the day have cloud storage for pictures, fingerprint sensors, and support using Google Drive for cloud storage and documents.

Windows smartphone uses Cortana for activating voice, possesses live tiles for home screen optimization, and uses Excel, word, PDF, and PowerPoint options.

Consider which apps you want to use.

A lot of populous applications like MS Office, Google Maps, and Apple Music are found across all platforms. However, there exist apps like FaceTime, Google Now, and iMessage that are exclusive to particular platforms. Look at the associated store with each option to ensure that the apps you are looking for are accessible.

Generally, if a populous app is not found on the operating system of the competitor, there exists a chance that an alternative app exists and functions in a similar way.

Android and iOS historically have a broader support for apps than windows.

The purchases of your app are linked to your support account. You will have the ability to transfer the purchase to your future phones if they have a similar operating system.

Choose an operating system.

For most individuals, the deciding factor when choosing the best-selling phone right now is personal preference. Those individuals who are looking for a simple interface and a system that is secure will have the tendency to like iPhones backed by iOS, while those who are looking for customized options and low prices will prefer Windows or Android phones.

Choosing a Smartphone Model :

Pick a carrier.

Most carriers offer many phone options across distinct operating systems. Major carriers usually subsidize the phones or offer distinct contract combinations or payment plans to reduce the up-front costs of the smartphone.

Other carriers will allow you to forego the contract while making the iPhone payment as part of the monthly costs. The cancellation of your service will force you to make payment for the remaining cost of the phone at once.

Unlocked phones are the ones purchased by a carrier and are not linked to the contract of the phone service. They become more expensive but give allowance for flexibility when switching phone carriers.

When buying the unlocked phone, you need to ensure that you double-check to ensure that the model is compatible with the particular network carrier. Many carriers possess a web page for checking compatibility with the ID info of the model.

Pick a phone data and service plan that works for you :

You need to pick a phone service that has a favorable data plan for your situation. The service carriers will offer a range of plan options for the minutes of the phone, data, and text over other cellular networks.

You will have the ability to cut the monthly costs by avoiding purchasing any data plan, but it means not accessing the internet through the phone when not on wifi.

Pick a screen size :

The size of the screen is measured from corner to corner diagonally. When you read the smartphone buying guide, the screen size is a preference matter. The larger the display, the better it will fit into your pocket and is often cheaper. Large displays are preferable when you are planning to watch many videos.

iPhone smartphone offers a diverse compact phone series that have extra large screens.

Android smartphones come in diverse ranges of sizes. You can find small budget models like the Galaxy S Mini or the Moto G, high-end models like HTC and Galaxy S series, and oversized models like the Nexus or Galaxy Note

Nokia offers a Windows smartphone with models ranging from four to six inches.

Decide how new you want your phone model to be.

Novel phones are more powerful and typically faster than their older versions but cost more than them. Particularly, older versions have a more difficult time running current applications.

For those conscious of the budget, a good compromise is waiting for newer models of the smartphone you desire to be available in the market. You will have to take advantage of the reduced prices in the market. When new models premiere, interest in old models goes down, and their prices change to reflect the same.

Regardless of the choice you make, you need to understand that technology is moving fast, and newer models will continue appearing. The smartphone will eventually seem obsolete or old.

Check the storage space :

The storage space of a phone is the measure of the number of files it can store at any time. This space affects the pricing of the phone, and it, therefore, becomes important to know what you need before choosing a particular smartphone.

For instance, storage space is the difference between the sixteen and thirty-two GB iPhone 6. Some Android phones support storage expansion when you purchase the microSD card. iPhone smartphones do not support the expansion of storage space after buying.

Consider camera quality.

Mobile Camera

Even though smartphones know how to take high-quality photos, the actual quality of pictures varies between models and brands. The best method of measuring the quality of the camera on the phone is by searching the samples of photos on the internet taken with the smartphone or demonstrating with the phone by yourself.

While the manufacturers will advertise the megapixel count of the camera, features like ISO, brightness, low light performance, and noise reduction are also more important to consider.

The most modern smartphones come with a front and rear-facing camera and flash. They support third-party plugins like lens attachments.

iPhones are known for their high-quality camera in terms of hardware and software.

The Lumia Windows phone has a design for carrying out heavy camera use activities.

Consider phone battery life.

The battery life of smartphones is improving steadily, making newer phones have a longer battery life. However, the habit of usage is what dictates the length of the battery life. Gaming time, talking on the phone, and using the outside of the phone, like wifi ranges, will drain the life of the battery.

The average life of a smartphone’s battery is between eight to eighteen hours.

Many flagship Android models do not support replaceable batteries. iPhone smartphones do not support replaceable batteries on all models.

Newer android models utilize quick charge technology to help in charging the large batteries faster. Manufacturers claim that phones with quick charge properties can charge fifty percent of the battery within thirty minutes.

Some Important Smartphone Accessories :

Power bank :

Whether you have an Android or iPhone smartphone, a high-end device, or a low-cost smartphone, having a power bank is something you cannot avoid in the current world. They are lifesavers in situations where the phones run out of battery, and you do not have a socket for charging them. Such situations are common when traveling. They become handy backups at affordable prices. The more powerful the battery, the more devices it can recharge.

Selfie stick :

When reading the smartphone buying guide, you will realize that you may not have embraced the selfie stick so much. It is a handy tool when traveling alone. These sticks have mushroomed in the accessories market and taken angles of aid. Others come with Bluetooth controls for easy operation.


Many smartphones support the USB OTG. If your phone has this feature, you will have to get the USB OTG cable. It will help you to attach pen drives on the phone. You can also get some drives that do not require a cable to connect to your phone. Depending on your budget and need, you might decide to have both the direct USB OTG drive and cable.

Headphone splitter :

When you are struggling to share your headphones while listening to music with friends, this accessory is the best option. Your friends will listen to music at the same time as you. They provide hygiene, comfort, and ease. You can get it from both offline and online retail shops. It comes in different designs and prices at different retail points.

Final Thought About Our Smartphone Buying Guide :

When you are learning how to buy a smartphone, there are many things you need to take into consideration. The right smartphone needs to give you a hassle-free experience. It needs to give you a hands-free experience so that you remain relaxed and free when driving or cycling. You need to continue working without having to take the phone from your pocket.



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