Best eSports Games Of 2024 You Can Play Right Now!

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eSports On The Rise

eSports is booming in 2024, thanks to the games you will see on the following slides

Counter Strike 2 (Valve)

Counter-Strike has always been the OG of the competitive FPS scene, and the launch of CS2 made it even more popular.

Valorant (Riot Games)

Taking direct inspiration from CS2, this game became a hit since it mixes the tense gunplay of CS2 and the frenetic abilities of Overwatch.

DOTA II (Valve)

DOTA II is the cream of the crop of competitive MOBA games, and it's still going strong even after a decade.

League of Legends

DOTA’s direct rival is League of Legends, which is a more fun and less frenetic version of DOTA.