Google Bard Gets New Free AI Image Generation Tool

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How Does It Work?

All you must do is simply enter a prompt in Bard, describing the image you wish to generate. Within a few seconds, you will get your image - for free

How Do The Images Look Like?

The images you generate using this new Google Bard feature looks amazing since you can be as creative as you want - without any restrictions on the complexity of your prompts.

How Are These Images Generated?

Google Bard uses the new AI image generation model known as Imagen 2, which generates "high-quality photorealistic images."

Are These Images Watermarked?

Yes, any image you generate using Bard will have the SyntID watermark.

What Can Bard Not Generate?

You cannot generate sexually explicit, obscene, and violent images using Bard. Moreover, you cannot generate AI images of real people and celebrities.