Meta Will Now Steal Your Private Data To Train Its Latest AI Model 

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Mark Is At It Again

Mark Zuckerberg and Meta are infamous for stealing your private data in the past. This time, they seem to be doing so officially now without any cover-up.

No Meta App Is “Private” Anymore

Mark recently made it public (probably unofficially) that all Meta apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Threads will now start tapping into your personal data. 

All For An Artificial Digital Entity

Meta will do so to train their new AI model which will be introduced in all Meta apps, allowing users to create AI-generated content like images and written posts. 

It Seems You Cannot Opt Out Of It

So far, Meta apps ask your permission before accessing your private data. However, you can disable this from the settings. Now, maybe you won’t be able to anymore. 

Should You Be Concerned?

However, considering these are all social media platforms – all our posts are meant for the public eye anyway. Therefore, does it really make any difference?