Hybrid Work Environments Are The New Norm

Nvidia will focus more on AI GPUs since most professionals are using generative AI alongside their skills for work.

Two New Nvidia AI GPUs Confirmed

The two new Nvidia Ada generation laptop GPUs will be the Nvidia RTX 500 and the Nvidia RTX 1000.

Massive Performance Boost

By using AI, these GPUs will provide 14x generative AI performance, 3x faster AI photo editing, and 10x faster 3D rendering.

AI For Next-Generation Workstations

These AI GPUs will power next generation mobile workstations since it uses a Tensor AI Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to improve performance of AI models.

Nvidia AI GPUs Will Be Available On Many Laptop Brands

Nvidia will make their new AI GPUs available on laptops of Dell, MSI, HP, and Lenovo, soon.