Thinking of buying a refurbished iPhone XR but scared of the pitfalls that you might hit? Well, you need to follow this checklist to buy a refurbished phone like a pro.

Wear & Tear

Take a moment to check your all-new refurbished iPhone XR for wear and tear. Record all the unrecorded wear and tear in order to negotiate the overall price.

Proof of Purchase

If you are buying a refurbished phone, the foremost thing that you need to establish is the phone is not stolen. For this, proof of purchase is very important.

IMEI Number

As a buyer, you need to know the original make and model number of the gadget. Check the IMEI number and keep it recorded. This would effectively help you keep track of your newly bought phone.

Battery Test

As per the study, a phone’s battery loses 50’% of its vitality. As a result, test your phone’s battery before stepping out of the dealership.