You Should Wait A Bit Before Updating Your iPhone To iOS 17 

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IOS 16 > iOS 17

Most iPhone 14 and 15 users are not happy with the fact that the latest iOS 17 update makes your phone slower than using iOS 16.

Users are not updating to iOS 17 

Various surveys indicate that 81% of all iPhone users updated to iOS 16, but only 76% of all users have iOS 17 – a number that should have been higher.

Most are not updating to iOS 17 deliberately

Many reports and discussions on Reddit show us that users are deliberately not updating to iOS 17 because of performance issues.

Lots of complaints against iOS 17

Many iOS 17 users have reported that the iOS 17 update has a lot of bugs, device slowdowns, and new features still not available since their July 2023 announcement.

We Still Recommend You Update to iOS 17

Even if many have complaints against iOS 17, we still recommend you update it because they will soon get fixed.