Which Is The Best Place To Buy Refurbished iPhone(s)? Is It A Scam? 

Which is the best place to buy a refurbished iPhone? Well, the question to this answer is not a singular one. In fact, it is a complex answer that needs some careful consideration.

This article will help you do just that. I will list the metrics and the best places for buying refurbished iPhones. Hence, it would help if you considered sticking around.  

What Are Refurbed Phones? 

iPhones are not just phones. These devices have transcended to become an accessory. As a result, the brand is constantly trying to innovate and bring newer models to the forefront. As a result, phones have become fast fashion. It is continually changing. 

Each year, Apple releases a new iPhone, and the earlier one becomes obsolete. But the question remains, ‘What happens to the old iPhones?’ Well, they get refurbished. 

Refurbished iPhones are second-hand or used Apple devices that were sent back to Apple or Apple-authorized dealers for some reason or another.

Following this, these phones have to go through an extensive list of checks and screenings to ensure that the phone is in working condition. 

Refurbished phones are considerably cheaper than first-hand phones. As a result, refurbished phones are great for people who want to use iPhones but are not willing to pay a hefty price.  

Is It Safe To Buy A Refurbed iPhone? 

Safety and reliability are two of the biggest concerns for people who are considering buying refurbished phones. In fact, the aforementioned question is one of the most searched questions when it comes to refurbished iPhones. 

Given the current scenario, it is safe to buy refurbished iPhones. However, it would help if you were careful in order to understand the various do’s and do not’s of purchasing a refurbished iPhone. 

First things first, never buy a refurbished Apple product from a sketchy dealer. In fact, the best place to buy refurbished iPhones is at Apple-certified dealers.

However, these dealers are few and far between. As a result, you might have to turn to certified third-party dealers.  

What Should You Look For In A Refurbished iPhone? 

As I have already pointed out, buying a refurbished iPhone is all about knowing what to look for. You need to have a clear-cut idea about all the things that make up an iPhone and the things that you need to look at.  

This section is all about the different factors that go into deciding the right refurbished iPhone for yourself. I have divided the following section into six distinct subsections: source, warranty, device condition, price, compatibility, and storage.  

It would help if you looked at all of these markers in order to make the right decision when it comes to buying your first refurbished iPhone.  


The very first thing that you need to look at is the source of the product. You cannot expect to buy something from a sketchy seller and not face any problems.

Therefore, you need to do your research and look for certified Apple sellers in order to make the right choice. 

The best place to buy a refurbished iPhone is an Apple Certified retailer. Do not worry if you think research is too taxing. I will be presenting my take on the best place to buy a refurbished iPhone. Therefore, you can take my knowledge and propel your search.  


Many sellers might feed you lies, claiming that refurbished phones do not come with a warranty. If your seller is putting forth such clauses, just run.

Every phone that has passed through the extensive and rigorous process of the Apple-Certified Refurbishing Programs comes with a basic warranty that ranges from 6 months to a year. 

Consequently, it would help if you kept a special lookout and only bought refurbished phones that are covered under a basic warranty plan that ranges from six months to a year. This will save you a lot of hassle.  

Condition Of The Device 

A refurbished phone is a pre-owned phone. As a result, do expect to see some weathering. However, the intensity of weathering is a huge deal.

Please do not buy a phone that is one second away from total breakdown. Be mindful and only buy products that have minor weathering. 

As a buyer, you need to be nosey and curious enough to ask questions about the product’s refurbishing history, battery percentage, refurbishing certificates, etc.

These pieces of information are seminal and can decide the nature of your deal to a great extent. Therefore, you need to be nosey or remain stuck with a faulty iPhone.  


Pricing should also be a huge concern when you are buying a refurbished iPhone. Be mindful that you are not buying a brand-new phone. As a result, you should only be paying a partial price as well. This might sound confrontational, but I can explain. 

Whenever you are buying a used good, you should assume that the product has undergone a depreciation rate of 40%.

Therefore, you should be paying at most 50% of the total value. The best way to proceed is to research prices across several different platforms and pick the best one.  


Compatibility is a huge issue when it comes to iPhones. Several older iPhone models suffer from compatibility issues. These issues seem too little to consider.

However, this is different. Compatibility issues can prove to be challenging as well as demanding to bypass.  

As a result, be inquisitive and ask a plethora of questions regarding the make and model number of the iPhone you are planning on buying.

Make sure that your refurbished iPhone is compatible with the current network architecture and other related issues. Otherwise, you are opening yourself to the world of hassle and running around.  


It might sound weird to Android users, but storage is one of the most challenging issues for old iPhones. iPhones come in different storage formats. As a buyer, you need to be up to date with these formats in order to make the right choice.  

Choose the correct format in order to make the most impact. Different storage options come with their own quirks and pitfalls. As a result, you need to do some research before planning anything.  

Now that you are clear on some of the most essential factors that you need to look at, you are ready to graduate to the next level.  

Which Is The Best Place To Buy A Refurbished iPhone? 

Are you buying your first refurbished iPhone? It can be complicated and challenging. Therefore, I have scoured the internet for you and have made a small list of ‘best place to buy refurbished iPhones.’ 

In this section, I will be discussing some of the most reliable names when it comes to buying refurbished iPhones. All the names on this list are reliable sellers of refurbished iPhones.  

However, this is not a ranking list. It is an informative list that talks about the best place(s) to buy refurbished iPhone(s). Here we go! 

Apple Refurbished Store 

I know that this is different from a ranking list. However, it is no secret that buying a refurbished iPhone from Apple’s certified refurbished store is the best choice.

Apple refurbished stores put their refurbished products through an extensive and rigorous testing process. As a result, this eliminates any chance of malfunction.  

Moreover, these Apple products come with a one-year warranty. As a result, you can have that added layer of security while buying a refurbished Apple product. This allows the users to get familiarised with the product and assess whether they need it or not.  


Gazelle is an online platform that is known to sell refurbished electronics online. This is a third-party refurbished electronic product that has taken over the industry as a whole. The brand effectively deals in all kinds of electronics. However, refurbished phones are their most selling section.  

Gazelle is an established refurbished product brand that has created a niche for itself. As a result, the brand puts its product through some grueling checks.

These checks determine the product’s overall quality and the price points. The best part about the platform is that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

Amazon Renewed 

Amazon is a major online retailer that sells everything under the sun. However, Amazon Renewed is a specialized retailer that deals in refurbished products.

Amazon renewed is one of the only platforms that offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. This is one of the biggest things that sets Amazon apart from other refurbished product sellers. 

Amazon Renewed is easily the best place to buy refurbished iPhones due to its money-back guarantee and the rigorous testing that the brand conducts on its iPhones.

Amazon Renewed uses Amazon’s native delivery network to bring refurbished products to buyers’ doorsteps. Therefore, you must give this retailer a try. 

Best Buy 

Best Buy is a renowned seller of refurbished electronics like phones, cameras, etc. Best Buy is a great retailer as it brings forth mint-conditioned electronics like TVs, refrigerators,  air conditioners, etc.  

The company understands the importance of urgency. As a result, the brand has given the option to choose between standard delivery and fast delivery options.

Hence, you will be able to choose between the correct options. Best Buy is a reliable option for all your refurbished electronic needs.  

Back Market 

Back Market might be an underrated name in the refurbished industry, but it has already made a name for itself.

The platform has created a specific niche among electronic enthusiasts who want to experience the luxury of iPhones but not at total price. Therefore, Back Market is the best place to buy refurbished iPhones. 

Back Market is not a direct retailer. It is a platform where retailers can come and list their products. However, individual sellers on Back Market have to follow a strict checklist set forth by the company.

As a result, they are safeguarding buyer’s interest. As per the company’s mandate, the phone’s battery should only be used under 500 cycles and must retain 80% of the original capacity. Otherwise, the phone needs to be replaced.  


Decluttr is a great platform for refurbished electronic products. The brand exclusively deals with high-end refurbished products at a lower cost.

The brand not only specializes in iPhones but also provides products like watches, tablets, laptops, etc. Therefore, it is a great platform that can help you find your dream iPhone. 

Decluttr is well-reviewed by many. Moreover, it has a rigorous assessment process that safeguards users’ needs and wants. The brand has kept things transparent.

As a result, they released a special Annual Phone Depreciation report that can help people monitor the prices of refurbished phones.  


Going to different sellers and taking price quotations is a tedious process, to say the least. Therefore, you should look at a platform that asses prices through several different marketplaces.

This is where RefurbMe could come in. The platform allows users to monitor prices across various platforms in one single click. 

The brand follows a rigorous checklist in order to assess refurbished products. Therefore, it offers quality as well as reliability. This makes RefurbMe the best place to buy a refurbished iPhone.

Finally, the brand also offers a 30-day warranty period. This should sweeten the deal further when it comes to buying the right refurbished iPhone for yourself.  

The Closing Thought 

In summation, the refurbished electronics industry is a varied and quickly developing one. Hence, it would help if you did some extensive checks in order to find the best place to buy a refurbished iPhone.

However, this is a tedious process. Hence, it would help if you were prepared for anything. Keep following our page for more such content regarding refurbished and pre-owned electronic products.  

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