The Psychological Impact of Instagram Likes on Teenagers

Instagram, originally launched as a simple photo-sharing app, has evolved into one of the most influential social media platforms globally. With billions of users, Instagram plays a pivotal role in daily life, especially for teenagers.

Likes, as one of the most direct forms of appreciation on the platform, have a significant impact on the user experience. This text explores how the pursuit of likes affects teenagers’ self-image, social interactions, and mental health.

The Pursuit of Likes and Self-Image: A Deep Dive

The Pursuit of Likes and Self-Image: A Deep Dive

Platforms like Instagram play a crucial role in the personal development of teenagers. This period, marked by the search for identity and acceptance, is significantly influenced by external validation. Instagram likes, symbolic of social approval and appreciation, have become a key measure of popularity and acceptance among peers. The number of likes a post receives can be interpreted by teenagers as a direct reflection of their attractiveness, talent, and even their value as individuals.

This association between likes and self-worth can lead to an obsessive focus on the number of received likes, with teenagers going to extreme lengths to curate their online image. This urge to meet an often unattainable ideal, promoted by both peers and celebrities on the platform, can result in a distorted self-image.

Constant exposure to idealized lives and the pressure to emulate them can lead to feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, and self-criticism, undermining the development of a healthy self-image.

Why Are Instagram Likes So Important? 

So far, we’ve realized that there is a connection between self-worth and the number of likes in recent years. This goes on to show that there is also a need for social validation among them. There are psychological studies on the connection between social validation and instagram likes that have been well explored. 

The human interactions that occur over the internet, have become concentrated on likes, follows and comments or shares. All of these activities across the social media platforms such as Instagram have made it impossible for our self-esteem to stay unaffected.

Only a handful of people (a very small percentage) are able to stay unaffected by these numbers. Which has another psychological aspect awaiting exploration. A tangible form of approval, Instagram likes come as digital affirmations for humans, especially teenagers. 

Do you ever wonder why or when did we start giving so much importance to Instagram likes or follows? Well, you aren’t alone in that thought. A very obvious reason that one can think of is building connections. For when you have a certain number of likes and followers that are crossing thousands, you also have a higher chance of gaining better opportunities online. 

The past years saw a rise in the number of young adults making social media their ‘offices.’ Social media influencer became a job role that no one anticipated and the whole ordeal of seeking validation through likes was born. 

The more Instagram likes an influencer has, there are more chances of them getting a brand deal. This makes it more relevant for the aspiring teenagers to chase those likes and increase their followers. What they do not realize is the pressure one falls under once they start chasing those numbers. 

There is no shortcut of getting more likes or followers, it requires immense patience and hardwork along with the talent to convince people. All of this can lead to immense success for a teenager looking at a career as an influencer. 

Positive Impact At Play

Holding a profound effect on mental health, Instagram is a great example of how positive feedback works. The instant gratification that one gets through Instagram likes is how teenagers are hooked to the app for longer periods of time. 

The boost one’s self-esteem gets from Instagram likes is how Instagram likes ‘traps’ users in its sticky web. Teenagers in their need to prove they have a social presence, enable Instagram to act as a source of support and validation. 

When they receive likes on Instagram, teenagers are shown to experience an improvement in their moods and self-esteem. There are also greater effects observed through studies where the positive comments from actual people had a greater influence. 

There is more to the whole phenomenon than what meets the eye, as it is not a positive practice to label. The way our brains process social reception through online interactions has become more important in recent times. Why? The following sections will dive deeper into this and the “how” of the effect of Instagram likes.  

Social Comparison and the Pressure of Likes

Social Comparison and the Pressure of Likes

The impact of Instagram extends beyond individual self-image and plays a significant role in the social dynamics among teenagers. Likes are not only seen as personal affirmation but also as social currency within the complex hierarchy of teenage relationships.

The tendency for social comparison, a natural aspect of human psychology, is amplified by the direct quantifiability of popularity and acceptance in the form of likes. This leads to a competitive culture where teenagers constantly measure their own success and worth against the visible online success of others.

Observing high like counts on peers’ posts can strengthen feelings of jealousy and inadequacy, especially when these counts do not align with their own experiences. This constant comparison can lead to a sense of social isolation and increase the pressure to create content that meets the unspoken standards of being ‘like-worthy.’

This pressure can lead to a cycle of constant self-evaluation and adjustment, in an attempt to gain peer approval. The fear of rejection or not meeting these standards can result in stress, anxiety, and in some cases, even lead to avoiding social interactions, both online and offline.

Buying Likes as a Path to Self-Confidence

Buying Likes as a Path to Self-Confidence

In an attempt to alleviate this pressure and boost their self-confidence, some teenagers turn to buying Instagram likes. This practice can create a short-term sense of satisfaction and popularity, making teenagers feel better about themselves and their social status. Buying likes can be seen as a way to strengthen their online presence and positively influence their self-image.

The Influence of Instagram’s Policies

The Influence of Instagram's Policies

Instagram has experimented with hiding like counts in an attempt to shift the focus from quantitative appreciation to qualitative interactions. This policy change could potentially reduce the negative psychological effects associated with the pursuit of likes by emphasizing the content itself rather than its popularity.

Strategies to Mitigate the Impact

Strategies to Mitigate the Impact

To develop a healthier relationship with Instagram likes, teenagers can focus on creating authentic content that reflects their true interests and personalities. Cultivating self-esteem outside of social media, through hobbies, sports, and personal achievements, can also help reduce the dependency on online validation. Parents and educators play a crucial role in supporting teenagers as they navigate the complexities of social media, by having open discussions about its impact and promoting healthy online behavior.


The pursuit of Instagram likes has a profound impact on teenagers’ self-image and mental health. By reducing the emphasis on like counts and shifting the focus to authentic self-expression, teenagers can develop a healthier relationship with social media. It is important for all stakeholders – including platforms like Instagram, parents, and the teenagers themselves – to collaborate in creating an environment where young people can feel valued and confident, both online and offline.

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      harsha sharma

      harsha sharma

      Harsha is a senior content writer with numerous hobbies who takes great pride in spreading kindness. Earning a Postgraduate degree in Microbiology, she invests her time reading and informing people about various topics, particularly health and lifestyle. She believes in continuous learning, with life as her inspiration, and opines that experiences enrich our lives.