Complete Guide To The Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Series

Getting a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 series phone is not the smartest thing to do. Still, many people are looking to get a hold of this phone.

However, if you go in without a single piece of knowledge, you might end up being a fool. Therefore, read through this article and assess whether you should get the phone or not.  

Samsung Galaxy S7 Overview 

Samsung has always been one of the most respected and sought-after Android phone manufacturing companies in the world.

It has given the world some fantastic phones over the years. Phones that have dominated the industry with their unique features. 

One such phone was the Samsung Galaxy S7. Back when it was unveiled in 2015, the phone dominated the market with its innovative design language and feature list. The series was one of the first phones to incorporate the edge design. 

At the time of its release, the phone was seen as one of the most critical and innovative phones in the market. It was seen as a considerable step up from the previous generation. It paved the way for several later generations of phones to come.  

Even though the phone was seen as one of the most important and notable phones of its generation, it has been nearly a decade since its release.

Therefore, if you are planning on buying a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7, you need to go through this section.  

Samsung Galaxy S7 Lineup 

Samsung Galaxy S7 was a considerable step up over its previous iteration. This series brought back several features that were lost in the evolutionary process. Some of the features that made a return were IP certification and an expandable MicroSD tray.  

Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 series in a private event held in California. The S7 series consists of three phones: Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, and S6 Active. All of the phones received some fantastic reviews from users and critics alike.  

The series was globally released back in 2016 and went on to become a huge hit.  


It does not matter if you are buying a new phone or a refurbished one. Technicalities matter a lot. Regardless of what you are buying, it would help if you never put the technical aspect of the whole thing on the back burner. It must be the foremost factor that should sway your decision. 

Given that it has been around a decade since its release, it is highly likely that the refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 you get might demonstrate different power figures than it is mentioned here.  

Nonetheless, we have tried our best to record the technical aspect of the whole deal as faithfully as possible. Here are the most prominent technical elements that you need to know about your refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7.  


Design is one of the most apparent and immediate features that you would notice about the phone. Even though it has been over a decade, the overall design language of the phone is simply unique. The edge design really makes the phone seem futuristic.  

This phone was released way before the infinity display became the norm of the day. As a result, the design language is ancient school, with thick bezels on the top and the bottom of the screen.  

Samsung used a lot of design elements from S6. However, the brand decided to remove infrared blasters from this variant as they were not in high demand. Other than that, the phone was a very well-designed phone with some fantastic features to back it up.  


Samsung S7 was released back in 2016 at a time when companies were getting the hang of creating phones that were elementally resistant. As a result, the standard S7, S7 Edge, and S7 Active were released with IP68 water and dust resistance. 

The IP-68 water resistance really added to the overall durability of the phone. For the first time, the Galaxy S series phone came with the ability to remain submerged for an extended period of time. 

However, if you are buying a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7, you need not experiment with your phone.  


We start off our discussion on batteries with one singular disclaimer. Batteries tend to lose 40% to 50% of their vitality in the very first year of usage.

Several studies confirmed this detail. Therefore, take whatever you read in this section with a grain of salt. 

All three variants of the Samsung Galaxy S7 come with an upgraded battery pack over the previous model. Like for example, the base variant of the S7 comes with a 3000 mAh battery pack, the S7 Edge variant comes with a 3600 mAh battery pack, and the S7 Active comes with a 4000 mAh battery pack.  

All the battery packs support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, which can charge as high as 15 watts. Therefore, you do not need to wait an entire day to get your device charged.  


The camera has always been one of the most critical factors that determine a lot of things about a modern-day smartphone. Niche-specific users claim that the camera is one of the sole factors that decide whether you should buy a phone or not.  

As a result, companies like Samsung, iPhone, etc., want their phones to feature exceptional camera arrays that could knock the competition out of the water. Luckily, you will get some of the essence of that endeavor.  

Even after a decade, the camera array of the phone comes with some fantastic features. These features include a burst shot, 2160p video capturing, etc.

Therefore, you will be able to take your refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 anywhere you would want.  

However, if you compare the camera features and quality to current standards, you will be disappointed. But, if you keep an open mind, you can do some amazing things with the camera array.  


A chipset is the heart and mind of a phone. A phone with the right chipset is bound to end up being a success. Thankfully, Samsung understands this aspect and fitted their flagship Galaxy S6 with an octa-core Exynos 8890. 

This SoC was a revolutionary chipset back when it was released. However, it has been around a decade since the chipset and the phone hit the market. Therefore, it might be a little underpowered and jaded to some users.  

This was a revolutionary chipset as it used a revolutionary cooling system that could cool the phone down in a matter of seconds. Samsung Galaxy S7 series of phones come in three distinct variants. These include 32 GB, 64 GB, or 128 GB.  

Therefore, you have the ability to pick up either of the variants. However, you may not have access to some of the variants if you are planning on buying a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7.  


Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with the Android 6.0 Android Marshmallow. This was a revolutionary OS that genuinely allowed the phone to unlock its true potential. Some of the most notable aspects of this OS include the Grace UX software suite.  

This suite allowed the users to play around with different features that the brand offers literally. One of the most notable new features includes an ‘always on’ display functionality. This displays a clock or a calendar when a device is on standby. 

The series also included a more evolved and sophisticated Proximity sensor. This sensor allows the phone to detect foreign bodies and function more effectively.  

General Reception 

The general reception is something that most technical writers should be aware of. However, we at TND believe that studying the General Reception is essential for understanding how the phone was received by the general public.  

The S7 series of phones mostly received positive reviews after its release. Critics lauded the developers for bringing back the support for Micro SD. Reintroducing the MicroSD slot really ramped up the intractability. 

Out of the three, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was the most popular variant. The phone sold around 100000 more units than all the other phones.

The sales figures were so high that many critics thought that the S7 Edge could surpass the sales figures of the iPhone itself. However, that has yet to happen. 

Either way, this was a well-received phone with some fantastic features to back its popularity.   

Common Refurbished  Samsung Galaxy S7 Problems 

Buying a refurbished phone that is around a decade old is more challenging than one would like you to believe. It is a highly complex process that requires precise knowledge and understanding. Therefore, you need to be prepared for everything. 

This section will do just that. We have scored the internet and have found out some of the most common and repetitive problems that refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 users have reported over their long period of usage.  

However, refurbished phone users might encounter several different forms of problems. While we can list some of the most common issues, there is no way to anticipate the problems you might face or are facing.  

Therefore, keep an open mind and approach the section accordingly.  

Pink Line 

One of the most common problems that most users reported was the infamous pink line. A good percentage of people who use a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 series phone tend to complain about a pink line that does not leave their screen. This is an annoying problem that is more complex than it seems.  

Luckily, Samsung has clearly stated that this is a fixable problem. Just dial *#0*#, and you will see a menu pop up. This menu should help you to reset the individual pixel color to its original state. If the problem persists, you might have to take the phone to a professional.  


To the delight of many Samsung fanboys, Samsung reintroduced the MicroSD slot. This made everyone happy. However, the inclusion of Micro SD has become the bane of many users’ existence.  

One of the biggest and most common problems that everyone noted was the SD card not reading error. One user claimed that he faces this problem several times during the day. This is a complex problem that can be due to hardware as well as software.  

Therefore, assess the problem before you attempt to deal with it.  


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge belongs to that generation of cellphones that rely heavily on buttons. Even though buttons are still important, they are not as prominent as they were before. However, these buttons tend to wear down and malfunction. 

This is a widespread problem that must be addressed immediately. Otherwise, you will end up getting more and more frustrated. This is purely a hardware problem. Therefore, you need to take your phone to a professional.  

Distorted Audio 

Another widespread problem that most users complained about is the distorted audio situation. After the battery, speakers are the following most quickly depreciating components. It is widespread for users to report that they are facing issues with their speakers.  

However, in exceptional cases, users report that they are getting warbled audio. This is a massive sign of water damage. If water accumulates in the audio array of the phone, it tends to give out a warbled sound.

This is purely a hardware problem and cannot be dealt with in any other way. Therefore, take your phone to a professional to get this issue fixed.  


Connectivity is one of the most rampant problems that many users have reported. In fact, one out of five people reported that they faced significant connectivity issues all across the device. People have reported Bluetooth connection drops, Wi-Fi disconnecting, missing network signals, etc.  

These are mostly software problems in nature. Therefore, you need to address it accordingly. Hard Resetting your phone helps you fix the connectivity problems for good.  

The Final Thought 

In summary, we suggest you do not buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. Firstly, the phone needs to be updated. It has been around eight years since the phone was released.

Secondly, given its age, you could face some significant problems when it comes to parts availability. All in all, there is no viable point in getting such an outdated phone. Keep following our page for more such content.  

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