Viability & Practicality Of Buying A Refurbished Samsung S10 In 2024

It has been a while since Samsung released S10. Still, the refurbished Samsung S10 is one of the highest searched phones of 2024. This shows that Samsung S10 still has some tricks up its sleeve.  

If you are one of those people who are looking up details about this phone, then look no further. In this article, we will discuss everything about the phone in detail. Let’s go! 

Samsung S10 Overview 

Samsung has been in the game longer than most other phone brands. This is why there is a sense of authenticity and earnestness in whatever they do.

This is one of the reasons why phones that come out of Samsung factory floors tend to have some standalone features that most other phones lack. 

Samsung’s S10 series is one such series of phones that represented the best of Samsung during its time. The S10 lineup was part of Samsung’s flagship lineup. This phone lineup was lauded for its fantastic feature lists and other ancillary reasons.  

If you are genuinely considering buying a refurbished Samsung S10, you must bear with us and carefully review the article.  

Samsung S10 Lineup 

We need to understand the total lineup before we get into the details. This will enable you to understand what individual phones in the series have to offer. Which in turn would add to the entire experience.  

The Samsung S10 base model, along with its variants, S10 LiteS10e, S10+, and S10 5G, was initially released on 20 February 2019. However, the device started shipping somewhere in March.  

Each phone from the lineup is unique in its own respect. Even though many components can be seen as similar across variants, each phone comes with its own character. Let us see the technicalities to learn more about their differences and confluence points.  


As a tech buyer, you should have a clear idea about the specifications of the thing that you are buying. Otherwise, you will make some irrevocable mistakes.

Therefore, this section is to stop you from making those mistakes and help you make a better choice. 

To ease understanding, we have decided to keep this section as reader-friendly as possible. We have discussed every component separately in small sub-sections.

This should help you to understand the technical aspect of the phone with more clarity and context.  

Therefore, you need to go through this section very carefully and learn all you can about refurbished Samsung S10 if you are looking to buy one.  


The most obvious and prominent aspect that we would like to discuss is the aesthetic or the design language that your phone follows. This might be a minor matter for many users, but we at TND like our phones to be aesthetic.  

Luckily, all phones in the series come with some unique design language and choices. Each phone in the series comes with an infinity display setup. This really makes the phone look more prominent and bolder.  

The designers wanted the series to be aesthetically pleasing to a broader audience. As a result, samsung decided to release the phone in several different hues.

However, if you are buying a refurbished Samsung S10, you might not get access to all the color choices that the phone comes with.  


Display plays a significant role in smartphones. It is the only means to interact with the phone. As a result, Samsung went all in when designing the displays of their S10 lineup. Again, there are a lot of similarities and differences.  

The S10 series of phones comprises five primary variants. All of these phones come with different screen dimensions and specifications.

However, all of these phones come with a “Dynamic AMOLED” screen with varied screen resolutions.  

The best part of the display array is its ability to support HDR10+ and Dynamic Tone Mapping technologies. These features ensure crisp imagery and videos.  

The display also houses the in-screen fingerprint sensor. Therefore, the display array in the phone comes with some genuinely unique features.

Hence, you can expect display excellence from your refurbished Samsung S10 series phone.  


The chipset is a crucial aspect of a cellphone. Even if your phone comes with several features, it will only succeed in the long run if it comes with a good chipset. To put things in the simplest of terms, the chipset is the heart and mind of a cellphone.  

Luckily, Samsung understood the assignment and has made some fantastic additions to its S10 lineup. The international variant of the phone comes with an Exynos 9820 SoC.

Meanwhile, the Canadian and US variants come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.  

Both processors were truly revolutionary during their time. Hence, it was natural for Samsung to use these SoC.  


Samsung knows its audience as well as its competitors. As a result, it has made a point to only include the best camera with their phone. Even if you buy a refurbished Samsung S10, you can rest easily as the camera quality is impeccable.  

Most phones from the S10 lineup are fitted with multiple camera arrays with different specifications. This allows the camera setup to work in sync with various elements and produce higher-quality images.  

The best part about the camera setup is that it comes with AI integration. This allows the camera to detect different environmental elements and adjust itself accordingly.

Also, there is a professional mode that allows users to tinker around with exposure in order to create professional-grade pictures.  


The final yet most vital component that should be known by every refurbished Samsung S10 buyer is the software side of things.

Software is usually covered by warranty. Therefore, you should have a thorough knowledge of this aspect.  

Samsung released the S10 series with an Android 9.0 software array. This OS was perfect in terms of accessibility and versatility.

Subsequently, the S10 series was the first batch of samsung phones that came with the unique One UI user experience software. 

However, the Android 9.0 OS was soon replaced by the Android 10.0 update. The final update the phone received was the Android 12.0 update on March 2023. This added to the phone’s overall USPs.  

Reception & Controversy 

Reception is often skipped by many reviewers, but not in TND. We at TND believe that reception is an essential aspect of studying. It helps a potential user to understand the pros and cons of buying a refurbished phone. 

As per sources, the Samsung Galaxy S10 series mostly received positive comments and compliments. Popular magazines like The Verge gave this phone a solid 8.5 out of 10. This should be indicative of the phone’s overall reception.  

However, some critics noted that the fingerprint sensor failed to work efficiently when a screen protector was added. This is a significant problem that critics and users have pointed out.  

However, if you are planning on buying a refurbished Samsung S10 series phone, you should be prepared to encounter more problems.  

Major Refurbished Samsung S10 Problems 

The Samsung S10 is a well-made phone with some genuinely unique features. However, that does not mean that the phone is exempt from flaws. In fact, the internet has found some very prominent problems that you need to know about.  

To help you make a more informed decision, we have scoured the internet to find some of the biggest and most common refurbished Samsung S10 problems that you can face while using the device for an extended period of time. 

But before we start, we want to point out that phones act up more and more with age. This can give rise to a myriad of problems.

As a result, we cannot predict the exact issues that you are facing. Therefore, you need to keep an open mind.  

On that note, let us dive right in.  


Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with a fantastic display setup that supports HDR 10+, 4k, etc. All of these features make the phone stand out from the rest of its peers.

However, with age, the display can start acting up. Some of the most common problems include ghost touching, discoloration, blackouts, etc.

Display problems are related to hardware. Therefore, the only way you can address these problems is by taking the phone to a professional who can help you fix these problems.  


Battery is one of the fastest depreciating assets that you need to know about. As per studies, phone batteries lose around 40% to 50% of their vitality in the very first year.

As a result, it is widespread for users to encounter battery problems like rapid discharging. Poor charge retention capabilities, swelling, etc.

All of these problems are complex and cannot be fixed with quick fixes. As a result, you will have to take the phone to a professional who can help you.  

Rebooting Randomly 

Random reboots are very frustrating. Especially if you are doing something important. However, many refurbished Samsung S10 users have reported that these reboots have become the bane of their existence. In other words, the refurbished S10 has a tendency to reboot randomly.

This could be a hardware or software problem. Therefore, run a thorough diagnostic check before running to a professional. However, in some cases, a hard resetting of the phone can also prove helpful.  


Connectivity issues in Samsung S10 are relativelyrare. However, some users have reported that their refurbished Samsung S10 has a tendency to drop connections from time to time.

This is most prevalent in the S10 Lite. Most users claim that their wifi connectivity could be better and tends to fall from time to time. But before you tinker with your phone, take a moment and check your router.

9 out of 10 times, this can fix the problem. But if the problem persists, you should reset your phone hard. This is also another method that fixes the problem.  

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor 

Samsung has fitted the display of their phone with some really unique features. However, the display array also features an In-display fingerprint sensor.

This fingerprint sensor array works excellent. However, it can run into problems. The most common problem is the sensor’s inability to recognize fingerprints.

In such cases, wipe the screen properly and retry. This should fix the issue. However, you should take the phone to a professional if the problem persists and becomes rampant.  

Lift To Wake 

Another ubiquitous and essential feature that Samsung offers is the Lift To Wake feature. This allows the gyroscope to detect minor orientation changes in the phone’s homeostasis and wake up.

This is a handy feature that can add to the phone’s overall UX. Some reviewers claim that this feature needs to be improved. Again, this is a software problem that can only be fixed by rugged resetting your phone.  


Another widespread problem that most people reported was overheating. This is a widespread problem that 80% of refurbished Samsung S10 users reported. It is common for phones to get heated.

However, if a phone gets heated to a dangerous threshold, things can become problematic. In such cases, you should let your phone settle down for a second.

This should allow the device to cool down effectively. Excessive overheating is usually a sign of faulty wiring. Therefore, you need to get your phone checked ASAP.  


Finally, the most common and annoying problem that you might encounter is the Audio problem. It is a widespread problem that most refurbished Samsung S10 encounter.

Warbled audio in the speaker is usually a sign of water damage. Therefore, you should see professional help to make things better.  

The Final Thought 

In summation, buying a refurbished Samsung S10 is an excellent choice of phone for many. However, if you are purchasing a refurbished phone, you need to remember that they bring their own problems and challenges. Therefore, you must remain careful and informed about the things that you are buying.  

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