10 Best UPS For Computer In India

Today, desktops and laptops have become an important part of life. If you talk to a person, you will find that they are either using a computer to do their office or schoolwork or simply playing their favorite games.

That means, while you are using your computer, you are dealing with important data and credentials. Even a small power outage can lead to losing all your important data. This is why we advise our readers to use An UPS for computers.

An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) ensures that your computer has enough power backups to deal with sudden power outages and protect it from any software damages. If you are using a laptop or a computer on a daily basis, having the best UPS for Computer can provide that extra layer of security.

What Is An UPS?

A UPS is technological equipment used to save or protect hardware systems like computers, Laptops, and Desktops. The primary role of a UPS is to provide backup when the primary input power sources fail to deliver.

Furthermore, a UPS can monitor additional utility power problems like voltage fluctuations, voltage sag, reduction in the input voltage. Depending on what type of UPS you are using, you can expect them to provide backup up to 20 minutes. Some of the best UPS for computer offer more than 1 hour of power backup.

Best UPS For Computer In India

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Which Is The Best UPS For Computer?

1. APC Back-UPS BX1100C-IN



  • It has good efficiency of about 92%.
  • It provides excellent surge protection.
  • Cold start capability allows the load to power on the battery.


  • The battery life needs some work.

The APC BX1100C comes in a tower model, which gives this UPS an attractive look. It comes with two buttons that support powering the devices and entering the power saving mode, respectively. In addition to power-saving modes, it has two different vents on the sides and back to allow effective cooling.

This power is line interactive and hence allows few power anomalies. The inverter has dual roles to play. It acts as a charging battery when the main power supply is present and works as a normal inverter when power is cut off.

You get two replaceable batteries that take around 5 hours to charge completely and give up to 15 minutes of backup time. This backup time might vary depending on the severity of the operation you are running on your computer.

Key Features

  • Compact design with a load capacity of 660 watts.
  • Five 6A, ⅔ Indian power socket pins.
  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) with input voltage 145-290V.
  • Generator Capability.
  • Compatible with low power loads.


If you are looking for a UPS that comes in a decent price range and offers a perfect power outages solution while working on your computer, the APC BX1100C might be the best UPS for computer.

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  • Protect the computer from overloading.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation.
  • Line Interactive UPS.


  • Low battery backup.

Zebronic U725 is one of the best-selling UPS in India. This UPS comes with overload protection which helps the device shut down itself and reduce any data loss scenarios. What’s more, you get a deep sleep charging mode with this UPS, which keeps it prepared for any uncertain power surges.

If you are a remote working professional and looking for power outages solutions while working on your computer, Zeb U725 is the best UPS for computer. Even if you are working in a low voltage environment, this UPS can regulate the output voltage and provide you with a constant waveform.

Key Features

  • Microcontroller based.
  • LED indicators.
  • Sleep mode charging.
  • Protect with overloading. 
  • Input voltage range: 140-300VAC.
  • The load capacity is 660 watts.
  • The efficiency is 90%.


We have tried testing this UPS, and the results we came up with are quite astonishing. Despite using this UPS for one month, we hardly came across any heating issues. So, if you are going to use the UPS for almost 10 hours a day, Zeb U725 is the best.

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3. Luminous UPS 600va

Luminous UPS 600va


  • Fast charging feature.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Supports a wide range of appliances.


  • The output voltage is not reliable.

The Luminous UPS 600a is a tower-based model with a microcontroller-based design. The product is itself made up of high-quality material, which gives it a premium look. It comes with a single button setup and there LED light to indicate the current status of the UPS. 

Luminous UPS 600 VA is an offline/standby UPS that supplies the main power through a relay contact to safeguard your computer. One of the key highlights of this UPS is its smart and intelligent continuous charging.

Key Features

  • It is an offline standby type UPS.
  • It has a capacity of 600 watts.
  • The battery is replaceable.
  • 4 hours of charging give backups up to 20 minutes.
  • The efficiency is 92%.


If you are looking for something valuable for the money, Luminous UPS 600va fits the requirement perfectly. It is the best UPS for computers and offers excellent backup time. What’s more, it is not limited to only a selected few appliances; it supports almost all home appliances.

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4. Microtek Tuff Power Pro+ 650VA UPS

Microtek Tuff Power Pro+ 650VA UPS


  • Longer battery backups.
  • Easily compatible with other home appliances.
  • Highly reliable for office computers.


  • The charging time is too high.

Microtek is the ideal choice for the individual who uses their computer day-in-days-out. This UPS might not be fire resistant but has hardly received any complaint with the overheating of the device. It is designed with a tower model that gives it an edgy look. 

The UPS has the capacity of 650va and takes the input of 230V to give the output of 230V. Therefore, it needs almost 7 hours to completely recharge itself and offer 20 minutes of power back to the system.

Key Features

  • Line-interactive UPS.
  • The efficiency is 91%.
  • It has 360-watt power output.
  • It has a capacity of 650 VA.
  • Tuff Power Pro comes with SMF.
  • Offer a power backup of more than 20 minutes.
  • Supported by Automatic Voltage Regulation.


If you are a person that uses your computer system for every small need, the Microtek Tuff Power Pro Plus is the best UPS for computers. Furthermore, these are UPS that are manufactured in India. Therefore, if the value for the money is what you are looking for, you must go with this product.

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5. Artis PS-1000Eco 1000VA (1KVA)

Artis PS-1000Eco 1000VA (1KVA)


  • Auto-start feature.
  • Supports both online and offline.
  • Operate in silence.
  • Compact and lightweight design.


  • The circuit is small.

The Artis 1KVA is an interactive UPS that gives you enough time to save your data in a power outage crisis. It runs on heavy-duty batteries. Although it promises to offer at least 30 minutes of backup, you can extract up to 45 minutes of power backup with efficient use.

Artis 1KVA is made of non-recycled virgin plastic; it is reliable and long-lasting. Moreover, it comes with LED indicators that indicate the state of the UPS. What’s more, this UPS is generator compatible.

Key Features

  • Cold start capability.
  • Microcontroller for added reliability.
  • The transfer time is super fast.
  • It consists of three output sockets.
  • More than 30 minutes of backup time.
  • It can support even the non-laser printer.


When looking for an affordable and powerful UPS for your computer, Artis 1000va UPS is the answer. It is one of the powerful UPS devices with more than 40 minutes of power backup. In addition, the voltage stabilization is quite reliable, and the product is BIS certified.

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6. APC 1200VA Line Interactive UPS

APC 1200VA Line Interactive UPS


  • Intelligent battery management.
  • Battery and surge protection outlet.
  • Automatic voltage regulation.
  • 92% efficiency.


  • It takes 12 hours to recharge completely.

APC 1200VA line-interactive UPS is one of the best UPS for computers. The outlet provides enough time for the connected equipment to remain active during power crises. Furthermore, it comes with a digital display that helps the users read the state of the UPS. In addition, the display system helps with the display notification on changing utility power and UPS power conditions.

It is compatible with the cold start and provides temporary battery power. In addition, it is supported with automatic voltage regulation that protects your device from any voltage fluctuation.

Key Features

  • Power output or 720 watts.
  • Line-interactive UPS.
  • 230V input voltage gives 230V output voltage.
  • 45 minutes power backup.
  • Supported with Automatic Voltage Regulation/
  • Overload protection.
  • LCD display.
  • Cold start capability.


APC 1200VA is among the only few UPS on the list with an LCD display. This is what makes it unique compared to the other UPS on the list. So if you are looking for one of the best UPS for computers with advanced technologies integrated into it, APC 1200VA will not disappoint you.

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7. iBall Nirantar UPS 622

iBall Nirantar UPS 622


  • AVR technology.
  • LED notification indicators.
  • Supported by a reliable microprocessor.


  • Lacks cold start compatibility.

iBall Nirantar UPS might be the best UPS in India today. With an excellent capacity of 600VA, it can offer a 40 minutes power backup time. Moreover, it comes with a sleek design and serves as a high-performing UPS for the users.

Whether you are looking to connect your personal computer, laptop or desktop, it can easily support that extra power you need in the time of power crisis. The key highlight of this UPS is that you can connect up to three devices simultaneously.

Key Features

  • The capacity of 600VA.
  • The wattage requirement is 360 watts.
  • Backup up to 40 minutes.
  • 140V-300V voltage requirements.
  • Lightweight.
  • LED notification.


If you have multiple devices to run simultaneously, iBall Nirantar is the best UPS for you. Even if three devices are used simultaneously, it can offer more than 30 minutes of backup time. And the AVR technology ensures that all your connected devices remain safe and secure from any voltage fluctuation.

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8. APC Back-UPS BX600C-IN



  • Comes with intelligent battery management.
  • Supported by AVR technology.
  • Generator compatibility.
  • LED indicators.


  • Reduced efficiency with multiple connected devices.

If you are looking for a UPS for your computer, APC BX600C might be the best option out there. It comes with a compact design line-interactive UPS system with 600VA battery capacity. In addition, it has three battery backup sockets and is easily compatible with low-power loader devices.

APC BX600c has cold start compatibility, which helps the system work in silence while shifting from the main power source to UPS. 

Key Features

  • Line-interactive UPS.
  • AC power outlets.
  • Input and out voltage is 230V.
  • The battery is sealed and maintenance-free.
  • Audible alarm to notify you about the changing utility power.
  • Cold start capability.
  • Generator capability.


If you are looking for a compact UPS and offers high-quality performance, APC BX600C is the best option to choose. It comes with a battery saver feature and power surge protection that makes it one of the best UPS for computer.

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  • Four outlet sockets.
  • Line-interactive design.
  • The output voltage is high.


  • The recharge time is too long.

VGuard Sesto UPs is the perfect offline or standby UPS that comes with a power backup solution. It is designed to take care of uncertain power spikes and surges to ensure your device is protected. It gives an output power outage of 260 watts. 

Coming to its design, it is more to the classy side and connects two devices simultaneously. For instance, while working on your PC, you can attach a different device along with your computer. While working with both devices simultaneously, you can expect a power backup of 20 minutes.

Key Features

  • It comes with intelligent technology that provides a no-shut-down facility.
  • It has four outlets.
  • 6 hours of recharge time.
  • 94% efficiency.
  • Line-interactive UPS.
  • Could start compatibility.
  • Generator compatibility.


V Guard is one of the trusted brands when it comes down to electronic appliances. And if they are offering UPS as a product, the expectation spikes. Fortunately, VGuard holds its good reputation with the Sesto 600. This UPS comes with a wide array of features making it one of the best UPS for Computer.

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10. ikarus MICROTEK Legend UPS 650

ikarus MICROTEK Legend UPS 650

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  • AVR technology.
  • Overcharge protection.
  • Stabilize power surges.
  • 30 minutes power backup.


  • Battery life is reduced with multiple devices.

If you have a personal computer that you mostly use for internet access and doing things like a normal schooler, Ikarus MICROTEK is the best choice. It is one of the most affordable UPS on the list. Featuring a microprocessor, this computer UPS is highly reliable when it comes down to securing your computer from anomalies of power cut-offs.

For computers, this UPS offers up to 30 minutes of power backup, and along with the peripheral, this time might get reduced by 20%. However, you are still left with enough time to finish up your important tasks and secure them.

Key Features

  • AVR technology supported.
  • The battery capacity is 650VA.
  • It supports Voltage stabilization overload.
  • Overcharge protection.
  • Auto start while AC is recovering.
  • Cold start compatibility.
  • 30 minutes power backup.
  • LED indicators.


Ikarus Microtek UPS might not be a good option for commercial use, but it certainly gets the job done for home purposes. If you are looking to buy a UPS for your computer, Ikarus Microtek stands as one of the best UPS for computer.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Even after going through the list of best UPS for computer in India, we understand that you might still have some questions to ask. Therefore, we have curated some of the most frequently asked questions to ensure that you don’t have any conflicting doubts regarding UPS.

Which Is The Best UPS For Desktop Computers?

Have you been in a situation where a small 2 minutes power cut has erased all your work that you have been working on for hours? Well, if you do not have a UPS for your computer, there is a possibility that you might encounter such a scenario in the future. 

To prevent such devastating things from happening, it is important that you have the best UPS for the computer to give you power back up in uncertain power outages.

Here are Top Picks:

Best Over All: VGuard UPS SESTO 600

Vanguard is a high brand name in India. The SESTO 600 is integrated with the ZPD technology that helps the user provide adequate power to multiple devices connected with the UPS. With other features like an off-mode battery and intelligent no-load, it is the best UPS for all purposes.

Best Budget: Zebronics Zeb-U725

If you are tight on your budget and still looking for something that offers something more, Zebronics Zeb-U725 is the best UPS for your computer. It is compatible with most generators out there and extremely stable during voltage fluctuation. In addition, Zeb-U725 comes with a microcontroller and can charge itself in sleep mode.

Best Performance: Artis PS-1000Eco 1000VA (1KVA)

The Artis 1KVA is an interactive UPS that gives you enough time to save your data in a power outage crisis. It runs on heavy-duty batteries. Although it promises to offer at least 30 minutes of backup, you can extract up to 45 minutes of power backup with efficient use.

Is UPS Necessary For PCs In India?

This totally depends on your situation. Of course, many would disagree with this. Still, we believe when you are working on electronic devices, having UPS adds that extra layer of security and provides enough time to save your data during power cuts.

You will not understand the importance of UPS for computers unless you experience a situation where you lose your hard-worked project to a minor power outage.

So, coming back to the question, if you take upon our suggestion, UPS is an important device to have if you spend at least 4 hours a day on computers and other electronic devices.

Which UPS Type Is Best For Computer Power Backup?

You can get the best out of the UPS only if you select carefully according to your needs. In fact, UPS becomes a necessary commodity if you live in a region prone to frequent power outages. 

Frequent power outages can damage electronic devices, so having the best UPS for computers ensures that your devices get consistent power supply voltage and enough to save data during uncertain power cuts.

Here are the types of UPS you need to be aware of.

Standby UPS

The standby UPS is also known as offline UPS. It provides the most basic feature of a UPS. That is, they offer protection from power surges and battery backup.

Line Interactive UPS

The line-interactive UPS provides both battery backup and power conditioning. This technology is mostly used in areas where power outages are rare, and power fluctuations are common. 

Standby On-Line Hybrid

This type of UPS is the true on-line UPS. in fact; they have higher energy efficiency. The key highlight of Standby On-Line Hybrid UPS is that even if the voltage is low, it boosts the voltage to match the computer’s needs.

Double Conversion On-Line UPS

Double Conversion On-line UPS is known for its uninterrupted power supply in critical loads. This is done by converting the utility power to DC. It is effective for the area which experiences voltage fluctuations and spikes.

Delta Conversion On-Line UPS

Delta conversion On-Line UPS is one of the modern technologies that mitigate the disadvantages of the traditional double-conversion online UPS. In the delta conversion, both main and delta interiors are bidirectional.

Can I Use UPS 24*7?

UPS are made to operate 24*7 unless you are leaving your home for a long tour. In fact, lithium-ion batteries like to remain in full charge. However, there might be some people who might disagree here. So, all in all, it is up to the individual how they are going to use their UPS.

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