Human Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence – A Detailed Guide

We can define intelligence as a general mental ability for problem-solving, reasoning, and ofcourse learning. We are able to define it in such a way because of its cognitive functions, general nature, perception, language, attention, and memory.

If we look at this definition of intelligence, it can be reliably measured with the standard tests that obtain scores by predicting several boards of social outcomes like educational achievements, job performance, health,and longevity.

So, this article is about human intelligence vs artificial intelligence. And we are about to go deeper and get all the details of it.

Human Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence – Definition

Human Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence - Definition

Artificial intelligence is a technology that makes machines think like us, like humans. And the machines can become capable of working the way we humans do.

It assists the robots in copying the activities, not emotions though of humans which is based on their behavior. Then they use it in every area like healthcare, cartoons and animations, media industry, and many more.

We, humans, are somewhat very much dependent on artificial intelligence though we are the ones who gave birth to artificial intelligence. Whether we realize it or not, we are surrounded by artificial intelligence like Google maps, autocorrect, face recognition, smart speakers, and so on.

The machines are capable of self-learning, self-analysis, and self-correct. They actually do not need any help from humans while processing.

Human intelligence is the quality of the mind that is shaped up with capabilities to learn from past experience, we can adapt to new situations and are able to handle abstract ideas with the ability to change our own environment using the knowledge that we have gained.

Human intelligence does provide a lot of information. We observe during travel from travelers, refugees ,and escaped friendly POWs. We can provide data on specific things with specific knowledge on it. For example defectors and spies. Therefore we can give information on interpersonal relationships.

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Human Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence – Advantages

Human Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence - Advantages 

Here are some advantages for both the intelligence. It is necessary to know them as they can help you work with artificial intelligence. 

1. Speed Of Execution

Human intelligence can diagnose something in 10 minutes and artificial intelligence can do millions of diagnoses within the same time.

2. Not Biassed

Artificial Intelligence does not show results in a biased way.

3. Operational Ability

Artificial intelligence does not take a break like Human intelligence because of feeling tired.

4. Accuracy

The accuracy is 100% when given by Artificial intelligence. Human intelligence can make mistakes. 

Human Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence – Comparison

Human Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence- Comparison 

To compare them both is necessary as it will give you an idea of who is capable of doing anything best.

1. Energy Efficiency

Human intelligence contains 25 watts in the human brain and Artificial intelligence contains 2 watts for learning machines.

2. Universal

Humans generally learn to manage to do different work with hundreds of different skills during life but artificial intelligence consumes kilowatts of energy, therefore they are designed for specific tasks.

3. Multi-Tasking

Human workers basically work on multiple responsibilities and artificial intelligence needs time to teach the system every responsibility.

4. Decision Making

Humans can learn decision-making from different scenarios they go through but artificial intelligence takes a lot of time to compete with a 6 year old child, even the most advanced robot.

5. State

Human brains are analogue but artificial intelligence, artificial computers are digital.

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Human Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence – Key Differences

Below you will find some points that describe the key differences between Human Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence.

1. Nature Of Existence

Human Intelligence revolves around adopting the environment that is used for a combination of several processes.

Artificial Intelligence focuses on designing machines that are capable of mimicking human behaviour.

2. Memory Usage

Human Intelligence is bigger because of its creation of God and Artificial Intelligence is temporarily created by humans.

Human intelligence is the creator of artificial intelligence , but cannot really create a human with superiority. 

3. Learning Process

Human Intelligence is based on the variants we encounter in life and therefore gives responses that result in millions of functions in their lives.

Artificial Intelligence is defined or has been developed for specific tasks only and the applicability on some other tasks which is not that easy to do.

4. Dominance

Artificial Intelligence is capable of beating human intelligence in some specific areas like Chess, it has beaten the human brain because it has stored all the moves played by all humans.

Artificial intelligence can think ahead 10 moves as compared to humans, who think 10 steps ahead but cannot store the retrieved movies in Chess.

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Points To Note

  • The accelerating rate of technological change kind of makes people have both computational capacity as well as scientific knowledge for creating AGI in the next few upcoming decades.
  • Having AGI will benefit humanity , like it can enable humans to mitigate the global. Issues.
  • It may also increase in the rate of economic growth and level of production.
  • Intelligent and super intelligent machines are going to be the future of the human race.

 Wrapping It All Up

There you go with human intelligence vs artificial intelligence, along with advantages and comparisons as well as key differences.

Human intelligence and Artificial intelligence, are dependent on each other. Remember human intelligence has made artificial intelligence, but in some cases artificial intelligence has outshines the human brain. Our future is going to be more of artificial intelligence.

Leave a comment in the comment section and let us know how much this article has helped you understand the difference between Human Intelligence and Artificial intelligence.

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      Mashum Mollah is a passionate blogger. He loves to share his thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world through blogging. Mashum Mollah is associated with TechNetDeals & TechTrendsPro.