Artificial Intelligence Engineering: What They Do, Course Details, Fees, Eligibility & More

AI and machine learning is new concept. Now every automatic tool is performing on the basis of the AI. Intelligent machines are performed by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence engineering is the gateway to enter the machine designing world. Artificial intelligence is performing on the basis of specific computer-based logic.

For a better start, take a look at the accurate definition of artificial intelligence engineering.

What Is Artificial Intelligence Engineering?

What Is Artificial Intelligence Engineering

AI engineering is entirely designed to develop different automatic tools. This development process is pretty complicated as the AI evaluates all the possible solutions for the problem and then finds the suitable one.

AI engineering is an emerging process for automatic tool development. And artificial intelligence engineering is the course by which you will learn the tactics to design the smartest tools. So when you are going to see the whole course curriculum, you will see along with the AI-related subjects, you will also learn many more different subjects for supporting the development.

Let’s see first what are the eligibility criteria of artificial intelligence engineering.

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Eligibility To Study The Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Eligibility To Study The Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Are you interested in studying artificial intelligence engineering? Many more courses cover artificial intelligence engineering subjects. From small span courses to degree courses, all are valuable for the students.

Here are some criteria for the interested students:

  • Applicants must have 10+2 recognized board pass certificates from science streams.
  • The physics and maths subjects are compulsory for the applicants.
  • For master’s degree courses, the students must pursue the BCA or Computer science engineering courses.
  • For every course, the cut-off marks are not lower than 60%. This means the student has to secure at least 60% of the marks in the last appearing examinations.

Now let’s see what the course details are.

Course Details Of The Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Of course, every type has some basic subjects that enhance the knowledge of AI. Here are the details ideas about the details of the course. Read through the end and know the basic subjects you have to cover during the Artificial Intelligence Engineering Subjects.

  • Computer Vision Engineering.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Research Engineering. 
  • Data Science.
  • ML Engineer.
  • Computer Science.
  • Principal Of Data Science.
  • Big Data Architecture.
  • Business Intelligence Development.
  • Machine Learning Engineering.
  • Robotics Programmer.
  • Software Development.
  • Video game Programmer.

Whatever degree you are pursuing, you have to study all of the following subjects. Therefore, most of the degree courses cover all of these subjects.

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Artificial Intelligence Engineering Courses Fees

Artificial Intelligence Engineering Courses Fees

The average course fees for the Artificial Intelligence Engineering subjects lie between $55,315 and INR 44,21,474. Therefore, the engineering degree courses fees belong in this category.

The Btech degree courses fees are higher, but other courses fees like the short-term courses and the summer courses costs belong to the much lower end.

Some of the universities are organizing the entrance examination for the students. So if you like to earn a degree in Artificial Intelligence Engineering, you also have to prepare for the examinations.

Now you know all the details for the artificial intelligence engineering degree. But now, let’s have a look at the job responsibilities of artificial intelligence engineers.

Job Responsibilities Of The Artificial Intelligence Engineers

Job Responsibilities Of The Artificial Intelligence Engineers

Artificial Intelligence Engineering is a vast area. Now every sector is developing and changing. But every engineer has built one exceptional quality to contribute to the specific departments.

The main job roles of AI engineers are to build up a skill set and develop advanced machine learning models. But this is not a single sector. You will require many more skillsets for AI developments.

Here are some job responsibilities which AI engineers have to perform:

  1. Artificial intelligence engineers have to build skill-sets to develop advanced machine learning models.
  2. Coordination between Data Scientists and Business Analysts. And develop a model.
  3. Automate infrastructure for the data science team.
  4. Develop minimum viable machine learning products.
  5. They are developing automatic processes by using machine learning.
  6. Developing a machine learning algorithm and making an analytical model.
  7. Come up with new ideas and make improvements to machine-learning algorithms.
  8. Use modern software development and deploy the software productions.
  9. Make the coordination with the internal and external coordination team.
  10. Conducting statistical data analysis while interpreting the results. And developing a decision-making model for the organization.
  11. Develop a new infrastructure for the data science team.
  12. Building new AI models and helping in business explanations.
  13. AI engineers are transforming the machine learning models into APIs.

These are the key job responsibilities of Artificial Intelligence Engineerings. So when you are pursuing the Artificial Intelligence Engineering courses, all job opportunities stay open in front of you. Hence, most of the jobs are entirely based on analytical works.

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Industries Where Artificial Intelligence Engineering Are Using

Industries Where Artificial Intelligence Engineering Are Using

Artificial Intelligence Engineering is a big area. But when you are pursuing the Artificial Intelligence Engineering courses, you must take all the information related to the job sectors.

Here are a few industry names where Artificial Intelligence Engineering is used:

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Education 
  • Retail
  • Information Technology
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Business Intelligence
  • Retail Business

All of these sectors are working with Artificial Intelligence. After you pursue the Artificial Intelligence Engineering degree courses, you will get a job opportunity in all of these sectors. Now every sector depends on AI engineering. Anywhere where you will require an automatic process, you have to incorporate the AI models.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Which Stream Is Best For Artificial Intelligence?

Computer science students are the perfect candidate for AI and data sciences. Furthermore, computer science students can quickly pursue their degrees by taking AI specializations.

2. Are AI Engineers In High Demand?

Yes, now AI engineers are all in high demand. Artificial Intelligence subject having huge growth potential. Artificial Intelligence has many qualities like better speech and voice recognization qualities. Even some of the common disease diagnosis is also possible by using AI. For these all multi functionalities, AI engineers are in high demand.

3. What Is The Salary Of An Artificial Intelligence Engineer At The Entry Level?

Every sector is offering a different salary scale to AI engineers. The AI engineers entry-level salary in India is more than eight lakhs. This is pretty high concerning the other stream engineers. The salary of AI engineers can be more than 50 lakhs.


Are you still in a confusing state and can not select the subject? If you are interested in computer science subjects, you can quickly like the artificial intelligence engineering stream because this stream is the new trend for the computer science departments. And when you are going to select the stream, you can start your job venture in many more sectors.

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