Best Tablets Under Rs 15000 in India is the best place to turn to if you are looking for the Best Tablets under 15000 in India. The platform gives you an exclusive opportunity to buy high quality but affordable tablets from leading sites like Amazon and Flipkart. Here is a list of the best tablets under 15000 in India that you can buy through our platform.

Top 10 Best Tablets under Rs 15,000

1. iBall Slide Brace X1

iBall Slide Brace X1

This tablet comes with a 5 MP front camera and an 8 MP rear facing the camera with an LED flash. It is a ten-inch tablet with an IPS high definition multi-touch touch screen with high pixel and resolution density. The charger is only in DC mode and uses the pin it comes within the box to charge. It comes with the marshmallow version six android, a sixty-four-bit processor, 2 GB RAM, and a 16 GB hard disk. This tablet, which is among the best tablets under RS 15000 in India, supports a single sim card.

Bringing an extension to its successful Brace-Xi series, this tablet is stronger and mightier after its introduction. It comes with a 4G VoLTE support. It also gives you the opportunity to open various uses and novel possibilities for this series so that you enjoy the ride. Regardless of whether you are socializing, browsing or viewing videos, this device adapts to your requirements of speed flexibility and changes your tablet experience for better.


  • It comes with a taskbar of switching between applications by just touching the mouse. It gives you the opportunity to locate and start apps from the same place while managing connectivity and system daily.
  • Comes with an iBall slide for managing notifications and settings
  • The iBall also allows you to content with ease while tapping on the Android ecosystem
  • The kickstand is flexible to help you watch movies and handle tasks with ease
  • Comes with eight cores for striving to deliver enhanced experience and powerful performance
  • You can use the cameras to capture special, cherished moments
  • Comes with clarity that results in simplicity due to its IPS and HD screen resolution technology

  • It is affordable
  • The physical construction makes it long lasting
  • Comes with powerful cameras for taking the best images
  • You can watch movies and videos from this device
  • It is very clear because of its HD screen resolution
  • The functionality goes down after a few days of usage
  • The charging and display deteriorates after several days of usage
  • It overheats when in use

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2. Lenovo IdeaTab S5000

Lenovo IdeaTab S5000

This is an awesome tablet among the best tablets under 15000. This device is stylish, smart, and slim. It is amazingly lightweight and slim Android device that includes a high definition screen and a 5 MP rear facing the camera. It also comes with a Wi-Fi adapter for wireless connectivity for making it possible to browse the internet with ease.

You can use this tablet for a long time effortlessly and you will not have any problem with its operations. The quality of pictures taken by the camera is good and the sound quality of its speakers is also good. Its consistent performance has caused the price to go up, meaning that this product is dependable and stable. Buying this product will make sure that you are getting a quality tablet in the market for your needs.


  • It has a high definition screen for viewing perfect videos and movies
  • Comes with a 5MP rear facing camera
  • Comes with a Wi-Fi adapter for connecting to the internet
  • Has powerful speakers for listening to music with high quality

  • Awesome performance
  • High quality secondary camera quality for Skype videos
  • Has a perfect battery backup
  • Has a perfect resolution for display
  • The quality of sound is good to provide perfect performance
  • It only supports 3G, making it tricky to install and update calling applications

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3. Dell Venue 7 3741

Dell Venue 7 3741

The dell venue 7 is among the best Android tablets 2018 that come equipped with 3G voice equipment and TN capacitive multi-touch display. This tablet will amaze you with its gaming experience and enhanced viewing. The operating system is 4.4 Android KitKat alongside the advanced atom processor and a powerful processor. This tablet will thrill you with its smooth operating and seamless multi-tasking experience. Click the pictures with its camera and capture all moments with rich image details and maximum clarity.

The front-facing camera gives you the opportunity to make videos of high quality and takes stunning selfies with friends and family. It has an internal memory of 8GB for storing important videos, images, and files for easy and quick access. Additionally, you can expand the memory of this tablet to 84 GB with the use of a microSD card. Enjoy data sharing and browsing the web with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled tablet.

The powerful battery in this table makes it user-friendly and reliable. It has a capacitive touchscreen for playing graphics-intensive videos and watching favorite movies. The images can be displayed with true-life colors and maximum clarity to provide a thrilling view experience. It comes with a 4.4 KitKat android operating system to facilitate fast operating speed. This operating system is advanced to help you download entertaining apps that are user-friendly so that your life becomes smooth and simple. It also gives you quick access to files and apps on the tablet alongside a priority list.

It comes with a powerful processor for facilitating enhanced speed. It also facilitates playing games, streaming videos, and browsing the web at all times. The 1GB ram maximizes its performance and the performance of the tablet will give you an amazing experience. You will capture your surroundings with its camera with clarity.

Also, Bluetooth connectivity of this tablet facilitates you to wirelessly share data to other devices with Bluetooth enabled devices. This tablet also has a powerful battery so that you enjoy non-stop browsing and long conversations. It also comes with My Dell support for providing all the info you need about the tablet. You will also get alerts on issues and tool for fixing them. It comes with a warranty of one year from the manufacturer. You can contact any dealer for manufacturing defects in your device.


  • It has a very good display according to its budget
  • It comes with a good battery that will give you enough running speed
  • The speakers are of very good quality to give you good sound
  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity for sharing files with other Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Comes with the right processor and RAM for increasing its processing speed

  • It has a sturdy construction to be long lasting
  • It is an affordable tablet
  • Sharing files is easy due to Bluetooth connectivity
  • Runs relatively fast with its processors
  • The camera is substandard
  • The storage is quite small
  • The processor freezes after sometime, necessitating wait time of up to twelve seconds

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4. Lenovo Tab4 10 Tablet

Lenovo Tab4 10 Tablet

This tablet bears a beautiful design that is built powerfully to offer the family a quintessential tablet for sharing in the home. You can open several accounts on this device so that everybody has his customized account in the tablet. It also offers optional packs that transform this tablet into a productivity tablet. This tablet is convertible to feature a Bluetooth keyboard as a productive sleeve and stand. This is an optional addition for integrating with the internal interface to feature instant app switching and a taskbar.

This tablet has a slim and light profile with a thickness that offers it a sleek design that is not common in the tablet family. It has a pinless resolution that delivers an optimal viewing experience. It provides you audio that gives you outstanding entertainment via the headphones and inbuilt stereo speakers facing you. You need to expect a powerful and rich sound movement from all directions around your head. The quad-core processors in this tab offer robust performance coupled with its 2 GB RAM. When it comes to color choices, it comes in polar white and black options.


  • It comes with a sim card slot for data connectivity but no option for voice calling
  • It comes with a 2MP front-facing camera and a rear facing the camera
  • The touch screen is HD and has a very strong resolution
  • Comes with an android v7, 2GB RAM, and a quad-core processor
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty for boxed accessories

  • Long lasting due to its construction quality
  • Perfect for browsing the internet
  • Share your memories and files with friends and family
  • Starts heating up when you connect the charger

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5. Samsung Galaxy J Max Tablet 

Samsung Galaxy J Max Tablet 

This tablet comes with a powerful battery and other features that take you to another entertainment level. This tablet will serve you best for games and movies. It has a light and slim design for bringing stunning moments to life. You can also go wireless on the go with this device as it comes with a wireless headset for staying connected to your device seamlessly. The battery of this device will give you up to nine hours of continued entertainment. It has a data saving mode for saving up to forty percent of data usage. When you have this device, you will wave goodbye to boredom as it is possible to enjoy music videos, Tv shows, and blockbusters

It comes with a rear and front-facing camera to give you more video calling options. You can expand its memory to up to two hundred gigabytes and also comes with a quad-core processor. The device has a warranty of one year but the accessories in the box have a six-months warranty. It has smooth and elegant curves to deliver modernized sophistication and a rhythmical pattern on the back to give it a secure, soft, and comfortable grip.


  • It comes with a powerful battery for taking you to the next entertainment level
  • It has a lightweight and slim design for bringing your moments to life
  • The Bluetooth connectivity option gives you a wireless connection to the device with the Bluetooth headset
  • The battery gives you continuous entertainment for nine hours
  • With this tablet, it is possible to watch music videos, TV shows, and blockbusters

  • Good battery for lengthy entertainment
  • Affordable
  • Long lasting
  • There are no known cons for this product

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6. Blackberry PlayBook 

Blackberry PlayBook

The operating system from blackberry gives you the allowance to stay productive and connected on the go. It comes with wireless connectivity for staying connected on the internet while moving. The connectivity of Bluetooth allows you to pair it with the Bluetooth enabled devices to utilize BM, tasks, calendar, documents, and push technology among others. It also comes with features of data efficiency and blackberry security. The seven inch LCD screen has a perfect resolution for viewing clear videos, photos, and any other things. It comes with a warranty for one year, 1GB RAM, and 16GB internal memory. It also has a wireless connectivity option for connecting to the internet minus wires. The screen display makes it possible to navigate features with ease. It is easy to connect to the computer with the help of the micro USB port.


  • The blackberry operating system makes sure that you remain productive and connected while moving
  • Has a wireless adapter for connecting to the internet on the go
  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity for connecting with Bluetooth enabled blackberry devices
  • Has an LCD screen for enhanced navigation
  • Comes with a 1GB RAM and 16GB internal memory

  • Good navigation due to its extensive screen
  • Affordable
  • This product does not have known cons

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7. Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8

This tablet comes with an 8MP primary focus camera. You will enjoy the way of chatting and taking photos with this rotatable camera. It also has gesture controls for opening and closing hands to take a snap. This device also comes with an outstanding battery with a life of up to twenty hours, enough for watching two seasons of TV shows. You have the choice of choosing between the colors you desire for your tablet.

You can use this tablet in four ways; working out, watching movies, checking social feeds, and cooking. It has an innovative design for placing the battery cylinder and kick standing on the side to tilt the center of gravity and giving it multiple ways of use. It delivers a perfect home theater experience that you cannot find on any other tablet. It has a generous display and resolution for intense web browsing and casual gaming. It provides great viewing experiences under ambient lights and all angles.


  • Comes with an 8MP auto rotating camera
  • Comes with an IPS HD screen resolution
  • Comes with a powerful marshmallow operating system, 16 GB internal memory, 2GB RAM, and micro SIM slot
  • Has with a battery that gives you twenty hours of continuous service
  • Comes with a warranty of one year on all accessories

  • The display is superb for viewing videos and movies
  • It comes with a fantastic battery
  • It is convenient due to its long-lasting battery
  • It is long lasting due to its quality of manufacture
  • This product does not have known cons

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8. Alcatel A3 10

Alcatel A3 10

With this tablet, you have all the desired features for staying comfortable in the home. It features a bright and amazing ten-inch display, an elegant and clean design in two dissimilar colors, and a Wi-Fi connection for you to enjoy free internet connection from home. This device is among the thinnest and lightest Android tablets in the market to the extent you will not realize that it is in your pocket.

After purchasing this tablet, you can install a sim card so that you start enjoying making calls to your friends and other members of the family. You can put it on so that you set it up with the help of the setup wizard in just a few steps. You will get so many apps on this device with some of them requiring the internet to access and use them. You can use Wi-Fi or mobile data to connect to the internet. You can then use the available apps to connect to the internet and enjoy using your device. It has additional features for security like screen lock and fingerprint sensors. You can enjoy your tablet by sending texts and making calls to the desired people.


  • Comes with security features like patterns and fingerprint sensor
  • Can connect to Wi-Fi to enjoy free connectivity
  • The screen is wide to give you perfect views for your movies and videos
  • It is thin and lightweight so that you do not even realize that you are carrying a device in your bag

  • It is thin for easy handling
  • It has a large screen for perfect views of videos and movies
  • It has a sleek design for providing comfortable viewing
  • It is sturdy for longevity
  • It is lightweight in nature
  • This product does not have cons

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9. Swipe Slate Plus

Swipe Slate Plus

This tablet comes with a RAM of 2GB, a user memory of 27.5GB, and a quad-core processor. The basic color is gold. It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and an Android 5.1 version. The resolution type is high definition and supports networks like GSM and the display supported network is WCDMA. The other additional features on this device are the loudspeaker, a metallic back, call forwarding, call waiting, and screen protection. The net weight of this tablet is one and a half kilograms and comes with pre-installed apps. The screen size is eight inches.

The package of this tablet includes a data cable, AC power adapter, warranty card, user manual, and a very strong display resolution. The primary camera feature 5MP and the total internal storage is 32GB. The processor is 1.8GHZ and the sim size is the SIM multi-touch. It comes with a proximity sensor, multi-touch sensor, accelerometer sensor, and a g-sensor. The battery is powerful enough to offer you 24 hours of talk time.


  • Features a TFT screen that has very high resolution
  • Comes with a battery that can support up to two hundred and forty hours of talk time
  • Comes with 2GB Ram and 32 GB internal memory that is expandable to your desired size
  • Comes with a warranty of one year on the device and six months on other accessories

  • Long lasting
  • Affordable
  • Serves you for over two hundred hours of talk time
  • Sturdy construction for longevity
  • The swipe does not support malware removal or rooting support

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10. Acer A500 Tablet

Acer A500 Tablet

This tablet comes with a front facing 5MP camera that enables video recording and a front facing camera of 2MP that supports Skype and chatting. The screen is capacitive and has very high-resolution pixels. The Android version in this device is the honeycomb and runs on its dual-core processor, 16GB internal expandable memory, and 1GB Ram. This tablet comes with a battery that will support you for six hours on talk time. It is a lithium-polymer battery. It comes with a warranty of one year on the product and six months on the accessories that come with this device.

When you have this device, it is possible to have access to your emails on the go because of its internet connectivity. You can also keep in touch with friends through social media networks and contacts. You can also listen to the rich audio music that comes from the speakers of this tablet. It is recommended to register this product immediately after purchasing it so that you have access to the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

It also features a jack for connecting to the stereo headphones. You use the power button to turn it on by simply long pressing. The new tab comes in a box with several accessories; and when you realize that any of them is damaged, you need to run to the manufacturer for a replacement. It comes with wireless connectivity for connecting to the internet and Bluetooth connectivity for connecting to other devices for sharing files.


  • It comes with a 2MP front and 5MP rear facing the camera for capturing special moments
  • The screen has very high-resolution pixels
  • It features 16GB internal storage and 2GB RAM. Internal storage is expandable to 32GB
  • Comes with a warranty for one year and six months for its accessories

  • Has a sturdy finish for it to last long
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for taking photos
  • Has a great screen for watching movies and videos
  • There are no cons for this product

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There are a lot of tablets on the market when you have an interest in purchasing them. Purchasing a tablet is a good move when you have an interest in replacing your PC with simple and portable tablets under 15000. Tablets have hit the market for computers with a bang. The things that make tablets a success is the compact size and the ability to work with the touchscreen interface. Additionally, the ability of owners of the tablets accessing the internet continues to give it an edge in the market.

Many people have the desire of purchasing the best tablets under 15000 because they cannot afford tablets that are more expensive. All you need to do is to click the “buy this item” button on and you will have the best tablet under 15000. However, before making the purchase, it is crucial to understand what you are looking for including essential options that you cannot live without. Below are some of the questions you can ask yourself while making a decision on the tablet you would like to purchase.

What should be the operating system?

The operating system is probably the most crucial consideration when purchasing a tablet. There are four basic operating systems that run on tablets.

1. iOS

You will find iOS exclusively on Apple products. The version of the software used here is similar to the one found in the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iTouch. The iPad version is just modified to fit a large screen. The iOS for tablets is in the lead for both the user and application interface, giving more than two million apps via the app store.

2. Microsoft Windows

Even though they have a small market share, tablets under 15000 from windows offer the advantage of being compatible with the Windows operating system found in laptop and desktop computers. Having the ability to access windows 8 on the best tablet in India in 1500 while on the go can give you a lot of advantages compared to getting tied to a desktop or laptop. This gives out the ease of transferring files to individuals using tablet computers.

Blackberry tablet OS

The manufacturer of blackberry smartphone tablets under 15000 has developed their own tablets. This tablet is compatible with cell phones from blackberry, making it an ideal complement for blackberry phone users.

1. Google Android

The Android OS is the most populous software found in the best tablets under Rs. 15,000 in India. It is a similar operating system found on a lot of smartphones. While it possesses a similar feeling to the Apple operating system, it is not the same. This operating system offers more customizability than iOS. It has more than two million apps in the store for download. With the best Android tablets under 15,000, you are not limited to one app store like iPad.

What should be the screen size and resolution?

The best budget tablet in India come in sizes that range from twelve to fifteen inches. Smaller tablets are simply big smartphones. Large tablets provide more screen space at the expense of being too big for the purse or pocket. The intention of mid-sized tablets is to provide the compromise between portability while having a large screen to showcase the whole page of a book.

Possessing a high resolution means that images will be sharper. When you are using the best tablet in India under 15000 to watch high definition movies, you will have access to a minimum resolution of 720 pixels across short dimensions.

What should be the memory size (RAM)?

As a result of the smaller form factor, the RAM options for the best tablets under 15000 are limited to the tablet and there is no option for upgrading later. You need to consider the purpose of the tablet and settle on a tablet that has enough RAM. For example, in case you want to edit videos or photos on your tablet, you might opt for one with four or eight gigabytes at the minimum. For functions like watching movies, video playback, and web or email browsing through Wi-Fi, the range from one to four gigabytes is advised.

Should it have wireless connectivity?

The best tablets under Rs. 15000 in India possess some wireless capability, meaning they are wireless capable. However, there exist two Wi-Fi versions. Some will support the 802.11b/g specification. This option is not good for those that admire downloading large items and streaming a lot of videos. It is right to purchase the best budget tablet in India that supports the 802.11n specification. You can also choose a tablet which supports 5.0GHZ and 2.4GHZ radio bands as it provides complete connectivity to Wi-Fi.

What should be the battery life?

Since the best budget tablet in India is a portable unit, the life of the tablet battery is crucial. There are three aspects that affect the life of the battery. They are the amount of time that it is on, the brightness of the backlight screen, and the size of the battery. Many users leave the tablets on while not in use and rarely put them in the sleep mode. For this reason, the two battery metrics to consider are the amount of time the battery will power your tablet while in sleep mode and the time it powers the tablet while in use.

What about the camera?

Most tablets under 15000 come with two cameras. One camera faces the rear for use as a normal camera and a front-facing one for taking selfies or acting as a webcam. When choosing a tablet, it crucial to know the positioning of the camera. The device needs to have a camera with a minimum resolution of 4MP so that it takes a good photo without distortion or cropping.


The best budget tablet in India needs to be the one that fits your budget and fulfills your needs. For you to figure this out in the right manner, it is crucial to ask yourself about the application of your tablet. You need to know if it is just replacing your PC, if you want to use it to watch movies while traveling, or if you will be using it to access the internet exclusively. Your specific needs for the best tablet under 15000 will guide you in choosing the best option for your application.

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