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With ChatGPT’s introduction in our everyday work spheres, you can finally say that the AI revolution is finally upon us. Getting various tasks like writing essays and searching for accurate study materials to your needs has been made easier with the introduction of AI tools.

Today, you will learn about one such AI study tool – Cactus AI, and how it provides valuable dissertation statistics help to students If this question is in your mind, then you are in the right place. To make learning new things and studying easier, keep reading this post until the end.

What Is Cactus AI – Overview?

Caktus AI is an AI study tool designed specifically for students and researchers. While ChatGPT is more of an all-rounder and acts like a chatbot, Cactus AI takes a different approach.

Tao Zhang and Harrisson Leonard developed Cactus AI in May 2022. This AI tool generates content in the form of study materials. Therefore, like ChatGPT, it acts like a content generator for creating essays, paragraphs, and other written content.

But how is Caktus AI different from other AI writing tools like ChatGPT?

Cactus AI has its focuses on producing academic content. This AI tool is based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) as its core topics.

Unlike ChatGPT, all content generated by Caktus AI has a more formal and academic tone. Plus, it creates research papers that are free of plagiarism. In addition, it has a fantastic feature that is super useful – providing in-text citations and references for each essay generated!

What does Caktus AI Help Students With? 

Academic AI assistants and tools are widely used; Caktus AI is an example. But is it just another AI assistant or tool for student assistants? No. Why?  

Because of the ample features this tool has, A student can get an essay writer, a Python code writer, a French teacher, or a content improver at the tip of their finger. All of them are available and one subscription away.

Academic AI assistants and tools are widely used; Caktus AI is an example. But is it just another AI assistant or tool for student assistants? No. Why?  

Because of the ample features this tool has, A student can get an essay writer, a Python code writer, a French teacher, or a content improver at the tip of their finger. All of them are available and one subscription away.

1. Generate Essays And Research Papers

The primary function of Cactus essay writer is to prepare essays and other written content for you. Provide the topic you wish to research, additional information, and preparation directions. While doing so, add the tone of voice you would want for the essay. It will soon generate what you want in the way you want, with citations and references if you want! You can also use it alongside the Novel AI image generator to make professional presentations!

2. Simplify Maths And Science Problems

Need help with a maths problem that you can’t solve? Don’t know how to break down the equation? Then worry no more! Simply state your maths problem, and Cactus AI will solve it. But as your study and learning tool, it will also break down the answer in simple words so that you understand how to solve the problem!

For example, you can use this tool as a calculator to solve complex maths equations, use it as a chemical analyzer, as a geology tutor, and even as an RPA developer!

3. Make Coding Easier To Learn

Coding is a fun and often frustrating task, especially if you get stuck and receive coding errors. With CaktusAI, you can say goodbye to these problems. This AI will check your code to ensure you are not making syntax and input errors.

Therefore, this tool will automatically validate your codes for you instantaneously! Caktus AI is an expert coder with mastery over several languages like HTML, Javascript, Python, C#, Typescript, and more!

4. Learn New Languages

With the help of Cactus.AI, learning a new language is now easier than before! Simply write a sentence or paragraph in English, and ask Cactus.AI to translate it into another language. Moreover, it will also provide a line-by-line explanation of the translations in addition!

5. Chat About Class 

When you need a university assistant or a teacher at home, Caktus AI provides a unique feature to cover for you. You can literally chat about your school or university. The tool comes with a feature where the users can register for a university or a school and chat with the AI about specific learnings and classes. How? You have to choose a university and add their syllabus and all other relevant information to the chatbot and give the AI some understanding of what the university teaches. Then, you can use the AI bot as an assistant. Isn’t that cool? 

6. Convenience 

Whether writing an academic piece or building up a blog post, you want to add a human touch to your writing. Afterall, you are writing for humans. Both the academic and the marketing fields are leaning toward human-generated content after the proliferation of a massive number of AI tools. 

There are even some AI detector tools to detect parts of your content written by AI. Thankfully, unlike other leading AI tools, Caktus AI produces essays and content that AI is less likely to write. The AI written score on most of the AI detectors for Caktus AI is low. So, there is less chance of your professor or client rejecting your content, claiming AI wrote it. But, to be on the safe side, try using tools to avoid AI detection.  

7. AI Flashcards 

Lots of students love to use flashcards during their learning. These are cool and fun ways of making learning easier for students. Flashcards contain a small amount of information, allowing students to remember and learn any topic easily. AI-powered flashcards using Caktus should make learning easier for students.  

Students can use the Flashcards much better by entering their terms while creating the flashcards. This way, they can let AI fill in the information, and they can focus on learning.  

Best Cactus AI Alternatives

Apart from Cactus AI, there are several other study tools that you can use. The best Caktus AI alternatives are:

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT has become the best friend of many working professionals and students in 2023. This conversational AI tool allows you to get the answer to whatever question you have in mind. In addition, it has machine learning integrated into it so that you can change the type or tone of the answers you get. If you want an AI to talk dirty to you, you can request ChatGPT to do so!

2. Gradescope

If you want an AI tutor to help you become the top scorer in class, then Gradescope will be a valuable AI tool for you. With this tool, you can get your answer sheets graded. Here you need to present a scanned copy of your answer sheet, which this tool will then provide you with analytical grades and point out your mistakes and areas of improvement!

3. Jasper AI

If you need blogs or copywritten content for your websites, social media posts, and other advertising efforts, JasperAI is a tool you should try. With the help of this tool, you can write plagiarism-free original content that is 100% unique and highly unique. In addition, to boost your marketing efforts, it will be SEO-optimized too!

Caktus AI: Pricing 

Unlike ChatGPT, which has free and premium versions, Cactus AI has no such options. There are no free Caktus.AI versions that you can use to check out its functions, similar to Uberduck AI. Instead, you must rely on its 2-day trial period to test its features. 

If you subscribe to this AI tool, you must pay monthly or annually. While creating a new account and logging in, you will be prompted to use your Apple, Google, or Microsoft accounts. Like any other online signup, you must create your unique username and password here. 

Payment type Monthly Annually 
Cost $14. 99/ billed monthly. $8.33/ month (billed annually) 
Features   Classless helper. Writing assistant. Math tools and science tools Citation tools. Coding tools.  Conversational tutor. Studying tools. Unlimited AI outputs Academic sources. Step-by-step guide. 

But it is not that costly either. However, be on the watch for the plan you are subscribing to. Some plans are billed monthly, and plans are billed annually.  

The price for the monthly billed plan is $14. 99/ billed monthly. However, the annual billed plan costs surprisingly less ($8.33 monthly). It is a one-time plan that requires you to pay $99.99 for some of the great features of the tool. If you have to use the tool for a long term, then the annually billed option becomes more convenient if you ask me.  

Final Verdict – Should I Use Cactus AI In 2023?

Like top Caktus AI competitors like ChatGPT and Jasper AI, Cactus AI is an excellent essay-writing tool for students.

You can give directions on what type of essay or research paper you need. You can also provide additional information regarding its tonality and whether it will include in-text citations and references.

If it’s a technical problem that you would like assistance solving, like a maths equation or a code, you can directly paste them here and ask for the answer. Cactus AI will generate the response, along with a simplified example regarding how it solved it.

When it comes to generating written content, it can do so in many formats. You can create essays, research dissertations, paragraphs, job applications, resumes, CVs, etc.

⦿ Generates high-quality essays that are most relevant.
⦿ It has lots of writing features, including citations and references in various formats.
⦿ The code generator and corrector work wonders.
⦿ The outputs generated are slower than most competitors.
⦿ No customer support is available.
⦿ Only the first two paragraphs might be relevant when generating essays, while the rest will be borderline irrelevant.


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