Positional Argument Follows Keyword Argument – How To Fix It? [Error Code]

Technology has come a long way and has helped the world to live in a time that is futuristic. And this is all thanks to the evolution of computer science and technology.

However, considering the fact that there are so many different computer languages that are used to form programs that make our work easier at the end of the day, there are times when you can come across programming errors or syntax errors.

One of the major syntax errors that people using the python language of coding and programming face is the syntaxerror positional argument follows keyword argument.

If you are someone who has been in that position and ate looking for ways to fix this error then you have found the right place. So keep on reading this article till the end to learn more…

Syntaxerror: Positional Argument Follows Keyword Argument: What Is It?

Before talking about the syntax error that you are searching for the solution for, it is important that you know what are the arguments that are there in Python programming.

Syntaxerror WHAT IS IT

In the world of Python coding, there are two kinds of arguments— Keyword and positional.

Positional arguments are the ones that do not have any keywords in them or in front of them. For example:

Result = add_numbers (15, 30, 45)

On the other hand, a Keyword argument is the one that has a key or an alphabet in front of them. The keywords are considered as the keys (the alphabet, here), and the argument values are taken as the corresponding values. For example:

Result = add_numbers ( a=15, b=30, c=45)

While the keyword argument is about the function that is based on keywords or keys (codes) that are in the program, a positional argument is all about the positioning of the code and where it is placed.

Now, if you are the programmer and if you have written the python program where the keyword argument is put before the positional argument— which should not be the case— then the system will raise the syntax error: positional argument follows keyword argument.

Syntax error

This is because, according to the rules of Python programming, the positional argument must always be before the keyword argument. Thus, if you have failed to follow the rules of Python, then you will be shown the error.

Want to solve the problem? Here’s How you can do it!

The Positional Argument Follows Keyword Argument: How To Fix This Syntax Error?

If you are someone who is facing a syntax error: positional argument following keyword argument and want to solve it, here are a few things that you can do:

How To Fix This Syntax Error

1. Use Keyword Arguments only

The first thing that you can try doing in order to fix the syntax error is by only using keyword arguments while writing the program. If you use only keyword arguments, the programming language (Python) will know which keyword holds which value. Hence, not only does it make it easier for you to point out where you might have made a mistake, but it also fixes the error as quickly as possible.

2. Use Positional Arguments only

Next, if you are writing a program in Python, it is best that you use only Positional Arguments. Not only is it going to be easier for you to write the program, but it will also be easier for you to rectify the errors.

3. Follow The Syntax

Last but not least, the best thing that you can do to ensure that you do not get the syntax error: positional argument following keyword argument, is to ensure that you have followed the syntax and placed the positional argument before the keyword argument.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As you have almost reached the end of this article, I hope that most of your questions have already been answered. Here are some of the questions that readers frequently ask about the syntax error of positional argument following keyword argument in Python.

1. What Is A Syntax Error?

In the language of computers, a syntax error is when there is an error or mistake in the coding of the program which bars the computer or the program from executing smoothly. Whenever there is a syntax error in the program, the programmer will not be able to run the code.

2. What Are Python Interpreters?

A Python Interpreter is a machine or software that is used to manipulate the computer in order to perform the tasks and operations that it is needed to do. It is a stack program that translates and executes the python script.

Wrapping It Up!

Python is one of the most used coding and programming languages in the world of computer technologies. However, there can be times when the programmer makes mistakes while placing the codes or creating the languages. This is why they might see that there are certain syntax errors.

A common syntax error in Python positional argument follows keyword argument can be seen if the programmer has placed the positional argument after the keyword argument.

In case you were searching for the answer to how to fix the common syntax error in Python— positional argument follows keyword argument— I hope that you found this article to be of help. If there is any other confusion regarding the same, feel free to write them in the comment box below. I will surely check them out and answer them.

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