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Question: Which statement is true regarding artificial intelligence AI?

Answer: Data is the fundamental reason AI succeeds or fails.

There are many misconceptions and wrong understanding regarding AI. For example, some people think that AI is the same as a robot. Some are too conscious that AI can exist without humans to support them. Well, I hate to break it to you; but these ideas are not concrete.

Following the question, Which statement is true regarding artificial intelligence AI, there are four options; one of these options is valid. Here, option (D) is the correct answer.

In this article, I will break down all four of these options and answer why some of them are wrong and why the true one is true. But first, let me give you a general definition of AI.

What Is AI?

What Is AI

AI or artificial intelligence is an artificial entity that can think and learn almost like humans. Some of these AIs are designed to simulate human behavior. Artificial intelligence makes intricate calculations and decisions easier through machine learning and other advanced programs. In short, they can do some work that would typically require human intelligence.

As for the options mentioned here, three of them are wrong. Below, I have explained all of them.

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AI Will Eliminate Most Of The Human Jobs

If you think from a sci-fi movie perspective, then this is true. But in reality, most data don’t confirm it. However, according to the World Economic Forum report, AI may take away several jobs, which is 85 million( by 2025). But It will also create 97 million more jobs.

The idea that AI can get jobs done which require human intelligence has frightened many. AI still needs humans to create it and give it orders for doing the job that humans need. You can rest assured that your boss will not fire you over a robot.

Strong And Weak AI Are Equally Well-Developed In Today’s Time

Strong And Weak AI Are Equally Well-Developed In Today's Time

There are strong AIs and weak AIs. The weak AI, or the narrow AI that we usually know of, can only run facial recognition, do internet searches or drive autonomous cars. The strong ai are not well developed, right. 

Now, these AIs will have self-aware consciousness, and they will be almost equally intelligent as humans. As for the weak AIs, I have already told you of their phase. Simply put, both strong AI and weak AI are at their development phase.

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Can AI Exist Without Humans?

Don’t believe everything you see in sci-fi movies. For AI to exist without humans, AI needs to be independent first. Unfortunately, they can do only a handful of tasks that require human effort at their current level.

A human child develops a self-conscious awareness; he gets all the inputs from his surroundings and the environment he lives in and becomes intelligent. An AI is also like an infant intelligence but cannot utilize its machine learning program without humans giving them input.

AI technology has yet to reach the complex level to mimic self-conscious awareness like humans. We indeed need AI. But does AI need us? Thankfully the time to ponder upon that question has not come yet. Since AI is for human use, they will never reach the point to start a coup d’etat against us humans.

Data Is The Fundamental Reason For The Success And Failure Of AI

This is the answer to the above question- Which statement is true regarding artificial intelligence AI?

The difference between humans and AI lies in the human comprehension to work through emotions where AI runs on data. The precision and efficiency of an AI depend upon the data input within its program.

The accuracy and authenticity of the input data make the task handled by an AI flawless. Data and data science is at the heart of AI technology.

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Some Misconceptions About AI

There are some misconceptions about AI. Some popularly circulated ideas about AI misguide people into thinking differently about AI. Here are some of those misconceptions-

  • Machine learning and AI are the same things. The truth is, they are not. Machine learning is a program that AI uses.
  • Machines can learn on their own. This is also not true. The current phase of machines is not that advanced to make their own decisions. Without humans present to give the input, machines cannot produce an output.
  • AI is not beneficial for a business. Are you sure? AI can accumulate data faster and smoothen business communication. It is ideal for many businesses. The quick decision-making feature of AI is another benefit that businesses can have. It would be foolish to avoid the help of AI under wrong assumptions.


If you wonder which of these options is true, then this article has a detailed answer to help you. We have concluded by describing each alternative that option (d) is the correct answer. If you have any other wrong assumptions about AI, the rest of the sections in this article may help you out.

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