Common Issues You Need To Know About Owning A Refurbished iPhone SE

Are you planning on buying a refurbished iPhone SE? Well, this article is all about that. I have discussed all the essential aspects of owning a refurbished iPhone SE and the pitfalls that you might face.

Therefore, please do not buy this phone before going through my detailed review of the phone.  

iPhone SE Overview 

iPhone SE was one of the most popular iPhone variants that was ever released by the company. As a result, the brand released the phone three times in its lifetime.

Therefore, when you buy a refurbished iPhone SE, you need to know the generation that you are paying for.  

The very first version of the iPhone SE was released back in 2016. Meanwhile, the latest iteration of the iPhone SE was released in 2022. A lot has changed in the six-year time span for the iPhone SE.  

The latest iteration of the iPhone SE was released back in 2022 and has been one of the biggest sellers for the company. However, let us delve right in and look at whether buying a refurbished iPhone SE is a good choice or not.  


Buying a refurbished phone requires careful consideration and expertise. You cannot expect a refurbished phone to function like a new phone.

However, refurbished iPhones go through some extensive checks. Therefore, the chances of ending up with a faulty phone could be higher.  

Still, if you are planning on buying a refurbished iPhone SE, then you need to understand these technicalities. I will be discussing aspects like design, hardware, display, camera., battery, and software.  

Therefore, go through these technicalities in order to know what you are getting yourself into. Here we go! 


Design is one of the foremost aspects that you should note if you get this phone for the first time. The iPhone SE is not the prettiest iPhone, as many reviewers might claim. The design is alright by any means. However, it is nothing to write home about.  

iPhone SE features an aluminum frame that is paired with glass panels on either side of the phone. This makes the phone seem like a glass sandwich. While some people like this design choice, I do not.

I think glass panels are more prone to wear and tear. As a result, a refurbished iPhone SE might show some extra wear and tear compared to other iPhones. 

At the time of launch, the iPhone SE was available in three distinct colors: Midnight, Starlight, and Product Red. However, if you are planning on buying a refurbished iPhone, chances are that you will only get some of the aforementioned colors.  


iPhone SE was a trendy phone due to several reasons. One of these reasons is the hardware that the phone runs on. iPhone SE runs on the Apple A15 Bionic 5 nm architecture.

This A15 runs on a system on a chic or SoC architecture that comes with an integrated motion coprocessor and a fifth-generation neural engine.  

iPhone 14 was released in three storage variants: 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. However, all these variants came with similar-ish specifications other than the storage.

iPhone SE, the third generation, was released with 4 GB RAM. This is a considerable step up from the 3 GB RAM of the previous generation.  

The final generation of the iPhone SE comes with an IP67 rating. This means that your phone is, by default, protected from the elements like dust and water.

However, the phone does not come with an ultra-wideband feature. Therefore, expect to see some thermal throttling.  


iPhone SE is a good phone with some fantastic features. One such feature is the display. SE features a well-designed display with some really unique features.

However, well-designed and feature-rich are just vague words. So, let us dive right in to see the technical aspect of the display. 

iPhone SE comes with an HD retina display that can be found in its predecessor. As a result, the display architecture is obsolete.

However, that is not the case. The display architecture features a True Tone. Therefore, you will be able to capture color in the most accurate manner possible.  

The current display architecture of the iPhone SE has the ability to run Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats. Therefore, the overall display of the phone is commendable and dynamic.  


iPhones have always been one of the best phone companies to feature some of the most extensive camera systems. As a result, you can expect world-class imagery from your phone.  

iPhone SE comes with a single camera set-up at the back. The back camera comes with 12 megapixels and has a single lens. The camera system might seem underpowered. However, it is capable of recording videos at 4K at 30 to 60 fps.  

The lens has an overall aperture of around f/1.8 and comes with features like optical image stabilization, autofocus, etc. All of these features allow the phone to capture better images hassle-free.  

In fact, the later iteration of the iPhone SE comes with features like dynamic range, stereo recording, and cinematic stabilization of videos.

Therefore, buying a refurbished iPhone SE would be a good choice when considering the camera features of the phone.  


The battery is an essential aspect of any phone. It is the life source of a phone. However, batteries are the fastest-depreciating components of phones.

As per several sources, the battery of a phone loses 60% of its vitality in the very first year of its existence. Therefore, you need to be careful while buying a refurbished iPhone SE.  

The final generation of the iPhone SE comes with a 2,018 mAh battery. This is a considerable step up from the earlier 1,821 mAh battery system. A bigger battery pack is equivalent to a longer battery life.  

As per Apple, this newer battery pack is capable of providing 15 hours of offline playback time and 13 hours of streaming. However, you are buying a refurbished iPhone SE. Hence, expect to see some reduced figures.  


If the battery is the heart, the software is the brain of your iPhone. Therefore, you have to check whether your phone’s software is functioning effectively or not. The best way to establish this is by putting the phone through some tests.  

iPhone SE is a reliable phone when it comes to the software. This means the brand hardly falters when it comes to the software side of things.

The third generation of iPhone SE comes with iOS 15.4 at the time of its release. However, the phone soon received more updates that allowed the phone to run iOS 17.  

Reception & Controversy 

This might not be directly related to the topic of owning a refurbished iPhone SE. However, knowing the history would always help you to have a clear-cut idea of what to expect.

At the time of release, the iPhone SE mainly received positive reviews. This was primarily because the phone was priced judiciously and offered some fantastic features that remained unrivaled.  

The phone widely received some amazing compliments. However, it ended up facing some criticism as well. The only criticism that the phone received was the removal of chargers and earpads.  

However, loyal customers called this decision pointless. Other than that, the iPhone SE is a solid phone that has been a market stalwart for the longest time.  

Common Refurbished iPhone SE Problems 

Buying a refurbished iPhone SE is an easy task. You go to a dealer and buy the phone. However, buying the right iPhone is the real deal.

A phone that will be there with you for the most extended period of time should. Therefore, it is essential to know the common problems that you might face. 

Hence, I have listed all the essential and common problems that you might see in a refurbished iPhone SE. Let’s dive right in and learn all we can about the issues that you might face.  

Here we go! 

Shattered Glass 

This is one of the most common problems that you will notice in your brand-new yet refurbished iPhone SE. While buying your brand-new refurbished iPhone SE, look for panel damage.

This is a widespread problem that most iPhone users complain about. There is no fix to this problem other than changing the complete panel. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for the same.  


It is widespread for older iPhones to freeze. As a result, expect to see some similar effects after extensively using your new refurbished iPhone SE. If you do experience something like this, you need to restart your phone manually. This might fix the error.

However, this could also be due to low battery. Charging your device might fix the problem. Therefore, look for more accessible solutions than panicking.  

Charging Problems 

One of the most common iPhone problems that most users experience is the charging issue. In fact, 90% of refurbished iPhone SE users claim that their device is failing to charge.

Hence,  similar problems can be expected in the long run. Such an issue could be due to three distinct reasons:  

Bad Cable Connection: check the USB pin for dirt and gunk. This could cause a bad connection and hamper the charging process. 

Broken USB Cord: In some cases, it could be due to a faulty charger. Therefore, try to change your charger and see if it helps.  

Bad Docking Connector: In rare cases, the problem might lie in the charging dock only. Therefore, the only way to bypass this is by changing the whole charging dock.  

Power Problem 

Another common problem that iPhone users need help with is power problems. Most users complain that their refurbished iPhone needs to be switching.

This is a mildly concerning problem that needs specialized care. This could be because of a myriad of different issues like: 

Drained Battery: The most apparent reason behind this issue could be a drained battery. Therefore, charge your battery before pointing fingers.  

Faulty Power Button: It is rare, but your phone likely has a defective power button not connecting effectively. Therefore, fixing the faulty power button is the only way to bypass this.  

Bad Display: This is another prominent cause behind your phone not switching on. Therefore, you must see if your phone’s display works effectively. The best way to do so is to approach a mechanic.  

Faulty Logic Board: Your refurbished iPhone SE likely comes with a defective logic board. This is one of the most complex issues to fix. The only workaround is to replace the complete logic board.  

Accessory Optimization Error 

You will likely see a message saying, “This accessory is not optimized for this iPhone,” while connecting a new accessory to your refurbished iPhone SE.

This is a minor fault that can be quickly addressed by cleaning the docking area or seeing the overall compatibility of your phone.  

However, this could be due to a faulty logic board in some cases. Therefore, you need to understand and address the issue from the get-go. The best way to address this issue is to take your phone to a technician to know the problem effectively.  

Connection Loss 

Finally, you could experience frequent connection errors in your refurbished iPhone SE. This is the most prevalent error that you might encounter from time to time. Hence, it would help if you came prepared.  

The best way to fix this issue is by restarting your phone or putting your phone on flight mode and then switching off the flight mode. This is the only way to fix such errors. Therefore, this fix should work in the long run.  

The Final Thought 

That is all there is to buying a refurbished iPhone SE. If you want quality, go for a refurbished iPhone with a warranty.

And the best place to find such phones is the Apple licensed refurbished product. Keep following our page for more such content.

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