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In the present world, you can find many people tilting towards robotics. It is quite natural as the advancement of technology has made robotics and AI a common thing in all spheres of life.

As a result, many companies have already thrived in the world and they are promisingly working in this niche. RightHand Robotics is one such company. Its main service is to provide automation in any business process.

It always provides scalable automation that enhances the fulfillment of orders for a business organization. The main customers of this industry are retailers belonging to the e-commerce business.

In this article, you can check out the history of the company and the industries it is connected to. Moreover, you can check out the leading products that the company has made.

Righthand Robotics: The Company History

Righthand Robotics: The Company History

Righthand Robotics was founded back in 2015 by some gifted robot makers. It is basically the team that won the DARPA challenge the same year, conducted by Harvard University. So, you see how a bunch of talented students turned into entrepreneurs.

The main takeaway that the company owners got was the concept of making a robotic gripper by the usage of a smart mechanism. They also understood that solving the customer’s problems can lead them to success at any point in time.

As a result, the Righthand Robotics came into being. The main benefit it started giving was warehouse automation. As a result, proper piece-keeping occurred and it resulted in e-commerce fulfillment.

The incidents after the invention of the gadget took place like magic. All the company managers understood that the product had the potential to rule the market and it had a high demand. So, they agreed to a common vision to make it big.

Actually, there were many signs that showed that the gripper could meet several needs of the market. So, all the experts dedicated themselves to developing the gripper further with AI and computer vision.

Next, they had to gather a workforce that could boost production. So, it took some more time till the machine started getting a mass production.

The gripper/automated piece picking product got a grand launch ceremony in the market by the managers in 2017, Since then, Righthand Robotics started expanding and got into partnerships with different retail organizations in Europe, the U.S, and Japan.

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Culture Of The Company

Culture Of The Company

Righthand Robotics believes in a work culture where they value teamwork. Every employee of the company aims to fulfill promises made to the customers. Moreover, every employee of Righthand Robotics has the independence to be creative.

Moreover, as per the management’s concern, they know how to celebrate the contribution of the employee and a project milestone. This is the only reason why the Righthand Robotics stocks are always high.

Prominent Industries Working In

Righthand Robot

As of now, there are different types of industries with which the Righthand Robotics is working. Even the views of of the employees is outstanding. You can find it on the Righthand Robotics Glassdoor.

Here, you can check out the types of industries that Righthand Robotics is working with. Take a look:

1. Grocery:

In the case of groceries, the gripper from Righthand Robotics can meet the need of gentle handling. Moreover, it can reliably pack items for home delivery and pick up.

2. E-commerce:

In the eCommerce sector, the gripper helps to boost labor productivity. All thanks to robotics, the employers are now relying on grippers as they can easily pick up several types of products and shift them for good in the warehouse.

3. Pharmaceuticals:

A few big pharmaceutical companies have an idea about the Righthand Robotics logo as they are the direct customers. Here too, the gadget helps in product picking and packaging. In some gadgets, there is a bar code scanner attached. So, you can expect to save a lot of time in bill-making as you shift the stocks.

4. Electronics:

Well, electronics is yet another sphere where the gripper has gained much fame. It is because the electronic business relies on robots to complete the manufacturing process.

So, it is clear that the gripper is much relevant in all types of industries. In such a scenario, you can get one from the company. Well, you can also know about the Righthand Robotics share price and buy one item.

About The Gripper

The Gripper is like a hand that picks up and shifts or tastes products in a warehouse. Well has a simple look and it’s well efficient. The company programs the AI according to the needs of a specific organization.

Now, coming to the management side, it is a lucid process to manage the gripper. Proper training can always help one or two people from an organization to handle it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is Righthand Robotics A Good Company?

Yes, given the culture, you can consider Righthand Robotics to be a good company. Moreover, as it formed on the basis of teamwork, it is still well-knit.

2. Is Robotics Relevant In The Current Professional Fields?

An obvious yes would be the answer to this question. As of now, robotics and AI are relevant to most professional fields now. 

3. Can The Gripper Lessen The Time For Sorting Products?

Yes, the gripper is able to lessen time when it comes to sorting products. As a result, you can consider it working in an outstanding manner in the warehouse.

4. Should You Own A Gripper From Righthand Robotics?

If you have an industry or an e-commerce store, you can order a gripper from the Righthand Robotics.

Wrapping Up 

As Artificial Intelligence is taking the front seat in the production market, you can expect the usage of smart gadgets to increase in the future. So, the companies like Righthand Robotics can thrive in the market.

You can always expect the company to grow in the future and turn into a prominent global name. Well, the best you can do is check the share prices and invest in the company. This is yet another way you can stay beside it as a support.

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      Mashum Mollah is a passionate blogger. He loves to share his thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world through blogging. Mashum Mollah is associated with TechNetDeals & TechTrendsPro.