Where To Exchange ADA To AGIX Without Registration?

Cryptography is quite actively being introduced into the real economy, and the possibilities of blockchain technology are being used in a variety of industries. The Ethereum blockchain laid the technological foundations for the De-Fi segment and the automation of routine business processes.

A few years later, artificial intelligence technologies appeared on the agenda, which simplifies the processing of large amounts of data. This is another very valuable and promising tool for optimizing many processes. Of course, it is still too early to blindly trust AI in choosing the optimal moment for BTC to ETH exchange, but using its capabilities in combination with personal experience can be quite productive.

Cardano – third-generation blockchain

The idea of decentralized applications and smart contracts turned out to be so attractive that the Ethereum blockchain periodically has ambitious competitors. In the crypto community, they are often called “Ethereum killers”, although so far they are far from equal competition. Among the first to receive this unofficial title was the Cardano blockchain with its native ADA token. However, the developers themselves also talk about the desire to surpass Ethereum.

The platform is aimed at the development and deployment of decentralized applications and smart contracts for various purposes, as well as the development and promotion of sidechain technology. Sidechains are designed to address the silos of the crypto industry and are intended to expand the use of tokens outside of the original blockchain.

The Cardano project does not rely on the development of other blockchains. It fundamentally differs from most cryptocurrency projects in its research and development approach to the development of its own ecosystem. The team uses the 100% functional Haskell programming language. According to the developers, it is best suited for creating the most advanced environment with an extended set of tools for deploying complex smart contracts.

Another characteristic feature of the project is some slowness in the implementation of updates. The team makes every effort to ensure that each next product is of the highest quality.

The native ADA token is used for fast and secure exchange of value on the Cardano network, and blockchain technology ensures the security and transparency of transactions. During its existence, the coin has experienced a dizzying rise and a deep fall, but still holds steady in the TOP-10 of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies.

Singularity Net – a combination of AI and blockchain

The Singularity Net project aims to develop artificial intelligence technology. According to the team’s idea, the output should be a technology with the logic of thinking, which is as close as possible to a human one. In addition to actually creating such a technology, Singularity Net aims to make its product available to the mass user, and blockchain technology can help achieve this goal.

Singularity Net’s flagship product, AI Marketplace & AI Publisher, is an ever-growing library of AI algorithms for a variety of purposes. One of the main elements of the platform is a specialized marketplace for buying and selling AI developments. For settlements on the network, the SingularityNET (AGIX) token of the same name is used. AGIX owners can receive rewards and participate in the management of the platform.

Through the Singularity Net bridge, AGIX tokens can be transferred to other blockchains, but so far the capabilities of the bridge are limited. Cross-chain connections are established only with the Cardano and Ethereum blockchains.

Since AI technologies are at the very early stages of development and implementation, the coins of projects aimed at this segment are more suitable for the definition of speculative assets.

Where to exchange AGIX for ADA

Both tokens are supported on many cryptocurrency exchanges. However, the ADA/AGIX trading pair is not represented on centralized exchanges. In order to exchange ADA to AGIX for Huobi or KuCoin, you will have to perform two consecutive transactions using the USDT.

The direct exchange of these altcoins is available on several decentralized exchanges. To work with decentralized platforms, account registration is not required, you only need to have a cryptocurrency wallet compatible with the platform. However, this method has disadvantages. First of all, the functionality of DEX is quite different from that of CEX and is inferior to it in many respects. The second drawback is the low liquidity of the trading pair.

The fastest and easiest way to exchange coins is to use the LetsExchange service. All that is required to perform the swap is to carefully fill out the exchange widget, be sure to indicate the wallet address, make a deposit and click the “Exchange” button. Search for actual transactions, their analysis, and transaction execution. It is extremely simple, secure, and anonymous.

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      Arnab Das is a passionate blogger who loves to write on different niches like technologies, dating, finance, fashion, travel, and much more.