Top 10 Business Laptops In India for 2018

Buying a business laptop is not a decision that you can make overnight. Serving customers calls for a lot of reliability and the kind of laptop you choose will determine the success of your business. You don’t want to buy something that will compromise your customer service efforts. After all, you have little control on how the laptop is going to work especially after making a wrong purchase. The list below presents top 10 best business laptops in India. gives you an exclusive opportunity to buy one of these items at pocket-friendly prices by just clicking on the ‘buy this item’ button. All these machines have been tried and tested and you can be sure that they will not let you down.

Top 10 Business Laptops In India for 2018

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Questions and Answers About Business Laptops In India

  1. Should I be keen with the brand while buying the best laptop for business use

The answer to this question is an outright yes! We have some brands that are renowned for producing the best laptop for business use. Some of these leading brands include but are not limited to Lenovo, HP, Microsoft, and Apple. Each brand has different models that address different business needs of users. Some of the brands may have several models that fall under the top 10 [easyazon_link keywords=”laptops” locale=”IN” tag=”technetdeals0-21″]business laptops[/easyazon_link] in India. Talk to your counterparts and get to hear what they have to say on each brand and model. You will always get unbiased recommendations from other users because there is no conflict of interest. Go through independent customer reviews including outside the official site of the company to get to understand the experience of those who are already using some of these machines.

  1. How heavy is the laptop?

Will you be working from home or you will be carrying the laptop to the office each day? You may require a lighter machine if you will be carrying it from the office and back home each day. However, the weight may not be a big issue if the laptop will be staying in the office or for a person who is working from home. You may go for the other super features you need in the laptop like speed and storage even if the gadget is heavy.

  1. How long will the battery last me?

The battery life can be a big issue of concern for any person who does not have a reliable source of power. Most [easyazon_link keywords=”laptop batteries” locale=”IN” tag=”technetdeals0-21″]laptop batteries[/easyazon_link]may last you close to two hours before being recharged. A person who will be using the laptop most of the time while on the move can go for batteries that can last for even six hours. However, we still have laptops whose batteries rarely go for one hour after the full charge. The only reliable source of information when it comes to battery life is the existing consumers.

  1. Which processor is the best for a business laptop?

The best business laptops in India may come from AMD or Intel. Most users find a dual core processor to be adequate but more complicated tasks like video editing may require [easyazon_link keywords=”Intel Core” locale=”IN” tag=”technetdeals0-21″]Intel Core[/easyazon_link] i5 or i7.

  1. Is Webcam of Importance

This feature is critical if you will be making some business calls on skype. It is good to have a [easyazon_link keywords=”laptop webcam” locale=”IN” tag=”technetdeals0-21″]webcam[/easyazon_link] because you can never tell when the customer or business partner will request for one. The world is going digital and you cannot run away from some of these new developments.

  1. Best laptop for business and personal use?

Most people in India will also use their business laptop for personal use. This means that the laptop will be on most of the time. In fact, some laptops may be powered on as long as the person is awake. You will find some of them remaining in use for even 18 hours each day. You need to find the best laptop for business and personal use yes you overwork the machine and make it depreciate very fast. The machine should have a high storage capacity and speed as discussed in the other questions above. It should also have a big screen as you don’t want to strain while working as you will be spending most of the time on this device.

  1. What about the storage

The [easyazon_link keywords=”hard disk” locale=”IN” tag=”technetdeals0-21″]hard disk[/easyazon_link] space varies from one laptop to another. However, you can always buy an external hard disk to compliment this space. Look at the internal storage and make sure that it will accommodate the important files you wish to store there. You can get an external drive and store all the other files there.

  1. What is the Recommended amount of memory

This will vary depending on your business needs. 2GB is good for most laptops but you can go for higher capacities depending on the speed you want your machine to run it. This is because the amount of RAM will determine the speed of the machine.

  1. How many USBs do I want

The number of USB will depend on how many gadgets you will be connecting at the same time. You may want to connect a mouse, modem, and external hard disk drive at the same time. Make sure the number of USB ports are sufficient and will not incontinence you in any way.

  1. Should I use pricing as a determining factor?

Pricing may appear to be a simple element to evaluate but it can be the hardest if you look at it well. You cannot buy a business laptop that costs more than your budget can afford. However, you cannot go for the cheapest laptops if you are looking for the best laptop for office use. You can always get the best product within your budget constraints as long as you do your assignment well. Look for a product that has the most of the features you are looking for falls within your budget. Compare what different vendors sell similar products and choose the one who will give you the best value for your money.


The best business laptop in India depends on the memory, webcam, brand, storage space, processor, battery life, size and USB among other factors. You need to keenly evaluate each of these elements to make an informed decision. You need a reliable device because it will affect the success of your business and level of customer satisfaction.

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      Mashum Mollah

      Mashum Mollah

      Mashum Mollah is a passionate blogger. He loves to share his thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world through blogging. Mashum Mollah is associated with TechNetDeals & TechTrendsPro.