Importance Of Image Compression: Why Do You Need It

Images play a crucial role in our daily lives, especially in this modern world!

Whether it’s casual personal photography or a professional graphic design process, we all want to be on top of our choices. The more you indulge yourself in photography, the more you understand the significance of it on the go. It is not just about photography, but it is also about the hardware and image processing.

However, high-quality images can take up a lot of storage space. This is a universal issue for people who love to upload images online.

This is where image compression comes on stage!

In this digital age, it is essential to understand the importance of image compression. People who do not know may think of it as an unnecessary process, but if you are getting a free image compressor for your image editing, there can be nothing more impressive than this.

Here, we will explore the significance of image compression and how it can help you get through the major image editing constraint.

What Is Image Compression?

Image compression is the process of decreasing an image’s size without reducing its quality. 

So, basically, image compression is an image resizing process. The image size will be very high when you capture a photo in a DSLR with the raw compositions.

Let’s say you have recently traveled to some places and captured some beautiful images that you want to upload on social media. Well, it will become cumbersome if you do not resize the images.

Apart from that, to keep images in your low-storage phone, you need to free up some space, making the whole process daunting. Moreover, the moment you try to reduce the size of the image, the quality will degrade.

Well, don’t worry!

We have got you covered this time!

It’s time to resize your images without degrading the quality of it. There are different types of image compression techniques available in the market. For instance, lossless and lossy compression, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Lossless compression comes with every bit of compressed images where you can easily recreate the same uncompressed original file. On the contrary, with lossy compression, you can save storage by permanently eliminating certain information from the file.

JPEG is an example of lossy compression, whereas LZ77 comes with lossless compression.

Why Do You Need Image Compression?

Need Image Compression

Image compression comes with different benefits for professional and casual photographers. Apart from that, image compression is also used in professional workspaces to lead different image-related works.

This is a digital world; you cannot expect a platform to work without considering image compression. Whether you are sending an email or maintaining a professional website, image compression is going to be your ultimate friend in need.

The world is not going to recognize you without images, and this is where the importance of image compression comes on stage.

A Compressed Image Loads Faster

If you want to run your website better, you will need to ensure better visual content. This is only possible with critical optimization.

Well, optimizing your website is a common concern for all website holders. So, everyone will try to optimize their websites with the help of SEO. However, that is not all!

If you do not want your website to eat its own traffic, you must focus on its loading process. Images need bandwidth to load over the internet. When you have uploaded high-quality images on your website without considering the size of it, in the future, your visitors will find it crazy to dig into the website.

They do not care about your concerns but only want to make it faster. So, it should be your main concern as well. It’s time to use an image compressor to ensure less loading time on the website with the same image quality.

Image Compression Doesn’t Affect Resolution

Many think that if they want to reduce the loading speed by reducing the size of an image, they will lose the resolution of images and, ultimately, quality.

This is insane! Right!

However, if we say you will not lose resolution with image compression, would you believe it?

Yes! You have heard it right!

The mastery of image compression is that it can resize your images without losing their quality a bit. So, now it’s time to resize your images without worrying about the resolution. It will not drop but will remain the same.

Especially when you are trying to keep the same stage, you can simply go for lossless compression. From the new file, you can easily recreate your previous file whenever you need as this particular compression process does not delete anything from the original.

A Compressed Image Takes Up Less Storage Space

Compressing an image with a compressor will significantly reduce the size, and thus, you will need less storage to keep it.

Storage is a big issue for all digital users. Whether it is your phone or laptop, the image sizes these days are taking up much space to cover the raw quality.

However, here, we need to understand the size of images in particular. A particular image size depends on these three factors!

  • Pixel dimensions.
  • Format.
  • Quality and details.

Now, if you want to reduce the size, you might lose quality, but not with an image compressor.

A Compressed Image Takes Less Time To Upload

We have discussed the loading process of a website earlier. It is a no-brainer to understand the fact that a smaller size helps with the loading process as it needs less internet bandwidth.

Considering a lossy image compressor, you will be able to reduce the original size of an image. This may help you upload photos on social media quite easily.

Compressing Images Is Good Practice

Compressing images before uploading is a good practice because you will never miss to reduce the size. On the other hand, if you upload an image with a 15 MB size, you will see that the website is loading more flowers than before.

Try to use image compression every time before you upload an image, and make your website healthy.

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      Shahnawaz Alam

      Shahnawaz Alam

      Shahnawaz is a passionate and professional Content writer. He loves to read, write, draw and share his knowledge in different niches like Technology, Cryptocurrency, Travel,Social Media, Social Media Marketing, and Healthcare.