Top Must-Have Android Apps For Students

As a student, we are not allowed to touch smartphones while studying. This is how our parents confirm that we are getting most of our studies done.

But what if we say that smartphones have become a necessity even during studies? Would you believe us?

Smartphones are not only for chatting, sending, and receiving images and videos. It has become more than that. It has become a point of contact where students can access valuable information for their studies and use different software applications to learn faster.

In addition, you can even say that the smartphone is a new planner for students. Unlike traditional planners, digital planners come with add-ons to help students.

Today, we will discuss a few must-have applications for students to make their lives easier and learning more fun.

Top Must-Have Apps For Students

Top Must-Have Apps For Students

To be a student means you need to manage everything for yourself. From managing your studies, assignment, and monthly budget to house chores, personal goals, and ensuring everything is on schedule.

Without the right support, this can be too taxing on the students’ bodies. But, now that we have evolved so much technologically, we have software and tools to make things simpler and manageable.

So, if you are a student with android, here is a list of software you can use to help you manage your work and boost your productivity. And don’t be afraid if you do not find any software in the play store, you can simply download it from the pirate bay.

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1. Evernote

There is one constant in every student’s life – taking notes. Whether it’s class, tuition, or doing research papers, however, taking notes in a diary or paper can be problematic. If you are not careful enough, you might drop it somewhere.

Even if you are careful enough not to drop it anywhere, you need to ensure that you are carrying it all the time. That’s different stress to handle.

Evernote is a one-stop solution for such problems. You can easily gather information from different places and platforms in one place and access it from your smartphone.


Being a student, you always need to work on your vocabulary. You can’t afford to make mistakes.

This is because the same mistakes will affect your college life. If you are not well versed with grammar and different words, you might experience hearing a word in your college life which you have never heard before.

You are not actually going to carry a dictionary with you all the time and grab it whenever you encounter a new word to learn. However, if you have this application, finding the meaning of a new word is a couple of clicks away.

3. Dropbox

Are you always finding yourself in a position where you store a valuable document in your phone, and it is mistakenly deleted? Here comes the solution.

Dropbox is a cloud storing application that helps you store anything you want. The best part of this application is that you can access the data from anywhere you want.

In addition, you can directly share the documents with your friends and teacher from Dropbox. You just need to add their ID.

4. CamScanner

Now that we live in the digital era, people are more comfortable reading digital notes than paper notes. Converting paper notes to digital is a real hassle if we do it with traditional technology.

However, with CanScanner, the process becomes too simple and convenient. Imagine having a software application on your phone, you just need to scan the paper documents, and digital documents are formed.

This helpful application helps you convert handwritten notes to PDFs by taking pictures of them.

5. Any.DO

If you are a student, you need to be punctual, carry a sense of responsibility, and be disciplined with your personality.

If you have a habit of forgetting things or procrastination, get this application. It helps you keep track of your daily activity, what is done and what needs to be done.

It is like a checklist where you add all your tasks and complete them based on their priority.


That’s it for this article. We have listed down the top application that students need to have on their smartphones.

Yes, the list is too short. This is because we can’t add applications that are too personalized. We have left it to the individuals to decide.

The application we have listed here can be used by any student irrespective of your stream and major.

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