Popular Gadgets For Kids In 2024: What To Buy And How To Stay Safe

As we become more reliant on technology, it’s essential to introduce children to tech at a young age.

The latest tech gadgets for kids are designed to blend education and entertainment. From educational tablets to interactive robots, there are plenty of options available that can stimulate learning and creativity in kids.

However, as excited as you may be to gift a new tech present, you’ll want to consider safety first. Tech gadgets for kids may seem simple, but they may have specifications that make them vulnerable to cybersecurity issues. 

In this guide, you will learn what are the most popular gadgets for kids in 2024 and how to practice good online security to stay safe.   

Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Educational tablets have become a staple in fostering early learning and development. This device is designed with kid-friendly interfaces and will already come loaded with educational content. Parents can control screen time, set age-appropriate content, and monitor the child’s progress through the tablet’s settings.

  • Cybersecurity Tip: Regularly update parental control settings to ensure you’re correctly monitoring the tablet. When connecting to the internet, use a VPN to keep your connection private and mask your child’s location. You can look for a free VPN trial to test out a virtual private network. 

Osmo Coding Jam

Osmo encourages kids to delve into coding and programming from an early age. The set provides a hands-on experience, making learning to code interactive and enjoyable. According to Osmo, the company’s games and apps help with fine motor skills, creativity, and advancement of knowledge in the field of STEAM.

  • Cybersecurity Tip: Remind kids not to download unfamiliar apps while using the coding kit. Keep all settings private, and don’t share coding project details with anyone your child doesn’t know.

Moxie Robot

Moxie is the first interactive robot with AI capabilities for kids. Through play, the robot learns to interact intelligently with its owner. The robot helps kids manage emotions and will ask questions to build communication skills.

  • Cybersecurity Tip: Make sure you’re using the most up-to-date app for the robot. Also, teach kids about the potential risks of connecting to unsecured networks. It’s worth using a VPN with this product too.

Merge Cube

AR devices, like the Merge Cube, bring learning to life by blending the digital and physical worlds. With the cube, you can virtually hold anything in the palm of your hand, including scientific objects like molecules, globes, and fossils.

  • Cybersecurity Tip: Ensure the AR app is downloaded directly from the App Store or Google Play. Discuss the importance of privacy settings and encourage kids to ask for permission before sharing any images they create on the Merge Cube.

Celestron Digital Microsoft

For the budding scientists, digital microscopes offer a close-up view of the unseen. Your child can explore biology and nature while capturing images and videos of their discoveries.

  • Cybersecurity Tip: Don’t forget to secure the device to which you connect the digital microscope.

Apple Watch

Apple has recently created a kid-friendly mode for its watch models. Kids can access as few or as many features as decided through the Schooltime mode. You may also choose a specific watch for children, such as the VTech Smartwatch. The Vtech version includes games, a camera, and more.

  • Cybersecurity Tip: Regularly check the smartwatch for software updates to enhance security. Also, review the Schooltime mode settings to review contacts and monitor who your child is messaging on the Apple Watch. Remind the child only to share contact information with people if they’ve asked permission first.

Meta Quest 3

VR headsets like the Meta Quest 3 (formerly Oculus) offer an immersive gaming and educational experience. A VR headset includes games but also provides access to interactive learning experiences.

  • Cybersecurity Tip: Ensure the VR content is age-appropriate before downloading new games or apps onto the headset. Limit usage of the headset too. Most health agencies recommend that kids use virtual reality for at most 10-15 minutes at a time.

Kano PC

The Kano PC allows you to build a working computer as a STEAM project. You can customize the laptop by following the step-by-step instructions to make the computer. Once created, download apps, watch videos, and browse the internet on the connected device.

  • Cybersecurity Tip: Set up strong passwords for the computer before your kid starts to use it. Enable parental controls, too, in order to limit access to potentially harmful websites. Talk about phishing and the importance of not clicking on unknown links.

A Few Final Words

Introducing children to technology at a young age can stimulate learning and creativity. However, it’s equally important to prioritize their safety—especially when using internet-enabled devices. By selecting age-appropriate tech gifts and incorporating cybersecurity education, parents can guarantee that their kids enjoy the benefits of technology while developing responsible online habits.

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Nabamita Sinha loves to write about lifestyle and pop-culture. In her free time, she loves to watch movies and TV series and experiment with food. Her favorite niche topics are fashion, lifestyle, travel, and gossip content. Her style of writing is creative and quirky.

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      Nabamita Sinha

      Nabamita Sinha

      Nabamita Sinha loves to write about lifestyle and pop-culture. In her free time, she loves to watch movies and TV series and experiment with food. Her favorite niche topics are fashion, lifestyle, travel, and gossip content. Her style of writing is creative and quirky.