Solutions-Architect-Data-Analytics-Core | What Is It? [Complete Guide]

Are you thinking about becoming a solutions-architect-data-analytics-core?

I must say, you have chosen one of the best and most prospering jobs of this new age.


Wait, are you preparing for that well?

Every profession is different from one another, which is why you need to prepare separately for different professional designations. Especially when it comes to solutions-architect-data-analytics-core, you always have to ensure that you are collecting almost every piece of information available in the market.

I know if you spend your time collecting information about your dream job, you will not be able to get enough time in order to prepare for it. That is why I am here with all the necessary pieces of information you need when you are considering data analytics architect as your career option.

What Is The Solution Architect – Data Analytics – Core?

In case you are searching for some new age profession, let me tell you there are a number of advantages to picking the position of solutions-architect-data-analytics-core. With this, you will be able to learn and grow in the technical fields.

At the same time, it also ensures that you are making an impact on your organization much sooner than you might have thought it is possible. In addition to all these, solutions-architect-data-analytics-core mostly make a much better impact in comparison to the traditional solutions architects due to the ability to leverage the cloud for their solutions.

What Is The Solution Architect - Data Analytics - Core

Apart from that, new technologies, like machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, are also working as fuel. In order to create a more personalized experience, which also enhances user engagement with products and services, professionals can utilize this particular technology.

Also, when it comes to making decisions really quickly and that too based on real-time information, which was previously not available, individuals can use this technology. Nowadays, we all know how IoT technology is being integrated into several other systems.

Here, the solutions-architect-data-analytics-core professionals are positioned for managing that specific complexity from an overachieving perspective.


When your responsibility includes architecting big data solutions, having the proper knowledge of gathering and also applying data from different sources and applying analytical thinking for creating high-value solutions for business are crucial.

When you choose this profession, you are free to use your innovative abilities along with business acumen for solving tough challenges for your customers or clients.

The Roles Of Solution Architect – Data Analytics – Core

To be honest, the solutions-architect-data-analytics-core is an entry-level position that is open for a new graduate. This particular job included tasks like troubleshooting configurations, installing software along with maintaining servers.

In case you are looking for anything a bit more involved, you always have the option of considering a technical support position. In this particular job role, you will be going to work closely with consumers and will solve their issues. You can think of it as an IT consultant.

Roles Of Solution Architect
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Here, you will guide your clients on fixing various issues and also provide support for technical queries and issues they might have. If you are too ambitious and want to climb up within your organization and grow your career without being a typical IT management individual, this role is simply perfect for you.

Complete Guide On Solution Architect – Data Analytics – Core

In case you are considering the career option of solution architect – data analytics – core, it is crucial to know the details about the job profile. Till now we have talked a lot about this job role, but now we will start with the detailed job descriptions, qualifications, and pay scale.

Guide On Solution Architect
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The Required Qualification

In order to be a solution architect data analytics core, your main focus has to be on finding the appropriate solution to help organizations reach their business goals. Developing technologies and, of course, making them scalable and maintainable for business is one of your major responsibilities here.

Your job role has the word “architect,” that means you are to be creative while solving complex problems and implementing highly technical solutions on a daily basis.

The basic requirement to become a solution architect is data analytics core, you first need to be a great solution architect, and here the needs and requirements become complex and also different for different organizations.

For that, you must have great communication skills, both written and verbal. It is obvious you will have a super workload, and with so much pressure staying focused and meeting deadlines become challenging, so having strong time management skills will help you a lot.

Apart from all this, if you hold good organizational skills along with team handling, this will be the cherry on the top of your job cake.

Detailed Job Description

In simple terms, a solutions-architect-data-analytics-core professional is an enterprise architect with data analysis skills who have higher experience in designs and architecture. For taking this specific position, you have to be creative and resourceful at the same time. 

In the world of changing data science and data analytics, these will help your organization. In addition to all these, in case you hold a broad understanding of how business decisions are made and how different types of data can be leveraged to drive value, it would be great.

Different Tasks Of A Data Solutions Architect

Being a big data solution architect, you will design, implement and, of course, analyze systems solutions on the basis of your knowledge and experience.

Here, your task can also include helping clients with advice, technical evaluations, and assessments of newer technologies or, in some cases determining the efficiency of an already existing system.

You might also need to prepare presentations to senior management teams and advise some suggestions in the decision-making processes.

As we have already mentioned, being a solutions architect and data analytics core professional, you have to be capable of working with higher-level customer executives in order to evaluate customer needs and, as per that, crafting proposals for what will be the best for the organization.

You should always remember that, in case an IT professional has taken over this specific designation, the individual must have gone through rigorous training before being accepted into the field. 

There is no formal education required for this particular designation, but you need to show a certification from an accredited school for some specific technologies and products that are related to the specialty area of the organization to which you are applying.

Usual Responsibilities Of Solution Data Analytics Architect

The solutions-architect-data-analytics-core is actually the high-level strategic architect of analytical solutions.

As a solution architect, the professional makes sure that their design properly complements the existing architectures and also the infrastructure by developing cloud-ready, scalable solutions.

This specific position is going to be a key member of the analytical project teams that are involved in any type aspect of the particular project from conception to execution. Here are some common responsibilities of a solutions-architect-data-analytics-core.

Responsibilities Of Solution Data Analytics Architect
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  • Designing analytics platforms.
  • Developing data models, governance policies, data management, and data architecture framework design.
  • Defining analytical processing methods and algorithms.
  • Defining enterprise business intelligence standards.
  • Managing the entire solution implementation phase.

And… Obviously The Salary

Well, when it is all about career options and a professional designation, it is obvious that you will want to have a basic idea about the salary. So, the average salary of a solutions-architect-data-analytics-core is around $100,000 to $125,000 per annum.

You also can earn on an hourly basis, and the payment can be somewhere between $40 and $60. One can get the average base salary from $65,000 to $70,000, along with an annual bonus of a maximum of $5,000.

You also must keep note that the income potential of a solutions-architect-data-analytics-core varies from $150,000 to $200,000. Here, I also should mention that this attractive range of salary also brings long work hours and work-related stress.

Still, I have news to boost your energy. In the year 2013, Forbes Magazine ranked this career as one of the best jobs in America.

Get Started As A Solutions Architect Data Analytics Core

Till now, we have covered almost everything about data analytics architect. I know when you are searching for details about it, there is something you are planning. If you are thinking about picking this profession as your career, you have to prepare for that.

Trust me; it is indeed an exciting journey. However, it takes commitment and also knowledge to succeed. In case you are considering a career as an architect, you need to consider 4 crucial things before pursuing this field.

Started As A Solutions Architect Data Analytics Core
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Here they are.

  • You need to complete an undergraduate degree in computer science or engineering. This is essential for any entry-level position as a data analytics core.
  • You have to be proficient enough in programming languages. Always remember that every position of solutions-architect-data-analytics-core needs some particular level of programming proficiency. I know there are several computer languages; you just need to be really fluent in at least one computer language.

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  2. Your article gave me a lot of inspiration, I hope you can explain your point of view in more detail, because I have some doubts, thank you.

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    Mashum Mollah

    Mashum Mollah

    Mashum Mollah is a passionate blogger. He loves to share his thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world through blogging. Mashum Mollah is associated with TechNetDeals & TechTrendsPro.