20 Biggest Game Announcement From Gamescom 2023

Gamescom is the world’s largest gaming event – a gaming trade fair. Since its inception in 2009, it has taken place annually at the Koelnmese in Cologne, Germany. With over 350,000 visitors every year, it makes sense that the biggest gaming companies would reveal their upcoming games and hardware at this event. In this regard, Gamescom 2023 is no exception. 

From game reveals, announcements, cosplay events, and more, this year’s Gamescom was chock full of a lot of surprises for gamers. With new gameplay trailers for the new Modern Warfare 3, Bethesda’s new IP Starfield, the highly anticipated souls-like Black Myth: Wukong, and the Idris Elba and Keanu Reeves starring Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty DLC, we have a lot to cover here!

Therefore, without much adieu, let’s dine in and have a look at the biggest game announcements made at Gamescom 2023!

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Release Date: November 10, 2023

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

No matter what Call of Duty game comes out – whether it’s anything different or the same run-and-gun game we have been playing for decades – we will play it no matter what. However, the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 reboot is slightly….different.

While both the rebooted Modern Warfare 1 (2019) and 2 (2022) have been amazing, Activision seems to be taking a step in the right direction with Modern Warfare 3.

The new Modern Warfare 3 Gamescom 2023 trailer showed various new ideas, like completing an OCM (Open Combat Mission) in multiple ways, where you can complete it stealthily (like Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell), or you can go guns blazing like the Call of Duty we grew up playing.

Plus, they will be updating the Call of Duty multiplayer experience with loads of new content – something that was lacking in the Modern Warfare 2 reboot multiplayer. No wonder everyone’s hyped to play it when it finally launches on November 10 for all major platforms.

Black Myth: Wukong

Release Date: 2024 (TBA)

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Ever since it was first revealed way back in 2020, Black Myth: Wukong has been one of the most anticipated games that gamers wanted to see more of at Gamescom 2023

This game is inspired by FromSoftware’s Souls-like games, which have been dominating the industry now. In this game, you play the titular Wukong – the mythical Monkey King from Chinese mythology. 

With satisfying and visceral combat, bone-crunching difficulty, and exhilarating boss fights, this game will definitely become a contender for the Game of the Year 2024 award. 

However, Chinese developers Game Science has not given an official release date yet. We expect this to be released sometime in early 2024. 

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Release Date: September 26, 2023

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Let’s face it – Cyberpunk 2077 had one of the most disastrous launches of all time. Being one of the most ambitious games, its launch saw it crumble under the immense hype the game had. The sheer overwhelming number of technical difficulties made it almost unplayable, especially on the previous-gen PS4 and Xbox One S consoles. 

However, the Witcher 3 developers have decided to turn its reputation around by launching its highly anticipated Phantom Liberty DLC. This DLC will introduce players to a new region, loads of new weapons and vehicles, an overhauled enemy AI and Police system, plus new skill trees that will turn Cyberpunk 2077 into a brand-new game.

Starring Hollywood stars Idris Elba and Keanu Reeves, this DLC introduces a new region called Dogtown for players to explore. Rife with crime, corruption, and violence, the player (V) is tasked with rescuing the NUS President in a high-stakes mission.

Announced as the last major update to Cyberpounk 2077 before development on its sequel starts, let’s hope for the least amount of bugs on September 26.


Release Date: September 6, 2023

Platforms: Windows, Xbox Series X/S

While Elder Scrolls 6 and Fallout 5 still seem to be a decade away, Bethesda and Todd Howard will keep players busy with Starfield – Bethesda’s first new IP in two decades. 

While this game is termed a “Fallout in Space,” its trailers have showcased the massive scope of the game. It’s not an open-world game that many players expected. Instead, it’s an open-space game where you get to explore hundreds of planets of the Milky Way.

This game finally came out after being developed for a decade on September 6. Unfortunately, PlayStation players might not be able to play this yet since Microsoft bought Bethesda. Ouch.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2: Heart Of Chornobyl

Release Date: Early 2024 (TBA)

Platforms: Windows, Xbox Series X/S

As a boomer gamer myself, I enjoyed my time exploring the decrepit and brooding landscapes of Stalker: Call of Pripyat (2009). 15 years later, we will finally get back to the hellish nuclear wasteland with Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl. 

In this game, players will venture deep into the heart of Chornobyl – a nuclear wasteland to uncover its mysteries. An open-world FPS shooter at its core, this is also a survival game, as the nuclear radiation will make things difficult for all players. 

Just like Starfield, this will also be a Microsoft exclusive, releasing on Windows and Xbox in early 2024. However, PS5 players will definitely get a port by 2025. Ouch. Again.

Path Of Exile 2

Release Date: June 7, 2024 (Closed Beta)

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

Path of Exile stood out from the crowd of “Diablo Clones” – being better than Diablo. Now, imagine that same winning formula being improved and applied in this next title by Grinding Gear games.

A top-down action RPG, this game will feature loads of dungeons to crawl and monsters to slay. With over twelve character classes to choose from, this game won the hearts of players at Gamescom 2023 by showing the Druid class gameplay – where you can turn into a menacing bear yourself. 

The Path of Exile 2 close beta starts on June 2024, with an official release slated for Fall 2024.

Lies Of P

Release Date: September 19, 2023

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

The second souls-like to be featured at Gamescom 2023 was Lies of P, created by Neowiz Games. 

Inspired heavily by the dark Victorian and Lovecraftian aesthetics of Bloodborne, you will play Pinocchio (who kind of looks like Timothee Chalamet). On a quest to find your missing maker, Geppetto, in the chaos-laden city of Kryat. 

Gameplay-wise, the game looks like what Bloodborne 2 could have been, with less gore. We are all excited to get our hands on this game and can’t wait for September 19.

Alan Wake 2

Release Date: October 27, 2023

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake has evolved to be a cult-classic game released back in 2010. Featuring an episodic structure with movie-like cinematic storytelling, the game was a sleeper hit back in the day.

However, its sequels were scrapped twice in favor of Quantum Break and Control – both of which take place in the same shared universe. 

Now, 13 years later, we get to take control of Alan Wake again, along with new protagonist Saga Anderson. The story takes 13 years after the first game (wow), as Saga must find the missing Alan Wake. Plus, this game will have multiple endings based on the dialogue tree decisions that you choose throughout the course of the game – a new addition.

Gamescom 2023 revealed its live-action cinematic cutscenes and its release date of October 27

Delta Force: Hawk Ops

Release Date: October 27, 2023

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, iOS, Android

Did you know that back in 1999, when Delta Force came out, it defined and popularized the tactical FPS genre? While its sequels have been abysmal so far, Gamescom 2023 showed us its newest entry – Delta Force: Hawk Ops – after 14 years.

While its single-player campaign may be a reboot of the Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (2003) campaign, its free-to-play multiplayer takes center stage here. 

Now, it has been turned into a more tactical version of Battlefield. This time, players will be gunning down each other on the battlefield. It will have a competitive system as well, along with robust PvE levels.

Players will get to play this cross-platform game on October 27, and its Gamescom 2023 gameplay trailer looks pretty promising.

Half-Life 2 RTX

Release Date: TBA

Platforms: Windows

One of the biggest surprises of Gamescom 2023 was the announcement of Half-Life 2 RTX. We expected something like this to be released eventually after the success of Portal RTX.

For the newbies reading this, Half-Life 2 is by far one of the best FPS games of all time. Released back in 2004, you take the mantle of Gordon Freeman, tasked by the enigmatic G-Man to free Earth from an invasion by the alien race called the Combine.

Even to this day, Half-Life 2 is hailed as one of the greatest games of all time. Its puzzle-based FPS gameplay, cinematic storyline, the innovative Gravity Gun, and the never-to-be-released Half-Life 3 made it a must-play for all gamers.

This time, a team of modders, funded by Valve and Nvidia, have recreated the game for the modern generation. With RTX ray-tracing and DLSS support, I bid you welcome to Ravenholm again. 

Also, to Lord Gabe, please give us Half-Life 3 already.

Off The Grid

Release Date: Fall 2023 (TBA)

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

With the battle royale being over-saturated with dead games, Off The Grid aims to kick it up a notch. This time, you get Cyberpunk PUBG, or PUBG in the future – whatever floats your boat.

Developed by Gunzilla Games, this is a single-player narrative-driven story-based game, which also acts as a 150-player battle royale game. How this will work out; we don’t know until it officially releases in fall 2023.

Also, the game is not playable at 10 fps, as shown in the trailer. That’s a video editing glitch that Gunzilla apologized for. I mean, it could be another 10 fps disaster like Cyberpunk 2077. Who knows?

Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

Release Date: November 9, 2023

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

The Yakuza games have become cult classic games, thanks to everyone’s favorite “Baka Mitai” (Japanese for “Hopeless Lover”), Kazuma Kiryu.

While 2020’s Like A Dragon featured a new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, this game brings Kazuma back to face the Yakuza again as an undercover agent. It was forest revealed at SummerGames Fest 2023. 

After erasing his dark ties to the Yakuza, it’s time to settle all scores on November 9, 2023.

Lords Of The Fallen 2

Release Date: October 13, 2023

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

The original Lords of the Fallen (2014) was one of the first Souls-like clones to be released. While it had lots of flaws, it still had a lot of unrealized potential. Many gamers saw its Gamescom 2023 trailer and thought it was a new Dark Souls 4 trailer.

This time, new developers Hexworks have set out to right its wrongs. Now, you can explore the brutally difficult open world in two planes of existence – Axiom and Umbral.

While you mostly play the game in Axiom, you get transported to its Stranger Things-like Upside Down, called Umbral, whenever you die. This is an excellent twist to the souls-like formula, which makes you explore the map twice in both realms and see how different they are from each other.

This game is higher up in my “most anticipated games of 2023” list, and I can’t wait to play it on October 13.

Payday 3

Release Date: September 21, 2023

Platforms: Windows, Linux, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Gamescom 2023 finally showed us Payday 3 – the decade-long anticipated sequel to Payday 2 (2013). 

Payday 2 was a hit co-op shooter where you and your friends rob banks in Washington, DC. Now, a decade later, the gang is back to do the same in New York. In addition, the game will also have a pure single-player campaign along with co-op multiplayer.

This game is slated to release soon, on September 21.

Project Mugen

Release Date: TBA

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 5, Android, iOS

Do you wish to play Genshin Impact on a cyberpunk-like futuristic city? That is what you will get with Project Mugen, the new gacha action RPG by developers NetEase. 

This game will also involve a traversal and exploration system similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man games. Here, you will be able to fly from building to building, similar to the way you web-swung through New York in Insomniac’s masterpiece. 

Set to rival Genshin Impact, this free-to-play open-world action RPG will be released early next year for PC, PS, and smartphones.

Lord Of The Rings: Return To Moria

Release Date: October 24, 2023 (Windows, PS5), TBA (Xbox Series X/S)

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (2014) and Shadow of War (2017) were both amazing games. They were the first time we got good action games based on Tolkien’s handcrafted masterpiece – the Middle Earth universe.

However, unlike the Middle Earth games (and Lord of the Rings: Gollum – the game whose name shouldn’t be taken), this is a survival, base-building game. Your job here is to reconstruct the Mines of Moria from the ground up. But you will not be alone, as hordes of goblins, orcs, and trolls will constantly attack your base.

This game will be released on October 24, 2023, for Windows and the PS5. However, Xbox Series X/S players will get this game sometime next year.


Release Date: Already available as early access. Official release TBA

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 5

If you like online action RPG looter shooter hack-and-slash games like Warframe and Destiny 2, then you will love Wayfinder. 

This is a pretty straightforward game. You create your customizable Wayfinbder, select its starting class and boom! You are all ready to explore its open world in co-op mode with friends. 

Explore its dense open-world areas, hunt monsters, and complete quests to get more and more powerful for the next one!

This game has already been released as a paid early access for gamers to try it out. However, developers Digital Extremes haven’t announced its official release date yet, when it will be launched as a free-to-play title.

RoboCop: Rogue City

Release Date: November 2, 2023 

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

If you know who Alex Murphy or RoboCop is, rejoice!

Since the original movie (and its disappointing sequels) were released, we never got an official RoboCop game. However, Gamescom 2023 finally made this come true.

You play as the titular RoboCop in an open-world Detroit. You must use your wits (and violence) to clean the crime from your streets. 

Also, You can complete all quests in multiple ways, whether it’s by peacefully talking with people or by pumping their bodies full of lead. The choice is yours, and so will its multiple outcomes will be.

Hellboy: Web Of Wyrd

Release Date: October 4, 2023 

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

Gamescom 2023 was the best place to showcase the new Hellbiy game. However, unlike what I expected, it’s a rogue-like beat ’em-up game with procedural dungeons to crawl through. 

However, its most interesting aspect is its art style, which looks like it is hand drawn, similar to Okami. You have two weapons – your “Hellfist” and your trusty “Hellgun.” 

The art style alone made me excited to play this game on October 4. Plus, this is the last time we will get to hear Lance Reddick’s voice after John Wick 4. RIP Lance.

Assassin’s Creed: Codename Jade

Release Date: October 4, 2023 

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

To kick off the beginning of Assassin’s Creed Infinity, Ubisoft finally made the long-awaited announcement of Assassin’s Creed: Codename Jade at Gamescom 2023

This is the first open-world Assassin’s Creed game made specifically for smartphones. You will be able to create a customizable Assassin and explore ancient China. The open world will continue to expand with each update, with a plethora of missions and weapons to choose from.

While Assasin’s Creed: Mirage aims to take us back to its roots in Baghdad on October 5, we will get our hands on Codename Jade’s open beta a day before. 

Other Notable Gamescom 2023 Announcements

While these are the 20 Gamescom 2023 game reveals that got me the most hyped, there are some oyster noteworthy entries as well, like:

  • Vertigo 2 (a PSVR action game)
  • Billie Bust Up (a musical 3D platformer)
  • Akatori (a stylish Metroidvania action-adventure game)
  • Back to the Dawn (a pixelated prison break game based on a world of furries)
  • Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus (a 2.5D action platformer)
  • Aloft (a survival game based on floating islands)
  • The Inquisitor (a narrative-driven action-adventure game)
  • Sky: The Two Embers (an animated series based on the Sky: Children of the Light games)
  • Homeworld 3 (a turn-based tactical sci-fi RTS)
  • Death ground (a survival horror game where you fight dinosaurs)
  • Fallout (an Amazon-prime live-action TV series based on Bethesda’s Fallout games)
  • Star Wars: Dark Forces Remastered (the remaster of an FPS game based on Star Wars)
  • Turok 3 (a dinosaur hunting game)
  • Song of Nunu (a new game based on the League of Legends character Nunu)

Conclusion: So, Which Game Are You Hyped For?

With so many new games announced at Gamescom 2023, we have our hands packed with new games coming out this year and the next. While I am personally excited about the three different souls-like games announced here, tell us in the comments which game you are most interested in!

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      Debamalya Mukherjee

      Debamalya Mukherjee

      Debamalya is a professional content writer from Kolkata, India. Constantly improving himself in this industry for more than three years, he has amassed immense knowledge regarding his niches of writing tech and gaming articles. He loves spending time with his cats, along with playing every new PC action game as soon as possible.